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  1. Yeah, and look out for the earthquakes, plagues, famine and pestilence if the floods don't do the trick!
  2. Well .................My vote to Leave is in! Forget about all the hype. My decision was based solely on the fact that the Bankers, the Big Corporations, the current Government, Obama, and the EU itself all wanted us to Remain. That was more than enough push for me to vote LEAVE!
  3. Here's another very important read before you vote ..................... Source: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/06/22/471666/EU-Turkey-accession
  4. Well, it'll soon be over, one way or another, then the country can get down to more serious matters, such as The Donald's visit tomorrow!
  5. Here's another idea, courtesy of a forward-thinking bloke named Jim Bell, particularly relevant in these times of BitCoin and the enthusiasm for CrowdSourcing... 'Assassination Politics' https://cryptome.org/ap.htm It's got my vote!
  6. Yes, but what if you've no confidence in any Party? Do you just put your mark against the one that least offends you, even though it grieves you to give them a vote, or do you show your distaste by not voting for anyone? Every ballot paper should have a box marked 'No confidence in any of the above, please supply another list of candidates!
  7. Of course, my above post wouldn't apply to the EU where you DON'T EVEN HAVE A VOTE TO WITHHOLD! BREXIT all the way for me!
  8. Christopher Doyle said ... Now, I don't think that's 'stupid,' as has been said, or implied, in the posts that followed it. Christopher was talking mainly about UK elections, where it really doesn't matter a damn who you vote for, they're all the bloody same. Remember, the 1% are where they are only because the 99% VOTE FOR THE B@st@RDS! The only way the 99% can show their true feelings is to not cast ANY votes at all. However, this will never happen because of all the weak-willed folk who think a vote for 'X' is better than a vote for 'Y.'
  9. The two most vocal people in this thread, and many others EU related, have already chosen not to live in the UK. So does that mean the rest of us who DO live here don't give a damn, or are we just do saturated with all the media drivel that we've given up having an opinion?
  10. Let's take a minute (well, 3 mins 51 secs actually) to travel back through the mists of Time ...
  11. Exactly moe19! 'Political correctness' is the Elite's way of getting the masses to police themselves!
  12. 'Uncertain.' As opposed to the absolute certainty of people's jobs and livelihoods being at risk by remaining in the EU, I suppose.
  13. To be honest, sad as it is, I had never heard of Jo Cox before, and her unfortunate death will have absolutely no bearing on my decision come Thursday.
  14. So basically, even though they knew all this from the very beginning, they have now decided the EU isn't the place to be, and have leaped the fence, based, it seems, purely on the way the latest polls seem to be pointing. Well, after a Brexit, they'll still need readers, won't they?
  15. Friend? What, you have friends CL? I must have misread all your posts! (Only joking!)
  16. The link in the original post works fine on my Android phone.
  17. Definitely 'OUT!' for me. I wouldn't be surprised either if other countries followed suit and the whole 'superstate' collapsed around them.
  18. Well, from that video, you can see what's going to happen when we've left the EU. The vindictive 'Remainers' will be out for revenge ...
  19. Fear not, HPW. Although it's been very quiet in here over the weekend, the rest of Bedlington have been showing their grief, judging by the sheer number of flowers outside Ian's shop. Ian may be gone now, but he'll never be forgotten. R.I.P. Ian.
  20. I knew Ian for many years, not as a personal friend, but as an acquaintance I am proud to have known. Sad indeed, but truly glad his son survived. My thoughts go out to his family.
  21. Haha! Just took your idea and jazzed it up a bit. 'A picture paints a thousand words, ' as they say.
  22. Isn't Photoshop wonderful!
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