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  1. The question is: Why are we surprised?


    Successive governments have systematically brought the industrial might of this nation to it's knees We're no longer a player in the global grand scheme. Unless we all get off our lazy arses and call a general strike NOW, we'll have nothing left to strike for in a few years time.

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  2. Sometimes finding a manual for your gismo on the internet can be a hard slog, and you often have to jump through hoops, suffer spam, or open your computer to virus infections in the process.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there was just one a one stop shop that you could navigate simply, and that didn't try to extort $$$ from you at some point?

    Well so far this one looks VERY promising: http://www.manualslib.com/

    Did it work for you? Report back here please.



    Nice site, but a quick word of warning for anyone not used to the devious little ways of the internet ....


    DO NOT click on the big green Download button on the page!




    This is an ad that will take you to a website that downloads their own installer onto your machine. This installer will install a browser toolbar which will be extremely difficult to remove.




    Instead, use the Download arrow at the top of the screen.....



  3. Did they beat the drums slowly, did they play the fife lowly?
    Did they sound the Death March as they lowered you down?
    Did the band play the Last Post and chorus?
    Did the pipes play the Flowers of the Forest?




  4. Webtrekker, a little quick research says the Muslim birth rate is around 3, and predicted to fall. Clearly, the answer is for all of us 'good' people to have more kids.



    That's true, and I can't understand why the government is so against young mums with a shed load of kids. They should be GIVING them money, not taking it away! :D They're our future population and the more, the merrier, I say.

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  5. It seems to be generally agreed that any population with a birth rate of below 2.1 will become extinct. The birth rate of the British white population is 1.8 (ONS figure). On the other hand, Muslim birth rates are high - somewhere between 3 and 4 I believe. No prizes for guessing the outcome of those figures.


    If Islam wasn't such a hate-filled ideology I probably wouldn't take issue with it, each to their own and all that, but there's a great need to be concerned here, especially for our offspring.

  6. My missus and a few of her friends have visited the Craft Hive five or six times. Great that people are trying new things but my only doubt is how often will people visit - if its once per month is that sustainable?



    I know there are a lot of 'crafty' people around these days, but most I have met like to sell their efforts and the only way to turn a profit is to source the cheapest materials, which 99% of the time means surfing the net and not visiting craft shops.


    I applaud the folk at the Craft Hive for giving it a go, but I feel that many will look, but not buy, then order the same, or similar items, from the net at knock-down prices. It's a hard game these days.

  7. where is thePost Box Cafe It sounds good .


    It's near the Traveller's Rest pub at Choppington. The little shop at the very left of this Google Street View, with the, er, Post Box in front of it! :D ...




  8. Oops!


    Slight mistake - to get the correct url, you first have to right-click on the webcam video then select 'View Image' which will give you a black page with just the webcam image. You can then alter the url and Bookmark it.


    An added advantage of this method is that you can click on your Bookmark and view the webcam at any time EVEN WHEN NOT LOGGED IN TO THE FORUM! :D

  9. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, or whether there is an easier way, but you can view the webcam full screen by doing the following ...


    • Go to the Live! webcam page
    • In the address bar, change the size at the end of the url (normally 640) to the horizontal resolution of your monitor. This will normally be 1024, 1280, etc.
    • Press F11 on your keyboard to put your browser into Full Screen mode and you should now have a webcam view that fills your screen.
    • Save a Bookmark so that you can easily fetch up the page at the new size.

    So far, I've only tried this in Firefox. I am viewing the webcam with a computer connected to my TV so the resolution is 1360 pixels and I have altered the url to


    Hope this adds a bit more pleasure to anyone viewing this excellent webcam.


    Edit: Just press F11 again to exit full screen mode.

  10. All this 'Anthropomorphic' stuff is utter BS. The true figures reveal that there are exactly the same parts-per-million (ppm) of CO2 in the atmosphere as there were in 1900 ............. BEFORE industrialisation!


    Now, once prosperous nations cannot grow their economies because of this ridiculous lie called Global Warming. Underdeveloped countries are having to take out huge loans with the IMF and World Bank to finance the fairy tale.


    Many 'proper' scientists know the scam for what it is. The  Société de Calcul Mathématique, SA, a group of French mathematicians, have recently blasted it for the absurdity it is http://www.scmsa.eu/accueil_e.htm


    We live in strange times. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

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  11. No matter how hard the man behind the curtain pulls on the levers, the global economy WILL eventually crash and burn. It's in the nature of all Ponzi schemes and can't be avoided.


    You can't blame all these 'Preppers' for using a bit of forethought to try to stave off the worst of what will be the most catastrophic event ever to hit mankind. I laugh at people buying up gold. WTF use will gold be to anyone? If your neighbour has a little food and medicine that you desperately need to keep your family alive, is he going to give it to you for an ounce of gold and risk his own family? I think not!

  12. HPW said: Eggy,that's the stupidity of the "English" language,I does gaa before E,except in Keith,Leith , etc




    Wey, we wor aalwaays telt "I before E, except efta C" (and aa went ti t'Ashington Gramma Skyul, wi' th' posh twats!).. Noo, where's th' sCIEnce in that?



  13. The band was Prism. My mate, Tom Williamson played drums, Tony Sharp played keyboards, and John Craig (had a recording studio in the Toon along with Brian Johnson) played guitar and vocals.


    The had some great renditions, my favourite (and their signature tune, along with 'Eloise') being 'Space Age Love Song' by A Flock fo Seagulls ...






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