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  1. Don't speak too soon - stanger things have happened!
  2. Is it just me moaning or are others of a similar view with the perpetual road works and temporary traffic lights which seem to spring up on Ridge Terrace with regular monotony. When I worked in Wallsend many moons ago the road at the of Swans Bank was forever being dug up and then filled in and resurfaced - rumours at the time were that this area was the training ground for the council road repair men. I wonder if this area of Bedlington is in the same category!
  3. tomtom


    ...where were the photographs taken?
  4. I suspect that one of the reasons for the apparent investment in Bedlington ie Wetherspoons and the new Tesco is the fact that the town is now emerging as a great place to live - well away from the hustle and bustle of Greater Tyneside and on the door step of the countryside. In general I think people appreciate the locality and the better the facilities on offer become the more content people will be. On the other hand, once Wetherspoons is up and running what future for the other pubs who I doubt will be able to match the beer prices.
  5. tomtom

    Camera Clubs

    I have heard that there is a Cramlington camera club - anyone no anything about it?
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    Does anyone remember the Air Training Corps unit that used to have headquarters (long since demolished) at Hollymount - were you a member?
  7. Could well be - brave to take on a pub business in this economic climate particularly with Wetherspoons opening shortly.
  8. I know that this subject has been on going for a few months now but let me just say that I have only recently returned from a few days in Barcelona where the Segway is commonplace and very widely used on pedestrian promenades without any 'elf and safety' fears.
  9. tomtom

    Camera Clubs

    Can anyone suggest a good friendly camera club in the area.
  10. Great aircraft the Vulcan - I remember sitting in the cockpit of one at an ATC Summer Camp at RAF Scampton a long time ago. Always nice to see (and hear) long may it continue to fly.
  11. Yes it certainly was a Vulcan, the only one flying in the world and kept going through public subscriptions. On the same day, a Spitfire was also seen flying North, presumably to the same air show.
  12. Can anyone shed any light on what's happening to the Dun Cow Public House, Is is going to remain a pub or is it turning into a restaurant according to some rumours.
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