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  1. No wonder they are gunning for the SME's. It's definitely in the best interests of almost any SME to support Brexit. The sheer weight of ridiculous EU regulations are not only killing existing SME's, but are discouraging many from even starting up in the first place. Large corporations, on the other hand, are laughing all the way to the bank, knowing that their smaller competitors are being annihilated in this way.
  2. A British aid charity is warning that by 2060 more than a billion people worldwide will live in cities at risk of catastrophic flooding as a result of climate change. A study by Christian Aid says the US, China and India are among the countries most threatened. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-36299541 How unfortunate then that the three countries listed as the 'most threatened' are amongst the top carbon emitting countries in the world. Rough justice?
  3. Glad you're back in Malcolm. Good luck.
  4. Redex Fuel Additive Dispenser 23CM TALL 33CM WIDE This one apparently sold for $265 .....
  5. Eggy, are you not thinking of Moscardini's, where the Monsoon is now?
  6. Gone are the days when most folk could buy a bike, a bed, or a lawnmower in Bedlington. Happy days.
  7. I think the Co-op were the next to take over. Shame it's closed now, that was a great shop.
  8. In the 60's for me, around the time Jimmy Millne's shop had the snack bar down one side.
  9. I see what you mean. It's obviously blue chork and not really paynt. Gonks!
  10. I remember the pinball machine. TIIILLLTTTTT!!
  11. Did Bacci have an upstairs room, maybe for snooker? I can vaguely remember looking out of the window at a juicy pear tree. We probably climbed the back wall and nicked those pears at a later date!
  12. webtrekker


    Yes, I remember Clarence Cooper having the 'tent' bingo on Glebe Road, where you used bottle tops as bingo markers.
  13. That's the only phrase I've ever heard too: 'Pay on the Nail.'
  14. Ah. Loading ok now. Can't see any connection with the Nail though, other than the coincidental 1782 date.
  15. Thanks, but hat link is taking forever to load. I think there are some problems with the page. Anyone else having trouble with it, or is it just me?
  16. I meant the 'Creative Access' charity 3g.
  17. Pure discrimination! This so-called charity should be reported.
  18. I, too, would have no objection to a couple of houses being built here, as long as it didn't become a precedent for many more houses in the same area. It's years since I've been down that road so they could have built them 10 years ago and I wouldn't have known!
  19. That hit a nerve, didn't it!
  20. Yes, we all know what 'get out of my face' means Monsta, but you need to Google the words 'there' and 'their' with particular regard to the huge difference between them. However, don't despair, and keep trolling..... this is fun! Edited to add: fun to some.
  21. Yeah. Whatever .............
  22. For my sins, I wasn't there either, however I did take the time to add my name to the petition. Two thousand and odd signatures must surely have been around 10% or more of the Bedlington population. Maybe if they'd had more time, the organisers could have built up a force to be reckoned with. They did a wonderful job though and deserved more respect from Lidl and the powers that be.
  23. I think it's only right and proper to post here, in its entirety, the last update regarding the petition on change.org ...... PETITION UPDATE Chopped. Nickaila Arnold Bedlington, United Kingdom 30 APR 2016 — It is with great sadness and upmost disappointment that I write to you all today to announce that our beloved tree no longer stands. It was removed early this morning without any notice to the public. A few days ago, Lidl issued a statement in which their reasons for the felling of the tree seemed fair and we were willing to accept the compromise. Thoug
  24. webtrekker


    Nice. Albert King is playing a left-handed Flying V. All of his V's were named 'Lucy.'
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