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  1. Democracy is an Illusion. From the cradle to the grave we serve our elitist masters, and [Deity] help us if we step out of line.
  2. What a sad end to to an unquestionably worthwhile cause. I'm with merc: pay nothing and let them take you to court. The adverse publicity for the council will far outweigh the extortionate sum they are asking, and it will be adverse publicity, as I'm sure you'll get the full backing of the local rag and many of the Town's residents. Despicable.
  3. Should have said, 'Bedlington - Near the Dead Willow Tree.'
  4. Thanks. So it seems like it may be a Firefox issue then. It may be one of my Firefox extensions causing the problem though, and not a fault with the browser itself.
  5. Yes, and it's just worked for me too ............................... in Google Chrome, on both my machines, but it doesn't work on either of them in Firefox. Do either of you (CL and Eggy) use Firefox, or were your posts made from a different browser?
  6. Can anyone tell me how to highlight sections of text in quoted posts? I've tried to select the portion of text in order to make it bold, italic, underlined etc but the WHOLE text is selected each time. This works in virtually every other forum I visit but not in here.
  7. I hope your missus doesn't get too uptight when you bring up the subject of 'Extra Virgin!'
  8. Yes, and also used to great effect by showmen at fairgrounds and market traders.
  9. That last post was a mistake but there wasn't an option to delete it. Very strange the way this forum works.
  10. Hey, look! I'm an upside down poster!
  11. ... or our Australian visitors!
  12. Yes, that's Tommy alright. I only knew him from the Market Place club. Norah and Vic used to live in Gladstone Terrace before moving into the club. When they left I believe they moved into one of the old houses at the top of Bedlington bank (The Quay?).
  13. I know, Malcolm. I just posted that 'tongue-in-cheek!' Yes, it may well depend on who you 'talk' to and how you 'shake' their hand.
  14. Would that be Norah Hopper who married Vic Calvert and they became steward and stewardess of the Market Place Club? Also had a brother, Tommy Hopper, who was, I think, Secretary on the Committee.
  15. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for an answer Bedlingtonian. I, for one, wouldn't fancy 'having my body severed in two, my bowels taken from thence and burned to ashes, the ashes scattered before the four winds of heaven, that no more remembrance might be had of so vile and wicked a wretch as I' just for passing on information!
  16. The Falklands. Be honest - how many of you had even heard of them before the Iron Bag sank the RETREATING Belgrano? I couldn't understand what it was all about myself until I came across a map on the net of OIL RESERVES around the Falklands.
  17. Speaking honestly, if I could go back in time, I too might consider the possibility of assassinating Thatcher. Like yourselves, I come from a proud mining community and Thatcher was the Devil incarnate to all my friends and family during the miner's strike. Her part in the Falklands war was also despicable.
  18. Anyway, all this talk of eating down the pit has reminded me of an old joke I first heard from my Dad. I doubt whether any of you haven't heard it before and I can't remember the exact words but the theme went something like this ... BILLY: Y'aal reet Geordie marra. Wud y like a bullet? Aa got them from the bottom shop t'other day. GEORDIE: Aye, aa wadn't mind Billy. Wot are they? BILLY: Sugared Almonds, Geordie. GEORDIE: Ah, sorry Billy mate, aa divn't care too much for the sugar. A couple of days later ... BILLY; Fancy a bullet Geordie? GEORDI
  19. Have I been dreaming again, or was the Chilcot report actually released a few weeks ago? Hardly a mention of the report or Teflon Tony in the media these last couple of weeks. Then again, he's innocent of all charges and of no more interest to the media.
  20. I have to admit that I too have a problem with Islam as an ideology, even though I count Muslims among some of my friends. I don't have the educational skills or the verbal eloquence of some posters in here, but I know mind control when I see it. Muslims are locked into a religion, for life, mostly. They leave upon pain of death. It's even been said that many suicide bombers are in fact genuinely suicidal and, seeing as taking your own life is forbidden in Islam, they take the 'martyr' route, which allows them to exterminate themselves with the full backing of Mohammed and their reli
  21. I remember my Dad taking his bait to the Dr. Pit for him and Taffy, his pit pony. His marra always took something 'posh,' like Spam, which the lads called 'pink lint' I believe. I'm sure most of you know that Cornish pasties were taken down the tin mines for bait, and the ridge of crust provided a means of holding the pasty with dirty hands without affecting the filling. This was important because the ore often contained arsenic as well as tin.
  22. HPW, I use Firefox browser and have added an extension called 'Textarea Cache' which is very simple in operation. It places a small icon in the bottom status bar of the browser and tracks everything you type. If your post disappears you can simply click on the icon which fetches up a dialogue box where you can copy the text you just entered, like this ...
  23. Some wonderful information in here. Thanks all for a very good read.
  24. If I were you 3g, I'd stick to the previously mentioned Kipling and his exceedingly good cakes!
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