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  1. Hope it's ok to ask about Cambois, forgive me if not; I'm try to find some information/photos for friends visiting from Australia. Prior to emigrating (1982) the family owned a building in Cambois which was used as a venue for their church; its thought the building they purchased was previously a Catholic Church, though I cannot find any information about this. Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Glad I had the chance to know Keith. My heart goes out to his brother. Even now I still think I'll see him walking down the street, his grin & laughter as we chat.
  3. Again, farewell Keith. My thoughts are with you, & your family
  4. Farewell to a regular on the site.
  5. Thanks everyone for leaving info. I don't recognise any names - but then I'm only just starting looking at family history. anyway, a few details that i do know - my mam, Lucy Arkle was born in c1934, and married Colin Smith, from I think, the Stakeford area. she had 2 older brothers Ted & Wilf.
  6. sorry, just stumbled across the site today so wasn't aware of any site ettiquette as for the riding school, you get what you pay for
  7. Hello, just stumbled upon this wonderful site! Anyhow, wonder if anyone knows anything about my family. Grandparents lived in Choppington, next to the first school. I'd also be interested to find out about the family when they owned Paddock Hall, on the Morpeth Road. I'm freinds with the present owners and know they'd love to see photo's if anyone has any. thanks
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