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  1. Yes, we all know what 'get out of my face' means Monsta, but you need to Google the words 'there' and 'their' with particular regard to the huge difference between them. However, don't despair, and keep trolling..... this is fun! :D


    Edited to add: fun to some. 

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  2. For my sins, I wasn't there either, however I did take the time to add my name to the petition. 

    Two thousand and odd signatures must surely have been around 10% or more of the Bedlington population. Maybe if they'd had more time, the organisers could have built up a force to be reckoned with. They did a wonderful job though and deserved more respect from Lidl and the powers that be. 

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  3. I think it's only right and proper to post here, in its entirety, the last update regarding the petition on change.org ...... 




    Nickaila Arnold

    Bedlington, United Kingdom

    30 APR 2016 — It is with great sadness and upmost disappointment that I write to you all today to announce that our beloved tree no longer stands. It was removed early this morning without any notice to the public. 

    A few days ago, Lidl issued a statement in which their reasons for the felling of the tree seemed fair and we were willing to accept the compromise. Though it would mean losing the tree, at least we were assured that its loss would be justified. However, I would like to note that nobody involved in the campaign, including myself, received any personal response to emails and the statement we received was exactly the same as the one put to the public. Any reply received has simply been a link to their public statement. To acknowledge the person behind the letter is not much to ask and is just another example of Lidl's lack of respect. 

    We do respect that fact that Lidl have taken cuttings from the tree which are currently being cultivated and will be replanted. Despite this, we feel that Lidl have let us down in a bad way. To deny us the opportunity to give the tree 'a farewell' as such is downright disrespectful. 

    To continue with the killing of our beloved landmark willow tree shows a tragic lack of understanding and care for the community they wish to be a part of. As it stands, Lidl's decision to press ahead and fail to engage and liase with locals is entirely alienating. 

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank, with all my heart, everyone who has stood by and supported our cause, all TWO THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY FOUR of you.

    The fight has come to and end but we have not failed - they have failed us.

    The campaign may not have saved the tree but what it has done is show what a community can do when they pull together over something they are passionate about. Members of our community who had never met one another are now joined together as friends as a result of the campaign. We have raised awareness for Bedlington and further awareness of the little respect that corporations have for nature.

    It is a real shame. The arrogance and disrespect shown towards the local community is appalling. A large firm stamping it's mark on a historical and close knit town with absolutely no regard to the sentimental value the tree held. 

    I hope that this campaign will, at the least, encourage other corporations to consider and respect the feelings of the public when pursuing future ventures in the communities that they will be part of. 

    You can read Lidl's statement below.

    Again, my many, many thanks to all of our supporters,
    on behalf of the Willow Tree Supporters of Bedlington,

    "As a responsible retailer, the team here at Lidl have given much consideration to the willow tree that is currently located on the site of the proposed new Lidl store. To remove the tree is not a decision that has been taken lightly, so much so that we have ensured that information on this has been reflected throughout the planning process, including the public consultation day. Subsequently, the council approved plans and chose not to put a tree preservation order on the site. We have been delighted with the positive response received to date from both the council and the local community. We are very much aware of the demand that is in place for a supermarket within the area, which we are looking forward to fulfilling.

    We have fully explored every other option to bring this development to fruition whilst being highly conscious of its proximity to the neighbouring homes. To leave the tree in situ wouldn’t just compromise a few parking spaces, due to the size of the canopy and the structure of the roots, it would compromise the majority of the car park. Additionally HGVs, which deliver our fresh produce daily, would not be able to turn in the car park. 

    Due to the sentimental value that has now been expressed, we have taken cuttings of the tree so that they can be replanted, and are currently keeping them in incubation in a local nursery. We would like to invite anyone who would like to take a cutting, to get in touch withnewtonaycliffe.property@lidl.co.uk and we can arrange this. We would also like to reassure those who have concerns, that the tree will be removed respectfully by a fully qualified arborist. We also plan to plant 29 new trees in suitable spots around the site. 

    We would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude for all of the support received to date. We pride ourselves on providing customers with the best quality produce - two thirds of which is sourced from Britain –at the best possible prices, and look forward to serving the community in the very near future." - Lidl

  4. 2 hours ago, mercuryg said:

    Webtrekker, any notices on the fence about the petition were not put there with my knowledge, and I was involved in the front line of the campaign.

    Ah. I can't confirm that myself as I'm only passing on information from a respected member of the community. Sign or no sign though, there was no need for the gesture she got in lieu of a polite reply. Surely these workmen knew beforehand that the removal of this tree was a sensitive issue?

    Anyway, here's what the site looked like tonight ...



    2016-04-30 19.24.01.jpg

    2016-04-30 19.22.22.jpg

  5. Quote

    e would also like to reassure those who have concerns, that the tree will be removed respectfully by a fully qualified arborist. 


    I heard from a 100% reliable source that a lady walked over to the fence from Morrison's (staff?) and pointed out that there was a notice on the fence informing them of the petition. She was answered with a 2-fingered salute by one of the tossers cutting the trees down.

    Bloody disgraceful! 

  6. 1 hour ago, Monsta® said:

    No it's just vacant been like for years turned into a flat that no one wants

    It says 4 Palace Road on the bank's website, which is the address of Big Mama's I believe, and the Chinese next door is 5-6 Palace Road. Not that it matters much in the grand scheme of things though! :D

  7. 2 hours ago, moe19 said:

    I came across this link that also brought back a few memories for me




    Although reading the end of the page it says it is now a takeaway I don't think it ever has been


    I think there has been a bit of confusion on the Martins Bank website. If you look at the page for Bedlington STATION Martins Bank then that too says 'Takeaway' at the bottom.



  8. Ok then. This issue over the removal of a much-loved tree has obviously stirred some deep feelings in Bedlington folk. The fact that it is going to be removed regardless of any campaign to save it leaves a bitter taste in the mouth, but how about this for a practical way to remember that tree for another 100years? .............

    Why not rename Schalksmuhle Road (a poor choice in the first place, in my opinion) into something entirely fitting, like Willow Tree Drive, or Weeping Willow Way, or something along those lines, in remembrance of the beautiful tree that stood here for all of our lives, and not some remote German town that 90% of folk in Bedlington have no clue of (unless you happen to be called Binks, of course)?

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  9. That's true Malcolm, but the same mistakes are being made again,...... and again,..... and again! 

    This idea of war after war to keep the population in constant fear, and therefore willing to support laws resulting in loss of freedoms, cannot be what our forefathers fought for. War in any shape or form should not be celebrated. 

  10. Sadly, Brian, many people DO forget, and I'll own up to being one of them. I never knew it was Anzac day today, along with millions of others in the UK I'm sure. However, is forgetting such a bad thing? Personally, I think we need to look to the future and not dwell in the past. The past can't be changed. Those last two lines of the verse Malcolm quoted above just highlight the futility of it all.

    Nothing has changed.

  11. So much for the sham 'special relationship' eh?

    Just listening to warnings given by Gove regarding the potential addition of five other nations, including Turkey, to the EU, and the effect it would have on our NHS and other services, should give anyone pause for thought about remaining in the EU.

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