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  1. It must be a huge pressure on the Swedish economy then to provide more local authority igloos.
  2. So, that'll be the end of free parking at Manor Walks then.
  3. One thing I love about my Android phone is the call recording app I put on it. It runs in the background and you never know it's there, but it records every call I make or receive, great for someone like me with a memory like a ... em, one of those er, things, er, you know, with the holes in them ..... About once a week I clear out the calls I no longer wish to keep so they're not using up memory. It will even record stuff when I access my voicemail so that I can clear the voicemail but still have a copy should I need it at a later date.
  4. I see the UK families of the Iraq war dead have set up a crowd-funding site to raise money to prosecute the b@st@rd. They reached their goal of £50,000 in the FIRST 9 HOURS! They now have an extended goal of £150,000 which I hope they will also soon reach. https://www.crowdjustice.co.uk/case/chilcot/ Personally, I think it's all wrong that Blair will be defended with our tax money while the families have to raise their own.
  5. Isn't that a bit high for the Police chopper merc?
  6. Did everyone get that? Pints are on Foxy! Form an orderly queue ..............................!
  7. Just been fiddling around in Photoshop again. I quite like this image of 'The Silverdale Miner' in Nottinghamshire. I just replaced the sky and tweaked a few levels, I'm no expert!
  8. Thanks merc. Strange that they've printed the running order arse-first though!
  9. Sorry, might be a bit late with this but Happy Birthday...
  10. I support Andy's stance entirely. Yes, things may have been politically motivated as of late, but the success of any forum depends upon, not only the number of members, but particularly the number of members who actually post replies and start new topics. I've noticed there have been times when no new posts were made over long periods of time. That's not good. So why don't members who are tired of all the political posts start inundating the forum with their own news, gossip and ideas, to balance the mix? Any takers?
  11. First pic back from Juno in orbit around Jupiter. Didn't know they'd just sent up a bloody pin-hole camera! Cheapskates!
  12. And so they should be Maggie! YUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMM!
  13. For merc's benefit (and mine too, to be honest!) I believe this is the 'Steven' referred to in 3g's post ... http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/688439/Ukip-leadership-election-could-Steven-Woolfe-replace-Nigel-Farage-MEP-Brexit-campaigner No doubt I'll be corrected if I am wrong!
  14. I wasn't meaning to be rude mind. I'm sure Spuggy has many good points to make, but my experiences with this and many other forums is that brevity is King when it comes to posting. Anything more than a few paragraphs is very off-putting to people who just pop in for the latest gossip. Another thing that puts me off is when people put a long post in one paragraph, sometimes without capitals or punctuation. I just can't be bothered to read posts like that. I'm not to bothered about correct grammar or spelling as long as I can understand the post and don't have to make up a flask and
  15. Here's a couple of pics you lot might like that I tweaked in Photoshop .............. The Ellington Miner Robin of Pegswood
  16. Ok, be honest everyone... How many of you read ALL of Spuggy's post? Indeed, on seeing the length of it, how many of you actually read ANY of Spuggy's post?
  17. Well, at least there's still some good news coming from Europe ... https://www.rt.com/news/350441-spain-bullfighter-dies-gored/?utm_source Let's hope it continues.
  18. Hmm ... they seem to have missed my posts or are ignoring them No worries, I'll just talk amongst myself, I'm sure they won't mind. They probably weren't interested in the fact that Deutsche Bank is on the verge of collapse and with take down the whole EU with it. No, they wouldn't be concerned about that, would they? Silly me! Better if I just keep my opinions to myself while they continue arguing with each other. Wouldn't want the facts to get in the way of a good argument now, would we. Uh oh ........... they're coming back .................
  19. The plain fact is, Leave or Remain, the EU is a dead duck. It's been on the verge of collapse long before Brexit and going by the horror stories now being revealed about Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, I doubt whether it (the EU) will survive after the end of this year. The Europeans want to trade with us, so they will do it on our terms. Why should we be too bothered about trading in Europe? Do you know how big the rest of the world is? There's a good Geordie saying for all those bashing their gums about staying in Europe and second referendums etc .................... 'If ya patta
  20. Well, it seems like the Brexit thinking you mention is becoming contagious! ...
  21. Hmm ... Interesting points, but anyone can appear wise after the event.
  22. No matter, it'll all go tits-up when Deutsche Bank collapses ...
  23. Fishface, Mother Teresa and Hitler's Daughter .... What a bunch!
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