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  1. we are located at 78a front street east its next door to margarets hairdressers and northumberland travel we have a very varied menu so hard to give examples but large b/fast roll includes bacon, sausage and egg thats £2.70 please call in for a menue we also do buffets for any occasion including office dos, we are statring a sandwich round and free deliveries in the local area.
  2. hey guys we at eats and treats to go are open for takeaway sunday lunches plus our normal everyday menue is running open 10am til 2pm on a sunday then 7am till 3pm rest of week , look forward to seeing you all malc and paul
  3. me thinks the only reason he wanted it kept quiet was because if we knew he was taking a pay cut the the press or relevent media would also have to tell us how much he earned in the first place
  4. actualy i wanted to see if there was any feed back couse sometimes people dont tell you directly good or bad i like to know so wasnt dishonest and hey its not a shooting affence is it to tell a little white one , any way if any of you have been in i hope you enjoy our food and many more new things to come in the new year including deliveries oh and by the way my names malcolm
  5. i own eats and treats food takeaway and i strongly feel that we give value for money i am not out to fleece anyone and i think you will find like me that other small traders in the town are out to make a simple living and just want to get by in life like everyone else its very hard having to compete with the likes of gregs and other big companies , at least you get a good welcome when you come into our takeaway, its hard work running your own buisness , if traders actualy charged for the time and dedication put in to there shops no one could afford to shop with them .
  6. people of bedders please try and support small local buisnesses, the bigger chains take our money and give no personal service whereas local small shops get to know the locals and actualy care what happens to there customers small shops may have to charge a little more but look at the pesonal service you get so come on support the littleuns
  7. no same person dont own it its owned by someone new now they seem nice people
  8. no not me i work in morpeth pass through beddlington sometimes
  9. has anyone been to eats and treats to go its realy good food and very reasonable i will go back for sure love there cheese burgers
  10. if you want a good place to eat try eats and treats to go lush
  11. everyone talks about the big shops but has anyone noticed the new takeaway thats called eats and treats to go i went there the food was lush its next door to mergerats hairdresser i will certainly go back
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