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  1. Interesting reading, but as far as providing Bedlington with a market ......well, I wouldn't bother!


    I used to be a market trader myself and Bedlington was the worst market I ever did. Talk about tight?! It was like getting blood out of a stone! I personally don't foresee a future for a market in Bedlington, although I realise others may think differently.


    As for the parking bays on Glebe Road, these seem to be for the convenience of the gym members. The other shops are takeaways, and you can plainly see that at weekends, the busiest time for the takeaways,  the gym is closed and there is ample paking, yet throughout the rest of the week it is still very difficult to get parked. Note also that the car park at the rear of the shops is now mostly empty, not that I would park there though, I value my car!

  2. Never a defined period for conker hardening via soaking in vinegar so I would say soak for a couple of days and then allow to dry out. If you haven't drilled a hole in, for the string, before soaking then don't even no if the vinegar would soak through to the nut.. If you have drilled hole then I guess the drying out of the nut.

    According to  http://www.worldconkerchampionships.com/html/conkers_about.html in the section 'All about conkers' one of the weirdest methods of hardening is :- 


    "There are many underhanded ways of making your conker harder. The best is to pass it through a pig. The conker will harden by soaking in its stomach juices. Then you search through the pig's waste to find the conker.â€


    No photos of this method.





    Hmmm ....


    Maybe David Cameron is the best to ask about that method. I believe his own 'conkers' received much the same treatment! :D

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  3. Hi Orloff. I used to drive coaches for Batty of Morpeth in my younger days.


    Batty was taken over by Tower Transit and they owned and refurbished a (1952 I think) Bedford OB. I drove this on many occasions on their regular route between Morpeth and Scots Gap and also did mechanical work on it.


    It was liveried in brown and cream colours, and the signwriter from Hallowaell's in Morpeth painted Morpeth Clock Tower on the back. Lovely old bus ,and I was proud to have been given a chance to drive it.


    I've no idea what eventually became of it though.

  4. Nelly Halliday? Seems to ring a bell.


    (Sorry, couldn't help it! :D).


    I travelled on the old elastic-sided bus many times but can never remember getting an actual ticket. Mind you, I've got a memory like a ..... you know .... one of those things with the holes in .....

  5. I doubt whether kids can play conkers these days with all the ridiculous 'Nanny State' Health & Safety rules. Even if they were allowed, they'd probably need safety glasses and protective gloves as a minimum! There'd be no point anyway as most schools won't allow a pupil to 'lose' in case it affects them mentally for the rest of their lives.


    How the hell did we all survive then? :D

  6. All the banners are up, there are yellow/red-taped bicycles and wheels strapped to the lamp posts,.......

    Please remind me... On which day does the Tour of Britain hit Bedlington?

    :D :D :D

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  7. Its actully the second time they will have opened a store here,

    Morrisons when originally built was a Lidle store, it then became Netos and is now Morrisons.


     I do think it will be a shame if the giant weeping willow tree in front of the day centre is cut down.






    This is my main concern.


    I'm not a 'tree-hugger,' but I know beauty when I see it, and to destroy a beautiful tree for something as insignificant as a shop is bloody sacrilege.


    A short while ago they cut down the trees in front of Moby Dick's just to improve parking for a load of gym-nasties who should be WALKING or JOGGING to the gym, not taking their cars. Lazy b...............!

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  8. Sorry about the typos!

    It doesn't half bring back a few memories though. I remember when we used to have snow half-way up our back door but we never had much trouble travelling anywhere because we knew how to do that thing called WALKING and were assisted by people scattering ashes onto roads and pavements from things called, oh, what were they now? ... oh yes! COAL FIRES!

    Ah! The good old days! And in many ways they were.

  9. A little boy goes up to his dad and says "Dad, where does poo come from?" Dad explains that food enters the mouth and passes down the oesophagus to the stomach. There, digestive enzymes induce a probiotic reaction in the alimentary canal to extract protein before waste products descend via the colon and rectum to emerge as "poo".

    "F*** me!", says the little boy "Where does Tigger come from then?"

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