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  1. Christopher Doyle said ...



    I'm going to upset the apple cart here:

    I'm not registered to vote.


    I honestly and truly believe it won't make a single bit of difference if I vote or not.


    Now, I don't think that's 'stupid,' as has been said, or implied, in the posts that followed it.

    Christopher was talking mainly about UK elections, where it really doesn't matter a damn who you vote for, they're all the bloody same. Remember, the 1% are where they are only because the 99% VOTE FOR THE B@st@RDS! The only way the 99% can show their true feelings is to not cast ANY votes at all. However, this will never happen because of all the weak-willed folk who think a vote for 'X' is better than a vote for 'Y.'

  2. 1 hour ago, moe19 said:

    Those who have insisted we have open borders used the pictures of a poor little dead boy, washed up on the beach and yet they can't stomach seeing a line of grown men

    We live in a country of luvvies who make a profession of been serially offended,  afraid they will lose the cheap au pair and gardener 


    Exactly moe19!


    'Political correctness' is the Elite's way of getting the masses to police themselves!

  3. Quote

    George Osborne echoed this message in his Peston on Sunday interview on ITV, saying: "There is no turning back. It is a one-way door to a much more uncertain world, where people's jobs and livelihoods are at risk."

    'Uncertain.' As opposed to the absolute certainty of people's jobs and livelihoods being at risk by remaining in the EU, I suppose. 

  4. So basically, even though they knew all this from the very beginning, they have now decided the EU isn't the place to be, and have leaped the fence, based, it seems, purely on the way the latest polls seem to be pointing. Well, after a Brexit, they'll still need readers, won't they? :D

  5. 2 hours ago, moe19 said:

    I was disgusted by the way Boris was attacked by  Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd on what was supposed to be a debate last night on TV. the coven wasted the whole so called debate  by making personal attacks on Boris.

    Later on the Bias Broadcasting Corporations question time  luvvie Eddie Izzard  was attacking  Nigel Farage. its the first time I have ever heard a question time audience   shouting shut up to the panel.

    The behaviour of these folk are doing more for the leave campaign  than for dodgy Daves quest that they claim to back .   

    Democracy does not exist in the eyes of the stay campaign, all who wish to vote leave are treated as morons . or attacked for daring to have a different choice.

    If Boris had behaved and spoken to the three women the way they spoke to him they would be screaming he was sexist and all the papers would have it on the front page calling for his resignation,   


    The choice boxes on the ballot papers should be a choice between: Dictatorship / Democracy.



    Isn't Photoshop wonderful! :D


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  6. I don't even understand why all the media hype before the referendum.

    If you're clued up, then you know which way you are going to vote.

    If you're not clued up, then you either need to find out all the facts for yourself, or carry on as you were, completely oblivious to the whole process.

    There's absolutely no need for all this drivel spouted by people 'in the know.' No one cares.

    This latest farce, where Woollaston has suddenly changed sides, is simply another desperate attempt to sway opinion.

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  7. Dead right Malcolm. If my dog was drowning along with a known paedophile, I know who I'd save. Shame on the vet too that made the decision to destroy this dog. Or was it another case of, 'They told me to do it?'

  8. I realise feelings are running high concerning the dog 'attacks' in the Blyth park, but I cannot, in all honesty, condone the killing of this dog by the police. An offer was made to home the 14 month old dog by a sanctuary, but sadly Marley was never granted this opportunity. Take a look at the poor dog on page 4 of the News Post Leader. Tragic.

    As I get older I find all life is precious, from misunderstood animals, down to the bottom of the pond, yes, even politicians.

    My thoughts go out to the poor kids who suffered nasty bites, but I don't think killing the dog was the solution. Kill the owner, by all means. 

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  9. Also, Ms Morgan? Hmm... that reminds me of a little ditty we used to sing in the schoolyard many, many years ago, to the tune of 'Oh My Darling, Clementine' -

    'Fanny Morgan, plays the organ,

    And she plays it very canny.

    She's got a sister, with a blister,

    In the middle of her ...'


    (Repeat: ad infinitum!). :D

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  10. I bought my sunburst Strat at Kitchen's. Paid £240 and walked away with it wrapped in brown paper! 

    Later, I swapped it for an Atari 2600 games box. I then bought a Westone Thunder III,  which I still play after more than 30 years. 

    I don't use an amp now. I play everything through my pc with Guiar Rig 5 or Amplitube 3.

    I too spent many a happy hour drooling down Mackay's window over a Dan Armstrong perspex guitar and an Arp Odyssey synth. I know they used to sell Burmah amps and cabinets. My mate played bass through a 50watt Burmah at home.  

    Great days! :D


    EDIT: Actually, I think that should be 'Burman'  not 'Burmah.' 

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