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  1. That's a pretty poor show of signatures - this tells me that most people couldn't give a damn - what a shame!
  2. We will no doubt discuss the parking problems until 'blue in the face' and still nothing will be done - what a useless bunch of councillors we have in Bedlington. However, with a town which appears to be in decline is it not surprising?
  3. There happens to be a rather large FREE car park not all that far away - so why can't people just use a bit of savvy and walk for a change!
  4. Totally agree that yellow lines are there for a reason - problem is there are not enough of them! Just look at the parking in Front Street East in the area of Clippers the barbers where both sides of the road have cars parked resulting in a much reduced carriageway width. I've nearly lost a wing mirror on more than one occasion. Come on traffic managers - get some yellow lines painted.
  5. Yes Adam I certainly did sign the petition - hope something comes of it.
  6. Yes and quickly before the town disappears!
  7. But well worth a visit - brimming over with nostalgia. I believe that there is a chance that the Lancaster will get a C of A soon.
  8. All this hot air floating around about this party and that party is quite entertaining - we all have our beliefs and favourites but the sad thing is that some folk have been so indoctrinated whether by upbringing or social status that they cannot see the wood for the trees as the saying goes. We the folk of Bedlington will be casting the right vote for the future at the May election and don't be surprised if UKIP come out tops - I know who I will be voting for.
  9. Do many people still drink Brown Ale? - I thought the only drink these days was Stella Artois! judging by the number of pubs selling it - Mind you, I do prefer a Wheat Beer or Belgian beer to any of the so called 'real ales' which are being sold these days. I've just been to Tenerife and found most places selling 'pints' for one euro or less, but not Stella.
  10. Thank you Musicmusik for your comment and to think that I was a voice in the wilderness gives me added hope.
  11. Malcolm you are making all the right noises but I fear p*****g against the wind. Sadly I have to put my hand up and admit to being one of the silent majority and do you know why, well I will explain: Politics is a dirty business no matter who is in power and MPs have by and large,proved themselves not to be trusted. I have in my life come up against and met a number of politicians from the top down to local councillors and in very few and I mean very few occasions have I come away feeling enlightened or impressed by their actions. I haven't attended any council meetings because I feel that I would only come away feeling even more concerned about the future.
  12. Malcolm,give me a clue as to what you mean when you say we are going to have to do it ourselves - HOW! by carrying out a mini Coup d'etat and seizing power - now their's a thought!
  13. Good for you Mercuryg - you put forward totally valid explanations following my comments which I have to accept. I hope and I mean Hope with a capItal H that our town drags itself up the league to where it should be - at or near the top. Biggest hurdle is that we don't appear to have any 'big gun' on our side to press the case home.
  14. Correction to my letter - for Building Society read Estate Agent!
  15. To respond to your comment Mercuryg let me be straight to the point and tell you that we moved to Bedlington 12 years ago to what we believed was a pleasant small town having in situ all we wanted. Since then we have lost our Building Society branch, our Lloyds Bank branch gaining in their place another Building Society and a shop where one can sell old clothing for cash. With empty, derelict and unfinished buildings on the main street, it's hardly an attractive place. The Thursday market is a disgrace with the tatty stalls selling junk and other rubbish and the litter problem I have campaigned against for years apparently getting worse and I will miss Tesco for the convenience of shopping locally for my groceries.
  16. Sorry Pete - that's called a 'pipe dream' The site is much too big to develop --guess we are looking at yet another decaying edifice. Let's be brutally honest, we have had no help from the council and even less from Lavery our MP. Companies with money to spend will take one look at the litter strewn alleys leading down to the car park and the fag end strewn pavements around the Market Tavern and think 'what kind of place is this - don't people care about their town'
  17. Absolutely dreadful news for all concerned particularly the staff - what a bloody awful company Tesco has turned out to be. To think of the money I and others have spent in the shop over the years makes me want to throw up. A thousand curses on them. I'll never cross the threshold of any Tesco store in future and I hope many will follow my example. What happens to Bedlington now? - ghost town looming - perhaps it's time to sell up and move..
  18. Probably drilling to check the ground prior to releasing land for another 5,000 houses!
  19. Can someone tell me what is going on here - what am I missing with toffo's post - where are the diggers working?
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