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  1. Went to see the plans for the re-vamp of the Tesco sight and came away somewhat disappointed at both of the architects plans. What the community needs above all else are decent shops and amenities not more housing. There are enough house building sites in and around the town yet no attempt to furnish the area with leisure facilities - why is it that Ashington appears to get all - perhaps the man Lavery has something of a pull on the authorities! He certainly appears to do nothing for Bedlington.
  2. Someone, somewhere knows the identity of these scumbags - name and shame them for the sake of the town.
  3. Voted for Amble - a cracking little town.
  4. Very happy to have the Coop close on hand - will certainly be using it instead of walking all the way down to Morrisons.
  5. tomtom


    Get rid of the council and Mr Lavery who appears to do nothing for Bedlington - perhaps the Labour party has lost it's way. Time for a complete change me thinks! - who agrees
  6. upsticks and off could be a reasonable move....to pastures greener me thinks
  7. With unfinished sites like this one and the old school building at the end of Church Lane is it little wonder there is no investment in the town? and of course to counteract the flower tubs etc we have litter all over the place - the lane from the Market Tavern to the car park is a bloody disgrace.
  8. I think your comments are unwarranted and hurtful - you must remember that there are cowards and frightened people in all nations.
  9. Hope springs eternal as they say. About time this eyesore was sorted out once and for all.
  10. tomtom


    Is the council interested in public toilets - I think not, in fact just what are they interested in?
  11. Another retail loss for the town - where is it all going to end?
  12. What is the strange language that High Pit Wilma writes?
  13. hhfwlpldw mggml pepfkp40 33 l3l[
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