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  1. You've got to admire them though ........... they think up some damned good scams.


    I mean, Religion for one. Then there's the brilliant Fractional Reserve Banking, I love that one. Creatively adjusting the Libor rate left me totally in awe, while Saddam's mythical WMD's were the icing on the cake! Thank you Mr. Bliar!


    We live in fun times. Just keep swallowing the Fluoride and you'll be fine. :D

  2. The UK are sending 8 aircraft to bomb Syria.


    Whaaaaat!!! The WHOLE EIGHT! How the hell are we going to defend our own country from the Terrorist backlash now?


    Oh, silly me. I forgot about the spotty gamers flying the drones. Maybe we'll see some of these over good old Blighty now.


    Mind you, with half a country full of Terrorist Sympathisers, they'll have a job knowing who to vaporise first!

  3. Alarmists might like to consider this too, though I doubt they will ...


    If all the world's leading nations stick to the carbon-reduction commitments they will make in Paris this week, then they will stave off "global warming†by the end of this century by 0.170 degrees C.

    Oh – and that's the optimistic scenario, calculated by Bjorn Lomborg, assuming that countries like, say, China don't lie or cheat about how much CO2 they're burning secretly.

    His more pessimistic – ie more realistic – scenario is that the best we can hope for is a reduction in global warming by the end of the century of 0.048 degrees C.

    This temperature reduction – five hundredths of one degree – is so small as to be almost immeasurable. But if you want to know what it feels like, Willis Eschenbach has done the calculations. It's the equivalent of walking five metres higher up a mountain. Or, if you prefer, climbing two flights of stairs.

    And there you have it: the lunacy of the Paris climate conference in one sentence: $1.5 trillion every year till the end of the century to effect the equivalent of walking to your bedroom.

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  4. Some time ago I recall one of my nieces telling her mum that every time she left a light on a polar bear died. She'd been taught this at school. Of course, climate does change - it always has and always will - and I have little doubt that the colossal population of the planet has some influence on this, but I never bought the 'it's all our fault' stuff.



    That's a terrible lie for schools to tell kids.mercuryg.


    Our special friend and ally, Mr. George Dubya Bush, knew how crap the education system was though when he said, "Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?"


    Actually, from what I've been able to find out, the polar bears are doing very well thank you. Their population has increased 500% over the last 50 years.

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  5. Why did he pick that event Maggie. Jewish roots maybe.

    Just guessing.

    Given all the Bible-bashers and Global Warming alarmists, it may have been better if Adam and Eve had topped one another and left the planet to it's own devices!

  6. There were two Muslim girls on the train, sisters, and I work with their brother. I would never, in a million years, expect any trouble at all from this family.


    The thing to remember with Islamism though, is that you're in it for life. You can't just chop and change religions or become an atheist, it's not allowed, upon pain of death. In fact, it's against their religion to take your own life, which is why it's thought that many suicide bombers had suicidal tendencies in the first place and becoming a 'martyr' was the only way of achieving their aim without offending Allah.

  7. Well, we're about to reap what we have sown, with all our ridiculous wars alongside our 'allies' and, of course, our 'special friends,' the US.


    Start a war in a foreign country, then close your borders to all the innocent people fleeing that country. Nice.


    These jihadists are killing innocent people in Europe, but is that not we've done to their people countless times? About 90% of the people killed in Drone strikes are innocent people, just like you and me.


    Most of the terrorists are already here, hidden within our population. The terrorists at the Bataclan were speaking French FFS!


    Call it conspiracy theory if you like, but many people reckon ISIS was concocted by the US (much the same as al-Qaeda). The same old, same old, .... Problem. Reaction. Solution, and believe me, you need to fear the solution more than the problem.


    Just my two-pennorth.

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