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  1. What mindless moron set alight to the post box outside the Front Street Post Office the other night - have these idiots no idea of the problems caused through mail being destroyed - horsewhip the b*****s when they are caught or better still,just get rid of them.
  2. You may well be amazed at what the Chinese put in their fireworks!
  3. Yep - we sure did, infact we had two - any idea what caused them?
  4. ......are there any intellectuals in Bedders - if there are then show yourself and together we can move forward to victory and defeat those who plot against us!
  5. They were the days - I remember going to a number of Lindisfarnes Last Concerts! - yes, the City Hall hold many memories - anyone ever go to see Cliff Richards and the Shadows in the late 50's - I was there.
  6. Good bit of photography Brett - what camera did you use?
  7. Gordo has eventually surfaced from the bloody great hole he dug for himself and us poor b*****s
  8. I had thought (and hoped) that once the weekly market had transferred from the car park to the revamped Front Street area near the market cross that it would become more of a small town market selling what markets should sell (i,e) Fruit and Vegetables,Breads and Cakes and other consumeables with the stall selling bird seeds being an asset to we bird and wild life lovers, What we don't need are stalls selling bric-a-brac, rubbishy second hand junk and past the sell by date provisions.
  9. Is it just me or do other folk find the Honours System out dated - how the h*** can a cyclist get a Knighthood when there are more, much more people in the general community who get nothing. I can name a dozen or so folk who do so much for others and yes, saving life is at the top of the list i.e Lifeboatmen, Paramedics etc etc - these are the folk who seemingly get nothing. Sportsmen and Olympians - bah humbug.
  10. Thanks for the photographic memories of our great town - it really is quite essential that photographic records such as these are perpetuated and handed down to interested townsfolk. I trust that some of the contributors are taking photographs of the area as it is now for those who follow us to ponder.
  11. Really like the lights on Front Street this year - the trees look fabulous decked out with a myriad of bulbs. Good on you Bedlington - keep it up.
  12. Where is the Church Hall and how old is it - what is it's provenance>
  13. What a disgusting area behind the Market Tavern - the rear of the pub and the alley leading to the car park is litter strewn - a good breeding ground for rats! - Does anyone care?
  14. Sadly, this world is full of low life scum and unfortunately Bedlington has it's share.
  15. tomtom

    Black Bull

    Sad to see the For Sale notice outside the Black Bull - is this another pub about to disappear from the scene?
  16. Justice! - not at all sure about Terry knowing how he behaves on and off the pitch - he has after all made something of a name for himself over the years - do I want my kids to hold him up as a role model? - not flipping likely. As for the arrogant toff Andrew Mitchell - would I want to be whipped into to line by him? even though I'm not an MP I think he stands for all that is rotten in his party of 'toffs' - in this instance I believe the policeman.
  17. It would be nice to have a Sainsbury or a Waitrose in the town. Contrary to popular belief both of these stores prices compare very well with Tesco in a lot of instances.
  18. The only people to tell you what is going on are likely to be Tesco's Main Board!
  19. Looking forward to my 10 "Free Pint Tickets" - hope springs eternal as they say!
  20. Guess it's at the old brickworks in Bedlington Station - long demolished and now housing - am I right?
  21. Are there any former members of the Air Training Corps squadron still around that had at one time a headquarters at Hollymount?
  22. ..and all the other brave lads and lasses who have been killed doing their job in God forsaken lands. You are damned right, WE WILL NEVER forget them.
  23. Another nail in the coffin for one of our drinking places or not? Who in their right mind would take on the lease in the current financial,abyss - I suppose that the building could end up as a Rest Home!
  24. I've been and had a meal - the best eatery in the town - long may you continue.
  25. Great web site and a much needed insight into local history - long may you continue.
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