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  1. I remember Stash (Suzanik? Suzanuk?) diving off the cubicles. Built like a brick sh*thouse! Many people will have fond memories of Humford Baths, they were very popular.
  2. Just depends who Murdoch actually wants in.
  3. I don't personally think it's anything to do with the land, probably an animal hater. Can you be more specific in the location as I'd hate to think he'd been poisoning the area and other animals were at risk? I don't like people who think they can 'acquire' a piece of land that's not rightfully theirs simply by planting it out. If it had been my dog he'd picked on he wouldn't have got my address and he would have discovered all his plants destroyed the next morning! Tosser!
  4. Haha! I really had to laugh at this one... https://www.theguardian.com/money/2016/jul/07/london-top-taxpaying-city-uk-report Could that possibly be because the rest of us are on such poor wages we get to pay little or no bloody tax!
  5. A secret, private meeting to lobby the upcoming PM. How more corrupt can you get?!!! We should boycott all Virgin products and services!
  6. Well, well! No sooner had I posted that video than this little gem appeared online ... I suggest watching the above video first then reading the article - http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/686268/Schulz-Merkel-Tusk-EU-European-Union-Brexit-EU-referendum-politics
  7. Never mind 'After Brexit,' this movie was made before Brexit and is well worth a half hour of anyone's time, particularly BRemainers and borderline Brexiteers ...
  8. It's not just Spuggy's posts merc: why do certain members of this forum find the constant need to speak in riddles? There seems to be some point-scoring going on here. I find text-speak more legible than a lot of the posts in here!
  9. Interesting that Corbyn is so determined to stay. Couldn't be anything to do with the release of the Chilcot report this Wednesday, could it, after which it has been said that Corbyn wants to 'crucify' Blair? Nah!
  10. I don't think it's last century at all Maggie. The wealth and possessions of individual people are now known to the nth degree due to the cyber boom, advances in tracking algorithms, and the shady interests of governments, banks, and big business in general.
  11. Agreed Spuggy, and for those with a sweet tooth, rock buns, drop scones, coconut haystacks and melting moments were things we were making every week, but not now.
  12. Yes, it's particularly bad along there Chris and I feel sorry for the pedestrians at times when cars can't decide whether to take the left-hand hump or the middle-hump and suddenly end up swerving towards the pavement. These may be classed as 'traffic-calming' measures, but they do nothing for the calm of the pedestrians! I've seen the work done on the potholes and, while it's to be commended, I fail to see the logic in fixing a pothole and ignoring another one mere feet away, as has been done along the cemetery road.
  13. Er,......... 'Selective' potholes have been fixed. Anyway, it's not just the craters, it's those mountainous speed bumps too, with the sharp edges and deep valley's either side. Sometimes I have to put down my mobile phone and fasten my seatbelt, then hang onto the steering wheel for dear &gn=hvc*hjk... .. life! Sorry, another bloody bump. Grrr!
  14. Bloody hell! You drive through Bedders VOLUNTARILY? Must have raker suspension! Brave man!
  15. A word of advice CL ...... You really need to be looking at his consumption and his emissions (linked, no doubt!). Also, have a close look at his spare tyre and whether it's underslung or not. Whip out his dipstick and check for debris before giving it a wipe and plunging it back in.
  16. As long as May doesn't become the new PM. Horrible woman! Personally, I'd prefer Leadsom or Fox out of the bunch, but I'd rather not have any of them.
  17. US opens investigation into Tesla after fatal crash http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-36680043
  18. Afraid I can't help you here CL. The most important items seem to be missing from the Tech Specs, such as the number and location of the cup-holders. Yet I imagine it would still be a good buy. (See what I did there! ).
  19. Until someone comes up with a way of convicing those of Islamic persuasion that there aren't 72 virgins awaiting them post-BOOM, then we'll just have to accept things as they are. Without the promise of an Afterlife, most of the world's religions would crumble to dust and we'd be better for it.
  20. What rain, Eggy? Climate change will fettle that! 'Burn baby, burn!'
  21. Good advice CL, but there's no way I'd cut the cannabis production for sprouts, but you've given me another idea ... When cooking sprouts, it's common procedure to cut a 'cross' shape in the stalk to aid cooking. Now then, if I inserted an amount of cannabis into the 'cross' and then cooked them I would be able to start up a mobile Sunday Dinners service that would be the envy of the country! A similar tactic got Coca Cola off the ground, so why shouldn't it work for me?
  22. A short document, but another 'must read' ... http://www.britishconstitutiongroup.com/sites/default/files/documents/Divided Nation.pdf
  23. True, but their birthrate is dimishing, remember?
  24. Bah! Article ... Shmarticle! That button will never be pressed! Not by the tossers we have in power these days anyway. No, it's ok, I'll grow my own sprouts thanks. Monsanto have some great varieties out now. Could do with a bit more sunshine though, those chemtrails don't half get in the way. Will the EU place a cap on my sprout production I wonder? I might end up throwing 2/3 of them away!
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