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  1. Quote

    I will stick to tossing my coin (and read into that whatever you want).


    I think I'll join the Tossers too Eggy!  :D The plain fact is: Leave or Remain, TTIP will still be forced upon us because corporations, not governments, rule the world.

    The ONLY way Joe & Joanne Public will be any better off is if the 99% rise up against the 1% GLOBALLY.

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  2. I watched about 1/3 of that video 3g. I got the gist of it but, to be honest, apart from not having 1hr 25mins to spare, I also got sick of hearing all the smug b******s talking! People like this, whatever their nationality, grate on me big time.

    It's time we had a true democracy, where everyone votes on everything, simply by clicking on the net, pressing the red button on Sky, or picking the phone up. Do away with ALL bureaucrats, forever.

  3. Nowt wrang wi' Vista! ................................... once you've disable UAC!

    Both my Vista machines have been running fine for years now. They run everything I need, including the hardwareI use in my 'day' job (making stuff for ebay), a wide format printer and a drag-knife cutter.


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  4. Well, no worries Canny Lass. The main point is that TTIP plays an absolutely crucial part in whether we decide to vote to Leave or Remain, and yet there are no discussions of it in the mainstream media. EVERYONE should know the ramifications of TTIP before making a meaningful vote. As stated in the video, just the fact that TTIP is top secret, even to governments, and that it is a criminal offence to distribute any of the text contained in the TTIP documents should prove, in no uncertain terms, that something is very, very, wrong here.

  5. I don't think that's relevant Canny Lass. It's because of the state the world is in that people need to keep their identities secret. However, governments and the EU should be transparent, particularly when it directly involves the lives of so many people. If you take the trouble to actually watch the video you will understand why TTIP is such an issue.

  6. Excerpt from The Guardian: Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron





    Nine out of 10 of the country’s top economists working across academia, the City, industry, small businesses and the public sector believe the British economy will be harmed by Brexit, according to the biggest survey of its kind ever conducted.

    A poll commissioned for the Observer and carried out by Ipsos MORI, which drew responses from more than 600 economists, found 88% saying an exit from the EU and the single market would most likely damage Britain’s growth prospects over the next five years.

    A striking 82% of the economists who responded thought there would probably be a negative impact on household incomes over the next five years in the event of a Leave vote, with 61% thinking unemployment would rise.

    Those surveyed were members of the profession’s most respected representative bodies, the Royal Economic Society and the Society of Business Economists, and all who replied did so voluntarily.


    Hmm .....

    I believe I think I'm probably most likely going to have to maybe reconsider my views after reading this article! :D:D:D 

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  7. Right then...... I've been doing a lot of digging and, hands up, it appears I misunderstood this whole procedure in my haste to find 'free' internet. 

    By 'free' they mean you are free to access sites in any country from any country, as in 'freedom.' NOT free data!

    However, a VPN can help reduce your data overload by compressing the data returned to you. 

    So, sad to say, there appears to be no free meal in the mobile data stakes. Sorry if I've misled anyone.  

  8. All you need is to have a data package with your provider, doesn't mean you have to use THEIR data though! ;)

    We tried it at work on a phone that didn't have internet included as part of the package and naturally it didn't work.

    I hoped that I'd be able to do some surfing, read emails etc but was gobsmacked when I realised I could stream movies with it no problem at all! If you pay the £3.95 a month (half price for an annual subscription) you can set a country of origin from the app, which means you can access sites not allowed in your country, such as streaming US Netflix content.


    Try the free version first though and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  9. Excuse me if I'm telling you something you already know, I'm not the quickest learner, but I've started using the Betternet app on my Android phone to access free internet.




    It's been working fine. I can stream youtube, Netflix, ShowBox, CinemaBox, movies absolutely free without using up my precious 2Gb of monthly data, which I now reserve for the times I need a 4g connection, such as when I need to do a big download etc.

    Previously, I was always hitting the 2Gb cap before the month had ended, leaving me with the option of upgrading my package, at great expense, or bolting on a top-up, also at great expense, most of which was wasted when my plan reset every month. There's also an option with Betternet to pay a small fee monthly or yearly which gets rid of the ads (which aren't intrusive) and promises even better service, so I'm trying this out for a month or two to see what kind of service I get. So far, it's been wonderful.

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