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  1. Oh, I don't know. There's always room for another half-dozen takeaways! 🍔🍟
  2. The only Ashington Drive I know of Ken is in Stakeford, from Guidepost to the Half-Moon roundabout.
  3. The Flat Earth Society are proud to have members all over the Globe.
  4. Yes but brand new shops will look much more attractive boarded up than old, tired ones.
  5. We don't have deliveries from Iceland ourselves, but many times I've seen them delivering around the Bedlington /Stakeford area. Our next door neighbour has deliveries from them. We do occasionally use their shops though and they have a nice range of goods. Great for party food. They even have lots of party food that they make sure cooks in the same time, so you're not waiting for any one thing.
  6. Now there's a subject for debate! Forget bloody Brexshit! They've sprayed around that many potholes it's going to be a case of Follow The Yellow Brick Road around Northumberland! They need to get the Munchkins to actually FILL them, not PAINT them.
  7. Can I PM you my address so you can forward my winnings Steve?
  8. Eggy, I didn't mean viewing the plans. I meant the main page with the list of planning applications, the table is truncated because the website isn't mobile-friendly which, these days, is purely down to bad programming.
  9. Couldn't be bothered to look. Another crap website not scaled for mobiles.
  10. Tried visiting the website a short while ago and got the 'Account Suspended' page - http://www.westbedlington.org.uk/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi How long has this been going on? Admittedly, it's a good while since I last visited the site.
  11. Talking about pigs lugs, I wonder how the Bedlington Tesco's development is progressing?
  12. Yes, snipping screenshots is handy, but you end up with an image that needs OCR to convert it back to selectable text.
  13. At what point do vegans consider slaughtering animals for food is a no-no? I often hear them moaning about the killing of animals such as chickens, sheep and cows, but strangely never hear them complaining about entire ecosystems of birds, bugs, and small mammals being destroyed when a farmer fetches in his grain crops to provide vegans with bread and seeds. I love all animals and wouldn't hurt a fly, but would happily eat a vegan if stranded with one on a desert island!
  14. In an ideal world - humans would be extinct.
  15. Fair enough, you might get the odd traveller or tourist taking an interest in Bedlington's historical past, or the quaint, tree-lined Front Street, but what about the people who live here? Where are all the leisure facilities for the entertainment of Bedlington's young kids? Where's all the affordable housing for Bedlington's up and coming homeowners? Where's the infrastructure (doctors, schools, shops) to support all the new arrivals on the rapidly developing, overpriced, posh new housing estates? Oh! Silly me! I've just realised the answer to my own questions... Ashington! (or Cramlington, or Blyth,....... anywhere but Bedlington).
  16. I take your point about people not using local shops in favour of larger superstores. Years ago I used to run a market stall. Ashington, Blyth, Cramlington, no problem, good sales all the time. Bedlington though? .......... nothing but a bunch of tight wads! No wonder the market collapsed in Bedlington.
  17. Happy times. We spent many an hour with our noses stuck up against Beadle's shop window. They had lots of small toys and trinkets to interest us kid's and we took turns at 'bargsying' items. We also loved the glass advertising signs stuck to many shop windows in those days. They were easily prised off with a pen knife by 'collectors' (er,.... or so I'm told!). Nice to see the West Sleekburn miners banner too.
  18. Yes, Bedlington's a lovely place......... to pass through! 🚗 <<<<<<<<<<<<--------------
  19. Why people are still paying good money for the likes of McAfee and Norton is beyond me. Free ZoneAlarm and AVG for me and rarely have a problem. Even the Windows firewall is decent enough now.
  20. I think it appears they are bolded because the pdf pages are images and not normal text and take a while to load correctly,especially on a mobile.
  21. Make sure you have an alarm fitted and locking wheel nuts if you're taking that Google car for a spin around Blyth Eggy!
  22. Never heard of the Piv (Pavilion)? Sacriledge! I'm not taking sides here, but anyone 'of a certain age' who has lived in this area and doesn't know the Piv has lead a very sheltered life indeed!
  23. Right. Popcorn cooked to perfection. 'Lights, camera, ............'
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