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  1. Seeing as Albert plagiarised a lot of Lorentz's work, I wouldn't put much value in his quantum quips!
  2. Haha! Thanks pilgrim. I remember the Fukawi from my younger days, along with ..... The Oomegoolie Bird. It dives from a great height,, pulls out at the last second, and yells 'Oo-me-goolies!' And not forgetting the Winkee-Wankee Bird. When it Winks it W@nks, and when it W@nks it Winks. 'No lady, don't throw sand in it's eye!!!' There are others too from the good old 'We're off to see the Wild West show song.' But I digress. Back to the slogan competition ... Bedlington, has a proud mining heritage, so how about, 'Why would you visit B
  3. Nasty!! Thanks for that though. I always wondered what the eventual outcome was and why no more work was being done to finish off the estate.
  4. I'd heard the developer took a shotgun into the middle of a field and tried to blow his head off but missed, leaving him alive but terribly injured. Anyone know if this is true?
  5. Well, we need steel, no matter where it comes from. We need it to manufacture the billions of pounds worth of armaments we ship regularly to the likes of the Saudis for a start.
  6. Sad day for many people. I didn't know whether to post this in music or TV & Movies, as he has been successful in both areas. While I was never a Bowie fan, I can't deny he was talented, and I enjoyed a number of his tracks. The most influential for me was Rebel Rebel, which was one of the first guitar riffs I actually managed to nail. Of his movies, I was particularly fond of The Prestige, which was a great story in its own right. Rest in peace David. You will be missed by many.
  7. Goes hand-in-hand with this article: http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/610649/Germany-Refugee-Sexual-Assault-Thomas-de-Maiziere-Rainer-Wendt-European-Union?_ga=1.159735997.1666213066.1449414694
  8. Best wishes 3g. I always enjoy reading your posts.
  9. O... M... G! I hope the steel doesn't melt.......
  10. Looks like we're on the low end of the IQ scale then threegee! I bow to my superiors.
  11. CL, again, with due respect, you should have read the link...
  12. Doesn't surprise me the Royals were involved too, in this case Louis the Cake. It does however always surprise me why conspiracy theories are called 'theories' when so many of them have come true, or been very near to the mark.
  13. Sounds plausible Paul, but then I'm not a rocket scientist. All I know for sure is that my hard-earned disappears into a Black Hole every Christmas, never again to see the light of day! What does Hawking have to say about that?
  14. Hmmm ... So you're proposing that Santa not only had the forethought to buy the Gaviscon, but also had multi-tasking abilities in being able to do his job between 3 pm and 4pm AND buy Gaviscon at the same time? That's preposterous, as that means that Santa would have to be a, .... a, .... A WOMAN! No way!!! I'm having none of it!!!
  15. In my life, Santa is the only proof of a 'Superior Being,' the only one that's ever answered my payers!
  16. A further complication, that may be brought on by the excessive consumption of mince pies, would be the need to down a bottle of Gaviscon mid-journey. Assuming Santa would need to buy this from a shop closing fairly late on a Christmas Eve, (ie. the Co-op), then Santa may encounter a 'queue' of around 3 people, which, as we all know only too well, takes 3 hours to clear!
  17. Sorry CL, I only have English as a second language, having been born and bred in the North East,
  18. Now you're tarring all taxi drivers with the same brush! (Joke. Honest!)
  19. All the roads in Bedlington are in a disgusting state. There are some killer potholes in some of the darkest spots, and on fast roads at that.
  20. With due respect CL, you glossed over the birthrate figures, giving an average for the whole UK. The Muslim population are doing rather well, thank you, with a higher rate than the 1.92 you quote, which leaves the rest of us in a dire situation, facing inevitable extinction. Yes, there may be a vast difference between the current pooulations, but when we are talking 'rates' then ignore the exponential function at your peril!
  21. Yes CL, your 5th option sounds great, provided I'm not a woman, of course!
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