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  1. It is indeed a Handley Page Harrow Mk 11 bearing the serial number K6992 (the 92 of this number is clearly visible under the wing on the negative) The information I offer is from the book British Military Aircraft Serials. The configuration of the perspex nose is also typical of the Mk 11.
  2. tomtom

    Fat Folk

    Truth of the matter is that there is far too much food readily available to all and sundry that is patently unhealthy for consumption. Sensible folk eat sensible food and hopefully live longer. And please don't reply by saying that it is only the better off in society that can afford healthy food - we all know this is a load of 'tosh' - even the poorer off people can still eat a healthy diet and even more so if they cut out the 'fags' and spend the money saved on food.
  3. Good grief and this man is an MP - he was recently criticising in his column in the News Post Leader the fact that the Conservative Government was keeping nurses pay increases to 1 percent - conveniently forgetting of course that he and his band of fellow MPs have recently voted to accept, what is it, a 10 percent rise! Shame on you.
  4. All they have to do, like all the other pubs in the locale should do, is to lower their prices on alcohol - little wonder the Red Lion in Wetherspoons ownership is doing so well. A parallel must be the rise of Aldi and Lidl and the reduced footfall in the big name supermarkets. We've all been paying too much for too long!
  5. Time to leave said Zebedee - I think we have a good chance of surviving out of the EU - so come on Cameron and give us the in/out referendum now.
  6. Well. well the cat is truly amongst the pigeons now and the Merkel dictat looks to me as though we are on a hiding to nothing. Does anyone really believe that Cameron has any powers of negotiations when the 'master race' appears to have total control?
  7. I was born and brought up in North Shields (over 70 years ago) now that's given my age away! and my how the place has changed - for the better, well i don't know, some good things have happened I have to admit but the worst thing in my opinion was the 1960's policy of flattening the old centre of the town and building the monstrous indoor shopping centre. Perhaps I'm living in the past with that kind of view but I stand by it. Change is not always for the best.
  8. As a child growing up in North Shields during the war I still have faint memories of aircraft flying over the town - are there any older contributors who can remember aerial activity over Bedlington during the second world war?
  9. My prediction for the 2015 General Election: Coalition between the Conservatives and UKIP who are likely to have won 13 seats. With the Labour party struggling to make inroads and the total collapse of the LibDem vote, Cameron will be PM with Nigel Farage as Deputy PM. Like I said, only a prediction but time will tell.
  10. Good grief - if the rumour mill is true,do we really need another food outlet?
  11. Clean the town up and in particular the lane running down from Front Street adjacent the Market Tavern to the car park first. Do this then you may just get some interest shown in a proper market and not the current one selling mostly out of date products and general trash!
  12. In reply to Vic I don't think that I used the word 'dead' but having thought about it perhaps I should. I walked around the town yesterday and the place is dreadful - I thought that Blyth was bad! Keith has a couple of good ideas though - Wilkinsons would be OK as would a small branch of W H Smiths and as we have a couple of good restaurants which are obviously attracting from folk from outside the town, how about a wine bar! - not such a daft idea. Bottom line of course is that people generate rubbish and the apparent lack of respect for the town from some quarters should be addressed - but by whom I ask!!
  13. Listened to and read all the comments - however, bottom line is still Bedlington is dead in the water, despite all the hanging baskets!
  14. I think that most readers will know why people are selling up and moving out of Bedlington - lack of facilities, lack of decent shops and pubs and the general run down appearance of the town - to say nothing of the litter lying around. There are much nicer places to live.
  15. What a disgrace - only decent stall seems to be the one that sells bird seed, peanuts etc - most of the rest of the stalls do nothing for the image of the town - rubbishy goods, old bikes and general trash seems to be the norm. Little wonder nothing is happening in our town -no investment, few decent shops - rubbish in profusion down the lanes from Front Street - fag ends from smokers from the pubs all over the pavements - no wonder we are looked upon as a backwood!
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