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  1. Looked to be a great development of the old school site - so why didn't it go ahead? and is anything likely to happen in the future.
  2. Fascinating history - anyone know of any book titles that cover this piece of local WW11 history.
  3. I'm somewhat concerned at the Miller Homes planning application for the houses just to the north of the B1331 and abutting the current houses on Meadowdale Farm estate. Whilst I will most certainly be attending the public meeting I wonder if any other contributors to this forum feel as I do. There is not the infrastructure in Bedlington to support an increased populace for a start to say nothing of the destruction of green field farming land and the strip of woodland running alongside (Green Letch ) - is this strip of woodland tended (owned)? by the Woodland Trust.
  4. 'We' Malcolm are nothing without strong leadership - and where on earth is that going to come from? Incidentally, please don't take my comments as any slight against you as I know and understand full well that you are committed to the Bedlington Community.
  5. Sorry tonyp but the May election will almost certainly end up as a hung parliament but with Cameron and Farage doing 'a deal' to keep the Tories in power. No one in their right mind can claim that the country is not doing better than it was - with unemployment falling and more people in work than ever - we're the most productive country in Europe - France is the sick man and Germany is faltering. God help us all is by some small chance the Labour party are able to take power - we'll soon end up bankrupt again.
  6. Malcolm can you explain your statement - 'only if we allow it' Who are 'we' ?
  7. So we may end up (I say may because nothing has been decided?) with another empty building which will doubtless be left to decay. However, it will compliment the unfinished building opposite.
  8. If Tesco goes then the town is dead!
  9. I got a leaflet through the door by someone called Lavery explaining what he has done/will do for Bedlington - really!!!!
  10. Mercuryg - how will you be identifiable in The Red Lion? - should I wish to join you in a beer.
  11. In which pub did you see these Maggie915?
  12. Another brilliant show of illuminations in Bedlington again. My thanks and congratulations to whoever is responsible. We have had friends visiting us from the South of the country recently who were quick in expressing their delight at such a good show.
  13. ...and what year was the photograph taken? - the distant back drop of industrial Blyth looks a bit grim though. A good bit of photoshopping to put fir trees in place of gasometers etc would be good!
  14. The biggest problem is shortage of money to it flying.
  15. A Stuka How very teutonic Symptoms - my first balsa model from memory was an F86e Sabre - and it's wings warped terribly.
  16. Vic, the squadron still survives and has it's HQ in the RAFCA Centre on Woodhorn Road.
  17. Well Vic, what years were you in 1110 Squadron - I was there in 1973 just as the then CO Lou Ingani was leaving.
  18. 306 pages but only goes up to the start of the ZA serial allocations in 1979
  19. tomtom


    Good for her - when I was in my teens (a little over 50 years ago) a meal out was a treat and I have fond memories of the Griddle Bar in Whitley Bay drinking Liebfraumilch or Black Tower with my Chicken in a Basket. I'm pleased to say that my tastes have changed for the better now and I now drink a reasonable Champagne with my fish and chips!!!
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