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  1. European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker has admitted that one of the reasons why Euroskepticism is currently on the rise is because “we were wrong in overregulating and interfering too much in the daily lives of our fellow citizens.


    I rest my case m'Lud! :D

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  2. I'm with you Brian. I think Brexit will be the tip of the iceberg.

    EU trade with the UK keeps millions of EU workers in jobs, so I can't see this ending  overnight if Britain leaves the EU. 

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  3. 2 hours ago, Canny lass said:

    Using the quote system worked fine until I tried to post a quote and got a repeat of my first quote. That's why I wrote "Sorry! I don't know how this happened! Move on to the next post to follow the discussion". Unfortunately, after that,  the same thing happened on every quote I tried to make using 'the system'. The 'system  only repeated the same qoute and post every time. I solved the problem by painstakingly writing out every quote. Look again. My replies are ALL outside of the quoted text. The quoted text is that text inside the quotation marks - you know those double inverted commas that mark the beginning and end of just a quote. Just saying.

    Hmm ...


    Works ok for me.

  4. I know it can be a bit irritating at times, but if every topic stuck rigidly to its title then people would skip whole topics that they thought wouldn't interest them.


    Many times I've read a topic that didn't particularly interest me at the time, but thought there may be other content in there that I didn't want to miss (I'm the nosy type!), only to find myself actually engrossed in the topic itself.


    So, how is the barbie season going then? ...



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  5. 5 hours ago, moe19 said:


    As we know the  root of the problem in the British steel industry is the glut of cheap steel imported from China, whose government subsidises its own loss-making industry. This allows Chinese firms to export steel around the world at rock-bottom prices.America is  imposing  tariffs of 256 per cent of the value on imports on some steels from China.The EU, by contrast, has imposed much lighter tariffs of between 9. and 13 per cent. Under the EU’s ‘lesser duty’ rules.

    Another  reason for the crisis in the British steel industry is the Climate Change Act. Steel-making is hugely energy intensive  but we no longer have cheap energy available.The reason is that  green taxes and levies have been introduced in an attempt to meet the  target for cutting UK carbon emissions.Thanks to Labour’s climate change levy, and also the renewable  obligation forcing energy suppliers to buy a certain amount of their electricity from renewable sources.British steel  has to pay 20-30 per cent more for its electricity than if it were making steel in Germany, and 50 per cent more than if it were in France.

    I doubt if many  of us would want to go back to the days of nationalised industries propped up by the taxpayer. but its unlikely as EU rules  prevent subsidizing UK industry if it can lead to an unfair advantage against other member states.even in situations such as Port Talbot where you have the  works temporarily brought to its knees by low global steel prices.

    Once again the UK plays by the rules while others give us the two finger salute .

    Looks like yet another good reason the leave the EU.

    I note your mention of the Climate Change Act, moe. Of course, during all discussion of Climate Change, they ignore the Cow in the room.


    I'm not just talking cow farts,  but the WHOLE issue of animal agriculture.


    If we are to tackle climate change we need to know the whole truth. 

  6. Thing is though, there's just no comparison between the choice you have in a local shop to the vast choice you have online, and at usually much-reduced prices. Many things can be ordered and even delivered the very next day for less than they would cost from a local retailer.


    Plus, once you add on time wasted, travelling and parking charges if you need to go to the next town, then online shopping becomes even more attractive. I'm still miffed about the £85 parking fine we had to pay for shopping at Morrison's in Blyth and have avoided their shops ever since.

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  7. Never mind the flooding, what about the absolute mess that passes as a MAIN ROAD in front of the cemetery?


    It's like a game of Mario Kart trying to navigate from Ridge Villas to Red House Farm. Those stupid humps in the road have made the situation far worse than it was originally, also causing large chunks of the road surface to break away.

  8. That's terrible Canny Lass, no wonder people don't want to get involved these days.


    HPW ...... Yes, what's wrong with just using a stick to point out things in presentations? It also has the dual purpose of bringing the daydreamers and class disruptors back into the real world! WHAAAAACK!!! :D

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