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  1. Doing some research on the building on rothesay terrace which is where I currently work it is now a care home. I have been told Muter family and wade family have lived there, apparently Muters lived there 50s 60s 70s. Im interested in when the wade family lived there, I do believe there was stables there? And may has possibly been a doctors or vets at some point too. Would really appreciate any information x
  2. The building is now used a care home for the elderly,i am wondering if anybody has any information on the building
  3. any information on the building itself, would like to know who has lived here and year it was built,The staff and residents currently at highfield think digging up some history would be interesting. thanks for your response.
  4. hi all i currently work at highfield house care home and would like to find out the history of the building, i know it was muters pop factory, i would appreciate any information on dates\names ect..thanks
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