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  1. <iframe src="http://www.amazon.co.uk"></iframe>
  2. Haha! I remember you Talc, from the Mayfair days, along with David Potts and David Joab.
  3. That sstain on her dress was only soup, too,............ COCK-A-LEEKIE!
  4. I might have a quick look while this paint is drying ........... ...... or then again, maybe not!
  5. Fair enough Vic, but when you say 'decent and honest' you are referring to the borrower, not the lender. If you borrowed 10 grand and slaved most of your life trying to repay 3 times the amount you borrowed before discovering that the money came from nowhere and the lender wouldn't even be out of pocket if it was never paid back, would you not feel a little peeved? Add to that the situation where people go back to the bank saying they can't afford to repay the loan and come out with a BIGGER loan at the 'sound advice' of the bank manager! It's bloody criminal! I should add though tha
  6. It's about time all this was brought into the open. It's a giant Ponzi scheme that will one day collapse and that day is looming ever nearer. The sad fact is that 99% of the global population just haven't grasped this fact. You can't blame them though, as the PTB do their utmost to confuse the issue. For those who don't already know, it works a bit like this: You want a loan. Before you even walk into the Bank that money doesn't exist - anywhere. However, the nice, friendly, Bank Manager rattles a few keys on his computer and Hey Presto!, £10,000 is conjured from thin air and appears
  7. Number one has to be Willy Wonka, followed closely by See No Evil, Hear No Evil, with Richard Pryor.
  8. Haha! The Great Escape (literally!)
  9. Why not use the loo's in the Council Offices? Prime location!
  10. Here we go again! The clown has started it up at 08:48. I think I'll take my poor dog out away from the blasts. Maybe we'll go worry some of the b@st@rd's sheep!
  11. Thanks Malcolm. Tree root damage? This begs the question of why they were built there in the first place. Then again, why all the fuss about public loo's in Bedlington? Don't we all live in care homes?
  12. I live in the Stakeford area now and I'm sick and tired of the propane gas gun (supposedly to scare off pigeons) going off in a nearby field. It's scaring the sh*t out of my poor dog and other animals in the area. I realise there is no regulation for these things but it's time this idiot was stopped.
  13. I was invited by a family member. It matters not whether you have anything to offer the members other than your own good character. Upon joining, a ballot is held and if it is deemed you are not worthy of admission then you will be 'black-balled.' (BTW, that has nothing to do with boot polish around your private parts, so don't worry!). I found everyone to be approachable and had some fun nights there, but my main reason for joining was to find out what these 'secrets' were, and in that respect I was disappointed and discontinued my membership after a year or two.
  14. Well, I can post a list of the names and addresses of all the Bedlington Councillors and NNC Councillors living in Bedlington if you wish. Being the public-spirited people they are, I'm sure they won't mind you knocking on their doors to request use of their 'facilities' in the event of an emergency in the nether regions.
  15. Apart from enacting the Ritual at every meeting, Freemasonry is simply a selective drinking club. Believe me. Been there, done that! Supreme being? I only ever believed in Santa Claus but that was apparently enough! It was most enlightening to enter the Lodge for the first time and see who your fellow Masons were. Nod, nod. Wink, wink!
  16. Excellent use of resources. They are one of those things you hope you'll never need but are nevertheless pleased to know they are always available.
  17. Yes, light work indeed, but don't forget that those Cooper's buses were developed years ago under a cloak of secrecy as a Black Ops project in Area 51, known locally as 'Annitsford.'
  18. You paint a wonderful picture HPW, as good as any of the Pitmen Painters.
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