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  1. Hi. Telephone Row is no longer standing, along with all the other rows of colliery houses housing workers from the Dr. Pit colliery, also now long gone. 

    It has been replaced by (I think) woodland along the course of Hassop Way, on the Beaufront Park housing estate. 

    If you check the larger map at the end of this post by Eggy you will see exactly where Telephone Row was located... 


    Hope this helps a bit. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, threegee said:

    Ah, don't do that!  Andy gets a tiny bit of revenue from them which helps to pay for the server and camera connection costs etc. Click on the ones that actually interest you, but don't artificially boost the revenue by clicking on ones that don't.  Every click through helps build a better bedlington.co.uk in a tiny way.

    Sorry threegee, I fully understand how cash for clicks works, but I'm an intense user of the internet and enough is enough for me where advertising is concerned, I'd rather pay a yearly subscription just to avoid ads. 

  3. I only hope tackling the speeding issues involves prosecuting the offenders and not further crippling the road system with speed humps that mostly affect the safety of non-offenders, eg. the crazy effort along Netherton Lane, by the cemetery, that, in my opinion, actually endangers pedestrians due to cars swerving very near the kerb to avoid the mountains and potholes in the road, to say nothing of the long term damage to vehicles caused by these measures, or lack of maintenace once they are installed. 

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  4. Talking about tv's and browsers, the best option I ever had was to connect a spare desktop pc to my tv set, together with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

    It was infinitely better than any Firestick or smart tv as I could browse easily, download anything I wanted, and sit back on the sofa and play Virtual Pool 3!

    Sadly, the motherboard went recently, so I removed the whole pc from behind the tv, but I'm considering a replacement as it was so useful. 

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  5. I think they've done this because Google are disabling their YouTube app on the Firestick due to a spat between them and Amazon. 

    To be honest, I can't be bothered to use the Firefox browser app to access YouTube,  but fortunately my smart tv has the YouTube app built in and it will continue working after they pull the app on the Firestick on January 1st. 

    My main use of the Firestick is to access Amazon Prime music and videos, and also to use the brilliant Terrarium app (but you never heard that last bit from me!). 

  6. With regard to wireless broadband serving a remote community, I'd just like to say that we have a static caravan on a fairly local coastal site that is covered by BT Wifinity broadband. I can use pc, phone or tablet in my caravan and can easily stream movies via an Amazon Firestick plugged in the back of the tv. 

    With regard to home broadband, I suffered a good few years with a 1.4Mbs connection (Stakeford, from the dreaded Ashington exchange) and, even after supposedly upgrading to fibre, the 5Mbps connection I was given  soon dropped back down to 1.4Mbps again. 

    However, a couple of months ago, after contacting my provider (EE) and being told it was out of their hands, I contacted a very helpful bloke at NCC who told me, very revealingly that, although Openreach had been paid to supply superfast broadband to our cabinet, in some cases they hadn't made the required connections! 

    Now sorted and, after contacting EE again, I now have 50Mbps (at the router) Fibre+ broadband. YAAAAY!!! 


    The moral is: don't believe everything you are told in the broadband world! 


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