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  1. yeah people please any photo's memories or names of family member's that attended the school at any time they are hold different events leading up to a party later in year please help if you can, ,lets make this something for the kids there now something big to remember, lets get the community working together.
  2. thanks i'll keep eye out for time etc nd i'll try as long as he's not at work x
  3. hiya just a quick line to say i was going to attend the meeting on monday but i went with dad to support him at his tribunal hearing and it ran longer then we expected we did not arrive home till gone 6 i then had to collect my girls from my mam and get them home and sorted for bed, please let me know about the next meeting and hopefully nothing will prevent me from attending. thanks xx
  4. wahoooooo!!!! peace in mummy's house again lol x only joking dad its great news!!
  5. bettyboo


    also please spare a thought for us that live off hassop way with 1 road in and 1 road out iv seen me sit at junction for 10-15 min tryint to get out with the opening of larger stores ths is going to increase somewhat not to mention when that white stuff shows its face in winter months the traffic cant get up the bank next to nothumberland arms on to front street so heads my way seen the traffic at a stand still here for nearly an hour last winter whats goingt o happen in winter when stores open??? jump on our bikes nd use cycle path??? NO WAY READ MY POST ON THERE IF YOU WANNA NO WHY!!!!!
  6. hiya andy i think i no the litte pizza shop your talking about nd if i'm not mitaking everytime its cold /wet the shop is packed out, i think my dad (keith above) will confirm that a few years ago my mum and i went to the council, police etc to try and put forward the idea of opening jakes bar as a youth club/after school club offering somewhere warm and safe with entertainment and refreshments only to be told there was not a need for anything like this, if your still interested in trying to set some thing up i would be willing to join forces with you as i think there is a REAL NEED!!!
  7. but u can drive cars on cycle path rite beside police station nd put peoples lifes at risk nd have nothing done to u!!!!!!!! discusting!!!!!!!Can you please tell me why the gate at vulcan place leading to gallager park were the new cycle path is has not been getting locked which is now allowing the new cycle path to be used as a race track by young so n so's in their car's i had near miss with my daughters nd 2 cars last night nd i will not be using the cycle path despite living next to it nd i was over the moon about it as my parent live at the station nd would mean i could cycle with my youngest this needs sorted now!!! Before somebody gets hurt or god forbid worse 28 March at 20:37 · LikeUnlike · * * * o Northumberland County Council Faye, thanks for bringing this to our attention and apologies you had a poor experience the other night. The gate at Vulcan place should only be opened to allow access when footballers are playing in the park. I have asked the area manager to look into this for you. Thanks for the feedback. NCC. 30 March at 08:48 · LikeUnlike * Write a comment...
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