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  1. A further complication, that may be brought on by the excessive consumption of mince pies, would be the need to down a bottle of Gaviscon mid-journey.

    Assuming Santa would need to buy this from a shop closing fairly late on a Christmas Eve, (ie. the Co-op), then Santa may encounter a 'queue' of around 3 people, which, as we all know only too well, takes 3 hours to clear! :D

  2. With due respect CL, you glossed over the birthrate figures, giving an average for the whole UK. The Muslim population are doing rather well, thank you, with a higher rate than the 1.92 you quote, which leaves the rest of us in a dire situation, facing inevitable extinction.

    Yes, there may be a vast difference between the current pooulations, but when we are talking 'rates' then ignore the exponential function at your peril!

  3. OK, I answered your burkah one CL, so how about answering this:


    You are in the UK and a regular taxi pulls up. A passenger gets out; you try the same door and it's now locked.  You complain to the Muslim driver and he tells you to sit in the back.  But - you say - a passenger just got out of the front seat!  That was a man says the driver, you have to sit in the back or you're going nowhere!


    What do you do?

    a ) Get in the back.

    b ) Go nowhere.

    c ) Impossible, it could never happen!


    Supplementary question:  If you chose a ) then how long before you'll be obliged to wear the burkah yourself?

    If you chose c ): http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/628228/Cab-driver-Islam-religious-discriminating-female-passenger-fined



    d) Take Anadin Extra! :D


    Sorry, couldn't help it threegee! Good question though.

  4. i think we may be missing the crux of the matter -- the person is not the state - in the shire there are many folk of the shall we say 'Saracen' persuasion (I struggled for a non insulting or inflammatory word there - but perhaps that puts it into context - this is not a new thing) we know them - but not properly - we talk to them but not properly - we trade with them - and yet as members of the community there is no discourse or even ever question of what the 'other side' view is - maybe that's a starting point.

    Saudi -- ah well interesting attitude - I took some very senior types for 6 months -- horrific... oh and its the Royal Kingdom otherwise they get really miffed. (re fighting - look at how the Saudi and Emirates came to power -- UK backed) - and of course look at the trucial oman scouts , BATT, and various other things) on the language thing my mother was professionally capable in Italian and spent 6 mths a yr there for 20 yrs -- and she still spoke loudly and said Si a lot - that's the way to deal with them johhny foreigners!! (accompanied with many hand gestures of course) I have been in many countries and do speak several languages - albeit badly - but would actually prefer to struggle along in English rather than insult my host with very bad native language. Its give and take and we miss the point of how do the 'incomers' feel because of adverse publicity and hype and of course fear feel?? I should think very threatened.

    so............ go out over the xmas - smile sing - get ratted - call in and get a kebab - sympathise with the greek situation. call in and get a Chinese -- sympathise with the banking issues - get a kebab/pizza/whatever from a muslim - buy your booze from the corner shop - but just for once try looking at them as human and actually speak to them as you would a neighbour over the garden fence. that way we can break down all this sh**e that is going on

    Aren't there two "i's" in Shiite Pilgrim? :D

  5. Just as a matter of interest Webtrekker - would you, in the event of let's say a heart attack or a stroke, refuse to be treated by a doctor or nurse of the muslim persuasion?

    I never said I had anything against Muslims. I work with them 6 nights a week! :D

    I do, however, have a problem with us fighting alongside Saudi Arabians.

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  6. Sorry Eggy. It caused no problems on my pc though.

    It was just an article from the Activist Post site with the following title...

    Article Claims Elite Plan To Escape To Mars, Leave 99% Of Us On "Dying, Warring Planetâ€

  7. They're putting them in all over the bloody place. Horrible, bluish-white light, like all these new car headlights. I much prefer the old street lights, even given the light pollution they create. They make the town a warmer, friendlier place.

  8. Some of us are trying to do something along those lines webtrekker but I am not going to use it as an excuse.  



    That's fine Malcolm. I realise you're doing your best and that not all problems have a simple solution. Also, most solutions need to be funded and are in direct competition with other much-needed projects.

  9. Don't get me wrong, I know from my own experiences there are some terrible yobs in Bedlington hell bent on causing nothing but trouble, but I also understand the saying, 'The Devil finds work for idle hands.'


    Now, it may be that the offender was older, but my money would be on the younger ones floating around the town every night with nothing to do except cause mischief.


    What I'm driving at here is that Bedlington provides NO facilities to otherwise engage these young people. Isn't it  about time this problem was properly addressed to give our young folk a town to be proud of?

  10. Make no mistake, all these changes being forced upon us are in preparation for another World War. There is no call in peacetime for mass surveillance, secret courts, penalties for dissent, torture, rendition, or any of the myriad of other tactics now being employed by world governments. You can also add climate change into that mix.

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