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  1. Does anyone remember the numerous glass signs stuck onto shop windows to advertise products? They were very colourful (and hence collectable) and could be easily prised off the windows by certain naughty unnamed boys!
  2. 1,000,000 visitor

    Sorry threegee, I fully understand how cash for clicks works, but I'm an intense user of the internet and enough is enough for me where advertising is concerned, I'd rather pay a yearly subscription just to avoid ads.
  3. Yes, of course. Thanks for clearing that up Tony. Some parts of my memory are now disappearing into the mists of time!
  4. 1,000,000 visitor

    Adblock Plus works for me!
  5. The Fourteen Club - 1958

    Think it was pre-Brexit Wilma!
  6. Certainty can. At the top of the 'raa's.' Used to be more or less opposite Begbie's garage. Wasn't Muters pop factory somewhere behind Thompson's stores, or is my memory failing me?
  7. There was the VG as well, somewhere beside the Grapes.
  8. Why not put locked metal gates at both ends of the subway and lock the scumbags in there for a week or two, seeing as they like the place so much!
  9. Councillor Wallace - Reflections and Lessons

    I only hope tackling the speeding issues involves prosecuting the offenders and not further crippling the road system with speed humps that mostly affect the safety of non-offenders, eg. the crazy effort along Netherton Lane, by the cemetery, that, in my opinion, actually endangers pedestrians due to cars swerving very near the kerb to avoid the mountains and potholes in the road, to say nothing of the long term damage to vehicles caused by these measures, or lack of maintenace once they are installed.
  10. Hurry! 20% off the WHOLE of ebay till 6pm today!

    Just saved £40 on a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner from AO on ebay using the discount code.
  11. Hurry! 20% off the WHOLE of ebay till 6pm today!

    Read the article and use the code - http://www.techradar.com/news/ebay-is-running-a-massive-20-site-wide-discount-today Minimum order: £20 Maximum discount :£75 Only valid until 6pm TODAY!
  12. FireFox for Firestick

    Sorry for hogging this thread! Just wanted to also say that I have a Firestick working fine in our caravan too. The site has PAYG Wifinity broadband and it's excellent for streaming Amazon Prime, Netflix and Terrarium tv into the caravan.
  13. FireFox for Firestick

    Talking about tv's and browsers, the best option I ever had was to connect a spare desktop pc to my tv set, together with a wireless keyboard and mouse. It was infinitely better than any Firestick or smart tv as I could browse easily, download anything I wanted, and sit back on the sofa and play Virtual Pool 3! Sadly, the motherboard went recently, so I removed the whole pc from behind the tv, but I'm considering a replacement as it was so useful.
  14. FireFox for Firestick

    I think they've done this because Google are disabling their YouTube app on the Firestick due to a spat between them and Amazon. To be honest, I can't be bothered to use the Firefox browser app to access YouTube, but fortunately my smart tv has the YouTube app built in and it will continue working after they pull the app on the Firestick on January 1st. My main use of the Firestick is to access Amazon Prime music and videos, and also to use the brilliant Terrarium app (but you never heard that last bit from me!).
  15. Councillor Wallace - Bedlington Central update

    And will the solution to such traffic problems be to build an obstacle course such as that along Netherton Lane which will itself result in an accident one day, particularly with cars having to swerve very near to the kerb, (and pedestrians), particularly in the cemetery area, to avoid oncoming traffic?