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  1. Aether & Hemera

    Cycling & Walking routes

    some pictures taken during the site-visit and where the new routes will be created
  2. The National Cycle Network is a Sustrans flagship project. The core aim is to create conditions for people to travel for the benefit of their health and for the health of the environment. Sustrans' Connect2 project is a BIG Lottery funded walking and cycling project that is transforming 79 local communities across the UK by creating new crossings, bridges and underpasses, that overcome existing barriers to provide better walking and cycling links to be completed by 2013. Aether & Hemera are the artists selected to work with Inspire Northumberland in developing an Art Strategy for two new cycling and walking routes in Blyth and Bedlington. The project aims at designing innovative artworks that enhance the experience of the environment and create remarkable places to visit in Blyth and Bedlington. Aether & Hemera's approach is always informed by the fundamental consideration of the activities, history, cultural memories, perceptions and emotions of the human beings who inhabit the space. For this reason the artists would like to hear directly from the local residents what they consider to be the essence of their community. To facilitate this involvement they printed and distributed cards where people can write their say on the future of the new routes and then post the filled cards in the Red Tricycle's mail box. During the Community Forum on the 20th of May held in Bedlington Community Centre the artists invited the attendants to answers the following questions: "¢What is your favourite location for cycling or walking? "¢Do you see things differently when you are cycling or walking? "¢Does light change your experience of cycling or walking? "¢Where do you like to stop to have a rest? "¢What do you feel while you are cycling or walking? Cards' and Red Tricycle's locations can be seen on Aether & Hemera's blog page where it is also possible to join the discussion and see the progression of the artistic research: www.aether-hemera.com/blog/connect2
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