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  1. Tynemouth Markets, hold a Farmers Market every third Saturday of the month? www.tynemouthmarkets.com
  2. Hi guys. I have tried an indoor market in my front shop and warehouse. At first it was fantastic! We had over 30 different stalls selling everything from handmade soaps to personalised baby clothes. We had more than 400 people through the door on the first day! But, 3 or 4 weeks in we were approaching christmas & stall numbers started to dwindle. As a result, so did customer numbers. (unfortunately, this must have been around the time Keith visited) The downfall was probably down to a couple of small errors. 1- Timing. Starting a brand new market in the winter. It may have been a different outcome if it was started in the spring. 2- Opening times. If it was only open on weekends, or every other weekend. 3- Quality. As stall numbers decreased I introduced more & more "car boot" type stalls. I heard people expressing their disappointment at the quality of items offered for sale. To be fair, it was advertised as a market, not a car boot sale. 4- Nobles also started a bigger indoor bootsale in Blyth at the same time, & is also no longer there. It was worth a try atleast, & I thank everyone who supported it, (boo everyone that didnt). Russell.
  3. Christmas Raffle A little early I know, but we have some great prizes to be won! Buy your tickets in-store today.
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