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  1. A bit of good publicity would be welcome - newspapers, local radio and TV, therefore pull out all the stops, thinking caps on and let's come up with someone special,local if possible but certainly well known and as Keith so succinctly put it "No Poxy Celebs". What this town of ours so desperately needs is recognition and what better than giving it maximum exposure in the media. I'll put my thoughts into the ring and suggest why not someone who is currently beating the drum for the town. Suggestions please!
  2. A filthy habit which sadly permeates our lives - even walking in the street you see the evidence all over - fag ends! Have you noticed the mess outside the pubs in Bedlington - why in Gods name can't people use the few ashbins that some publicans provide.
  3. Hurrah for that and not before time - ban all the second hand junk stalls as well and lets have a proper market for our town.
  4. Hard lines Malcolm but at least you came 2nd - don't lose heart - we need people like you in this small town.
  5. I wonder if anyone can explain to me just what the large hoarding positioned outside of the Ridge Farm means when is states in bold red lettering 'VOTE LABOUR' and underneath Cut Grass Not Services?
  6. My God we need a caring council this time - the current encumbents haven't come up trumps. Suggest you think very carefully who you vote for in the forthcoming elections.
  7. Well, once the last bank standing goes, so will dear old Bedlington. Who in their right mind would want to live here let alone invest or open a business without banking facilities on hand. Does anybody care?
  8. What are Asda clothes and what is Asda? - I'm fairly new around here.
  9. Good for you Malcolm - now I realise that I am not a voice in the wilderness - I now know who will get my vote.
  10. My turn to rant again about the state of our town and the general degeneration of the market square and the 'flea pit' stalls that abound whereas we should be expecting something more akin to a market town. Traders are being put off by the second hand goods stalls and the greasy spoon caravan - why can't we have something more akin to the needs of the people. I had friends visiting from out of the area a couple of weeks ago and what an ear bashing I got for sitting back and letting the area go to seed. If our councillors can't be bothered to get the place smartened up then let's kick them out and put people in who will do something about it - the whole situation really makes my blood boil and I know that I am not alone.
  11. Still an absence of comfort stops! - but I suppose that it's still early days.
  12. ...and most of the ones that are still here are probably just surviving - what is there in Bedlington to attract people to visit (and spend money)
  13. mmmh - the guy never impressed me but there again neither does his brother - thank God we have the likes of ****** sorry, can't think of any names at present - they are all a bunch of ******s.
  14. I really am very suprised that not more local folk are kicking up about the state of our town - you can only turn a blind eye for so long!
  15. Well he appears not to be very popular in Bedlington - perhaps he won't bother visiting us!
  16. If by chance the Prime Minister came to Bedlington - would you like to meet him and what would you say to him?
  17. I am like a lot of others I know starting to do a 'Jeff Reid' - getting in the car and travelling to Cramlington Sainsbury's to do my grocery shopping - two reasons, first is more choice than Tesco in Bedlington and secondly Cramlington is a much cleaner place. The filth, grafitti and litter in the lanes behind our Front Street disgusts me and the council quite obviously don't give a damn. It's one thing to do up the shop fronts but it's only cosmetic considering what is behind Front Street.
  18. So everything is going to be OK - is that what you are trying to say that we should have no fear of this type of occurrence happening here!
  19. If it's bad now then just wait until we get an influx of Bulgarians and Romanians - see the article in todays Saturday Mail.
  20. Yes indeed, a great man from the time we were really Great Britain with a navy to match. Oh dear! what have we got now? - no naval heroes and a poor man's navy. Time to shut up shop me thinks and just remember the good old times.
  21. Had the misfortune to walk up to the Market Place from the car park through the cut behind the Market Tavern and what a damned disgrace - litter,litter litter everywhere including an uncollected skip full of whatever. It really makes my blood boil to see such filth - does no one care anymore or have people just given up. Bedlington will never improve if we continue to be confronted with images such as these. Who said Blyth was a dump? - he should come and look at what we've got.
  22. Couldn't agree more and apparently he was also a nice guy - somewhat of a rarity in the modern age of so called 'stars of the silver screen' - he really was a superb actor so yes, Rest in Peace.
  23. Just a little perplexed at the comments raised by dolomite1958 relating to the Ridge Farm and its probable demise. What do you mean by a Blyth Mark 2 and what are the likely problems foreseen? I do however agree that the Sunday roast was good value but the whole place was like something out of the 60's. No doubt some property developer will make a move and the next thing we know we'll have another old folk's home on our doorstep - Bedlington could well become the retirement town for South East Northumberland!
  24. I have noticed on my travels that some supermarkets have collection areas for customers to leave items of food for eventual distribution among the less fortunate members of society. This surely cannot be right in the 21st century in our country when at the same time our much loved government ? are giving billions of pounds of our money in overseas aid. For how much longer is this nonsense going to continue - charity in my mind begins at home - and not before time we should start to look after our own needy people.
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