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  1. Well, I think Boris summed up the whole debate tonight when he said the referendum was fundamentally about democracy. That's what we're really voting for.
  2. I see a lot of airtime is being given to those two non-entitie's Major and Bliar. Who the hell is interested in their opinions?
  3. I don't even understand why all the media hype before the referendum. If you're clued up, then you know which way you are going to vote. If you're not clued up, then you either need to find out all the facts for yourself, or carry on as you were, completely oblivious to the whole process. There's absolutely no need for all this drivel spouted by people 'in the know.' No one cares. This latest farce, where Woollaston has suddenly changed sides, is simply another desperate attempt to sway opinion.
  4. Dead right Malcolm. If my dog was drowning along with a known paedophile, I know who I'd save. Shame on the vet too that made the decision to destroy this dog. Or was it another case of, 'They told me to do it?'
  5. I realise feelings are running high concerning the dog 'attacks' in the Blyth park, but I cannot, in all honesty, condone the killing of this dog by the police. An offer was made to home the 14 month old dog by a sanctuary, but sadly Marley was never granted this opportunity. Take a look at the poor dog on page 4 of the News Post Leader. Tragic. As I get older I find all life is precious, from misunderstood animals, down to the bottom of the pond, yes, even politicians. My thoughts go out to the poor kids who suffered nasty bites, but I don't think killing the dog was the solution. K
  6. Also, Ms Morgan? Hmm... that reminds me of a little ditty we used to sing in the schoolyard many, many years ago, to the tune of 'Oh My Darling, Clementine' - 'Fanny Morgan, plays the organ, And she plays it very canny. She's got a sister, with a blister, In the middle of her ...' (Repeat: ad infinitum!).
  7. I liked the point one bloke made about knowing your local MP but not knowing your local MEP. So, without Googling (as I had to do!), who is your local MEP? Be honest now!
  8. We may as well have Pinnochio for PM. With regard to this whole referendum lark though, and I'm not the greatest at English grammar, is it an oxymoron to say 'We'd like you to vote for an un-elected parliament?'
  9. I bought my sunburst Strat at Kitchen's. Paid £240 and walked away with it wrapped in brown paper! Later, I swapped it for an Atari 2600 games box. I then bought a Westone Thunder III, which I still play after more than 30 years. I don't use an amp now. I play everything through my pc with Guiar Rig 5 or Amplitube 3. I too spent many a happy hour drooling down Mackay's window over a Dan Armstrong perspex guitar and an Arp Odyssey synth. I know they used to sell Burmah amps and cabinets. My mate played bass through a 50watt Burmah at home. Great days! EDIT:
  10. Talking about economists: I fail to understand why anyone would want to devote their working life to toiling away within a Ponzi scheme that could (and will!) collapse at any moment in time.
  11. The Stock Market is a Chaotic system. Someone with experience may be able to give a reasonable prediction of tomorrow's events but will stand no chance of an accurate prediction in a month's time. Bit like weather forecasting, or predicting global warming!
  12. Someone else having trouble getting the message over.....
  13. I think I'll join the Tossers too Eggy! The plain fact is: Leave or Remain, TTIP will still be forced upon us because corporations, not governments, rule the world. The ONLY way Joe & Joanne Public will be any better off is if the 99% rise up against the 1% GLOBALLY.
  14. Don't know about 'decision made' Eggy. There's a tiny probability, though entirely possible, that the coin will land on its edge!
  15. I watched about 1/3 of that video 3g. I got the gist of it but, to be honest, apart from not having 1hr 25mins to spare, I also got sick of hearing all the smug b******s talking! People like this, whatever their nationality, grate on me big time. It's time we had a true democracy, where everyone votes on everything, simply by clicking on the net, pressing the red button on Sky, or picking the phone up. Do away with ALL bureaucrats, forever.
  16. Download the leaked TTIP documents released by Greenpeace here - https://ttip-leaks.org/ A good site providing a summary of what TTIP holds in store for us all based on the leaked information - https://www.opendemocracy.net/can-europe-make-it/thomas-fazi/ttip-we-were-right-all-along
  17. Nowt wrang wi' Vista! ................................... once you've disable UAC! Both my Vista machines have been running fine for years now. They run everything I need, including the hardwareI use in my 'day' job (making stuff for ebay), a wide format printer and a drag-knife cutter.
  18. Interesting article Brett. There's hope for the yokels yet then!
  19. Well, no worries Canny Lass. The main point is that TTIP plays an absolutely crucial part in whether we decide to vote to Leave or Remain, and yet there are no discussions of it in the mainstream media. EVERYONE should know the ramifications of TTIP before making a meaningful vote. As stated in the video, just the fact that TTIP is top secret, even to governments, and that it is a criminal offence to distribute any of the text contained in the TTIP documents should prove, in no uncertain terms, that something is very, very, wrong here.
  20. I don't think that's relevant Canny Lass. It's because of the state the world is in that people need to keep their identities secret. However, governments and the EU should be transparent, particularly when it directly involves the lives of so many people. If you take the trouble to actually watch the video you will understand why TTIP is such an issue.
  21. Excerpt from The Guardian: Economists overwhelmingly reject Brexit in boost for Cameron http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/may/28/economists-reject-brexit-boost-cameron Hmm ..... I believe I think I'm probably most likely going to have to maybe reconsider my views after reading this article!
  22. He's doing an amazing job. Certainly stirred some long-forgotten memories for me. Keep it up Eggy.
  23. 'Gold-in Sacks' ............. Say no more! It still never ceases to amaze me why the 99% kow-tow to the 1%.
  24. http://www.thecanary.co/2016/05/26/image-just-humiliated-camerons-eu-campaign-going-viral-image/
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