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  1. Please take the 6 minutes required to watch this video. Austerity? Debt? There is a third way .......................
  2. Looking at that pic 3g, it was an accident waiting to happen, much like the situation the entire EU finds itself in at the moment!
  3. I'll have some of their sprouts CL, if you don't mind. If we're still a Christian nation by the end of this year I'd like a few on my Christmas dinner!
  4. CL, you're assumption is that 619,344 Muslim women will need to produce offspring for 80 years. This is not true, as the offspring of these women will also produce in later years, as will their offspring, ... The white UK population are in decline, with a birthrate below that required to sustain the population, while the Muslim population, with a birthrate of around 3, are multiplying rapidly. Anyhow, it's not just about numbers, it's about the ages of the population as a whole, and pretty soon there will be a vast increase in the number of young Muslim VOTERS that will determine the
  5. Agreed, we all 'breed' in the UK, but it's the birth 'rate' that matters, as any mathematician knows. Muslims have a much higher birth rate than the rest of the UK, who are following an ever-decreasing path with a birthrate less than the 2.1 statistically needed to stop the population becoming extinct. So, the maths are there, they just need interpreting correctly. Which brings me to another point, which is; why is there not more support for single parent families instead of downcasting them? They are the ones helping to keep our population afloat.
  6. Good man, HPW. That must have taken some doing.
  7. That's from MailOnline. Sturgeon is about to find out exactly why she's beating her head against a wall due to this right of veto, and exactly why Leavers wanted OUT!
  8. Unfortunately I couldn't make it, but found the Bedlington Live! webcam useful. As you say Christopher, quite a turnout, in spite of the pouring rain.
  9. Sorry merc, I can't for the life of me see where our current political Parties fit into that view!
  10. My honest opinion is that we need to get rid of the whole lot and introduce a new style of government. We've got umpteen ways these days of casting an instant vote on anything of importance, so why leave things up to these idiots, why not let the people vote on practically every issue by simply pressing whatever button is nearest them: phone, tv or computer? In other words, have NO political Parties at all.
  11. Fish-face will get nowhere with this - let her prattle. I laughed when that Scottish MEP (don't know his name, don't care) stood up and said Scotland supported the EU, when it's a plain fact that nigh-on 40% supported Brexit!
  12. I found this from the book you referenced CL:
  13. Ah, you worry too much. A General Strike will soon have us back on course.
  14. Just hearing all this talk about how the EU is now going to be turned into a Superstate (I thought it already was) has prompted me to post this little gem ... In a letter to a friend, dated 30th April 1952, from Jean Monnet, one of the 'founding fathers' of the EU: So, from the year I was born, this has been planned. You've got to admire their tenacity.
  15. Well said, moe19. Well said.
  16. It's not knees with me CL, it's eyes. When I first skimmed over that line I thought it said lap-dancing! Or maybe it's my brain and not my eyes that's the problem!
  17. I don't know about breaking free and going intergalactic merc. Yes, the idea is fascinating and there would be distinct advantages, but the thing I think I'd miss most about planet Earth would be the OXYGEN!
  18. A more sensible use of a petition might be to get all UK rollercoasters shut down indefinitely.
  19. I'm not liking this little snippet taken from a BBC article obout funding for Science now that we are leaving the EU ... If that's the price we have to pay then I'd say 'Stuff Science!'
  20. Meanwhile, in a far-flung nation a certain Senator Jeff Sessions gives his views ..... Source: http://yellowhammernews.com/politics-2/sessions-brexit-allowed-british-people-rejected-international-elites-now-americas-turn/
  21. Maybe everyone needs to consider this before asking for a second referendum ...
  22. B of E will put some new compatible cartridges in the printers and we'll be rockin' & rollin' again!
  23. Fair enough, but that rule should have been implemented BEFORE the Referendum. Pillocks!
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