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  1. I support Andy's stance entirely.

    Yes, things may have been politically motivated as of late, but the success of any forum depends upon, not only the number of members, but particularly the number of members who actually post replies and start new topics. I've noticed there have been times when no new posts were made over long periods of time. That's not good. So why don't members who are tired of all the political posts start inundating the forum with their own news, gossip and ideas, to balance the mix?

    Any takers?

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  2. I wasn't meaning to be rude mind. I'm sure Spuggy has many good points to make, but my experiences with this and many other forums is that brevity is King when it comes to posting. Anything more than a few paragraphs is very off-putting to people who just pop in for the latest gossip.


    Another thing that puts me off is when people put a long post in one paragraph, sometimes without capitals or punctuation. I just can't be bothered to read posts like that. I'm not to bothered about correct grammar or spelling as long as I can understand the post and don't have to make up a flask and sandwiches before attempting to read it! :D

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  3. Hmm ... they seem to have missed my posts or are ignoring them No worries, I'll just talk amongst myself, I'm sure they won't mind. They probably weren't interested in the fact that Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse and with take down the whole EU with it. No, they wouldn't be concerned about that, would they? Silly me! Better if I just keep my opinions to myself while they continue arguing  with each other. Wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of a good argument now, would we.

    Uh oh ........... they're coming back .................

  4. The plain fact is, Leave or Remain, the EU is a dead duck. It's been on the verge of collapse long before Brexit and going by the horror stories now being revealed about Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, I doubt whether it (the EU) will survive after the end of this year.

    The Europeans want to trade with us, so they will do it on our terms. Why should we be too bothered about trading in Europe? Do you know how big the rest of the world is?

    There's a good Geordie saying for all those bashing their gums about staying in Europe and second referendums etc .................... 'If ya patta was watta, wi'd aal droond!' :D

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  5. 1 hour ago, bluebarby said:

    I think this quote just about sums up the Brexit thinking:- 

    "The thinking of the leave side is magical. It plucks at a dimly remembered but glorified past (that was never as good as nostalgia makes it) and offers a future that is imaginary."


    Well, it seems like the Brexit thinking you mention is becoming contagious! ...



  6. 31 minutes ago, bluebarby said:

    I think the best inquest I have read so far into this referendum mess and it's dire consequences is this Canadian one, well worth a read.

    opencanada.org  A Brexit post mortem :17 takeaways for a fallen David  Cameron 

    A recommended  read but not just before bedtime for the vote leave and a realistic forecast of the future.


    Hmm ... Interesting points, but anyone can appear wise after the event.

  7. 42 minutes ago, Des Cochrane said:

    I spent 5 years every summer swimming at the baths sometimes 7 days a week

    It was STASH who was the power swimmer huge arms and upper body

    Wilf Marley and his lovely family looked after the place Billy Marley was 1 year above me at Bedlington Grammar School


    I remember Stash (Suzanik? Suzanuk?) diving off the cubicles. Built like a brick sh*thouse! Many people will have fond memories of Humford Baths, they were very popular.

  8. I don't personally think it's anything to do with the land, probably an animal hater.

    Can you be more specific in the location as I'd hate to think he'd been poisoning the area and other animals were at risk?

    I don't like people who think they can 'acquire' a piece of land that's not rightfully theirs simply by planting it out. If it had been my dog he'd picked on he wouldn't have got my address and he would have discovered all his plants destroyed the next morning! 


  9. 27 minutes ago, mercuryg said:

    Spuggy, your posts are interesting, but they hurt my brain!


    It's not just Spuggy's posts merc: why do certain members of this forum find the constant need to speak in riddles? There seems to be some point-scoring going on here. I find text-speak more legible than a lot of the posts in here! :D

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