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  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Quantum theory states that nothing exists until it's observed, so as long as you don't look at Europe, it's not there!
  2. I hope there was never any doubt that it would go ahead after demolishing half the front street!
  3. With regard to wireless broadband serving a remote community, I'd just like to say that we have a static caravan on a fairly local coastal site that is covered by BT Wifinity broadband. I can use pc, phone or tablet in my caravan and can easily stream movies via an Amazon Firestick plugged in the back of the tv. With regard to home broadband, I suffered a good few years with a 1.4Mbs connection (Stakeford, from the dreaded Ashington exchange) and, even after supposedly upgrading to fibre, the 5Mbps connection I was given soon dropped back down to 1.4Mbps again. However, a couple o
  4. We're only larger because we need stronger constitutions than the Southern Shandy Drinkers to enable us to survive in the wild and woolly North (and by 'North' I don't mean bloody Manchester!).
  5. Could this be due to migration of the site to a certain brand new, state of the art server, by any chance?
  6. I remember going to Clarence Cooper's prize bingo in the Locke Hall with me Mam.
  7. 'We're off to see the Wild West Show' was another firm favourite back in my childhood days, when I was introduced to such charcters as the Oomigoolie bird, the Winkee-Wankee bird and, who could ever forget them, the Fukawi tribe. Ah, happy daze!
  8. Thanks for the 'Venus lyrics Eggy. They're basically similar to the one's I know. For instance, the Mabel verse was... The cook' s name was Mabel, And by God she was able, To give the crew, Their daily screw, Under the kitchen table! Has a better ring to it in my opinion, but I'm probably biased.
  9. 'Twas on the good ship Venus.....' Come on. You all know the rest!
  10. Nice idea, but I've heard that the service is often delayed due to shoots on the line!
  11. My opinion is that my opinion means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Theresa May is just another pawn in the game.
  12. I still remember the 'old wood' they 'pruned away' for our Lidl friends...
  13. Yes, but don't forget, a massive 15% of those new homes will be 'affordable!'
  14. Given the fact that national debt HAS to increase year on year to keep the Bankers' Ponzi scheme afloat, then, no matter who is in power, austerity will be the name of the game for the foreseeable future. This scam whereby the Treasury issues bonds (IOU's) to the Banks to print currency from thin air, backed by nothing at all, and then pays them interest on it, is the prime reason the UK, and the rest of the World for that matter, is perpetually in debt, and perpetually at war.
  15. The whole thing is a disaster. We may yet end up with Tom and Jerry running the country!
  16. Hmm.... quality seems a bit degraded now. It looks slightly out of focus to what it used to be. May just be that I need a trip to Specsavers though!
  17. Probably just another Elite con to have XP etc replaced worldwide with the likes of W10, which has more backdoors than the local knocking shop. Paranoid? Who? Me? Never!
  18. After 7 years training and several more years in public practice, a good friend of mine has been found guilty of gross professional misconduct and struck off. He can no longer work in the medical profession he devoted his life to. He had sex with a patient. It was, he says, consensual. Neither was married, but rules are rules. Anyway, all that training down the drain. (**Lifts glass...**) Here's to Dave. A good mate and the best vet I've ever known.
  19. My girlfriend said if I don’t do page 7 of the Kama Sutra she will leave me. It's put me in a very difficult position.
  20. A young family moved into a house next door to an empty plot. One day, a gang of building workers turned up to start building on the plot. The young family's 5-year-old daughter naturally took an interest in all the activity going on next door and started talking with the workers. She hung around and eventually the builders, all with hearts of gold, more or less adopted the little girl as a sort of project mascot. They chatted with her, let her sit with them while they had tea and lunch breaks, and gave her little jobs to do here and there to make her feel important. They even gave th
  21. A man is alone in an airport lounge. A beautiful woman walks in and sits down at the table next to him. He decides because she's wearing a uniform, she's probably an off-duty flight attendant. So he decides to have a go at picking her up by identifying the airline she flies for, thereby impressing her greatly. He leans across to her and says the British Airways motto : 'To Fly. To Serve'? The woman looks at him blankly He sits back and thinks up another line. He leans forward again and delivers the Air France motto 'Winning the hearts of the world'? Again she j
  22. Seems another, albeit less important, election has been forecast for June 8th.
  23. It's wrong to blame everything on Brexit when we know fine well it was the Russians every time!
  24. Thanks for that. It had me, and especially my dog, wondering what the hell it was. Nowhere near as loud as the farmer's bloody propane bird-scarer going off regularly in the field behind us though.
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