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  1. Also forgot to add that My nans sister Emma lived in the Pegswood area and became a MCALPINE when she married RALPH MCALPINE in 1924.
  2. Update - my nans mum was called ANNIE SAWYER but may have also been called GRAVES her maiden name was MARK. My nans dad was JOHN ROBERT SAWYER. Nan married GOERGE FALLOON 3rd qu 1940. Any help please x
  3. What are the local newspapers in Newcastle where I could appeal fo info regarding my mission to reunite some documents with their rightful owner - see history hollow Falloon post.
  4. I am trying to trace any living relative of GEORGE RICHARDSON FALLOON born 1916. He was my nans 1st husband. My step grandad died in November and when we were sorting his things we found an army certficate of service booklet belonging to George. I would love to pass it on to either George himself (could be still alive) or to a relative.
  5. John get in touch I have some interesting documents that you may be interested in.
  6. Thanks for replying. I have sent you a pm
  7. I am trying to trace my family tree but am stuck on my nans side. Her name was Florence May Sawyer born 12/06/1919 in Bedlington. Her mum was called Annie Graves and she had the following siblings>> Robert William (married Emma and had these kids> Tommy, Joan, Barbara, Dougie and Patricia) George (may have moved to Birmingham) Emma John (marreid Olive and had these kids > John and a girl whose name my dad cant remember.) Some were called Graves some Sawyer - not sure why maybe second marriage. My nan married a guy called George Falloon and they adopted a boy called Edward, however in the late 40's early 50's they divorced and my nan moved here to Rotherham, met my grandad Sam Spittle and they had my dad Pete in 1954. Does any of this ring a bell with anyone? I would love to get some answers
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