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    laughing out loud at some of these posts
  2. I cannot believe the traffic going in and out of Meadowdale Middle school and just how dangerous it is for kids crossing the road! Hometime is worse with so many cars parked here,there and everywhere - making it so difficult for children to see if anything is coming. Yesterday and today, I saw kids crossing the road when cars were coming. Myself and my son stood over 5 minutes until we could safely cross! There should be a zebra crossing there so all these kids can get to school safely!
  3. I wasn't there but she chose a compaq presario cq61... way better than the crappy one she had. mine was a compaq. got it off my daughter at xmas when she got her new one (which is away thank god!). reconditioned and 4 years old and I was gutted it died the day Abbie got her new one.The on switch keeps flashing on and off but nothing is coming on the screen. Loved that laptop so am gutted! Need one myself now but funds are tight! Don't want to use Abbie's as its her's and personal... just on now as she's out but she's a teenager and always on so I don't want the random few minutes here and there.. I want my own! Max spend £300 though as got kids birthdays looming! Any ideas what I could get for that amount? As Abbie's has disc drive/copier etc.. I could make do with a notebook if screen decent size.. don't want one of those tiny 10" netbooks though. HELP!!
  4. Just to let you know I won the battle! The laptop developed the same faults so I stood my ground and refused another repair. Instead of dealing with customer services, I did as advised by Trading Standards and sent a recorded delivery letter to the manager of the shop it was purchased from-stating my rights under the sale of goods act- and it worked!My daughter was offered an exchange! Shame my own laptop died the same day she got her replacement though! My luck
  5. thats ok... nice of you 2 say happy birthday 2 me tho... no fun getting old
  6. not had time 2 come on here but aww.. thankyou for the birthday wishes.... n love the balloon cympil x
  7. planned 2 go... just the hog roast will freak my 9 year old as he'll prob see it n cry!!!!
  8. the shop thats name same as a spicy food! we know nowt about laptops-daughter just wanted a lightweight one n picked the advent verona at random! didnt want her 2 get it as has no disc thing but??? am not gonna give up til they replace it or give a refund tho... we work hard n it took 6 months 2 save n buy this cash n if its needed new parts 3 months old n then gone 4 repair n come back with things not working n now more faults then its..erm faulty! ave never had anything electrical ever thats gone wrong in a few months of the warranty so am not letting them fob me off saying send it away for repair.. she needs it for school as her old one-which I use-overheats after half an hour-even with a cooler! does me but no good to her when she does work online 2 school n all else teens do
  9. Am I allowed to say where I bought it?????? its an advent verona. just been looking up problems with this company and theres loads of websites with people getting nowhere with their customer services. am just looking up my consumer rights and then dunno what to do .... go to the shop or get a consumer group involved. I'll e-mail customer services again and quote my consumer rights n see what happens. thanks for all your advice friends
  10. Where is best for me to go for advice about the laptop I bought for my daughter for xmas that developed a fault in March (slack mouse button) and after I rang the company and booked the repair it developed another fault (big line down screen). It was taken away for repair and I was told it would take about 10 days. day 16 and no phone call or anything I rang and they said the part had been received day 5 but there was no further info... I complained as I said my daughter does online homework and needed it back. was told 2 ring next day as the canny lad spoke 2 would try n find out what was going on but he said I could e-mail a complaint (ooh.. and I did) to customer services.well, next day the laptop came back (though I never got an e-mail or phone call to say so as promised.. so prob my nasty e-mail got it back). all the data was still on n the mouse n screen was fixed... but the webcam wouldnt work. so I rang and they said try this n try that (took an age) and said to see if my daughter wanted to save any data n then ring next day and they would talk me through restoring laptop to factory settings. well I did and they said (after an age) the laptop would be like it was when we bought it.... so, my daughter had to install everything she wanted to and the bloomin camera still wouldn't work! they said it would when restored to factory settings!so- I rang again n they said try this n try that n as nowt worked they said it would have to go away for repair.. again! I went mad-saying the laptop must be faulty as its needed 2 parts new in a few months n now the camera not working? I demanded a replacement but they wont budge! my daughter says the laptop not the same since they did the restore to factory settings - she says its slow n the mouse is hard to move - and am getting nowhere with this big electrical company with my e-mails! I keep telling them she needs it for school and cant afford for it to keep going away for repair.. as well as pointing out I saved 6 months for it n paid bloomin cash!!!!! They wont replace it or as a gesture of goodwill loan her one if they take it away again! Advice someone please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is driving me mad
  11. I agree with all what's been said n it is the pen pushers to blame... rules n regulations.... not allowed side rubbish (black bin week). my bloke put a womans bin back as she'd had an operation and couldnt do it herself. someone took a pic and complained! he would take stuff away for people if he could but at the risk of losing his job of 20 years?? and they got to check green bins to see if contaminated? the system all wrong
  12. we agree... £40 is greed as we pay council tax! but he's just the grafter... worked bloody hard in all weathers n gets loads a grief n threats every green bin day when a bin got stuff it shouldnt have in n if he empties it he could lose his job? so he puts up with crap to support his family!
  13. he's done the job 20 years!!!!
  14. my other half done 10 year with metal bins n all the side rubbish so he knows hard graft.. inbox me who you are as he probably knows you!! he used 2 bloody hard graft 4 a pittance wage
  15. my other half works as refuse collector. brown bin is £20 plus £20 per year to empty it! Brown bins are collected as bags were-fortnightly on green bin day. You have to put both out same time. If you still have bags they will be collected. Brown bins better for the collectors as my other half has nearly killed himself picking up really heavy ones but they are talking about pay cuts but longer hours, less wagons and other stuff so the collectors will suffer like us council tax payers!!!!
  16. no.... my internet acting really strange!!! was saying unable to send post n saying next minute cannot load page n the next a saw multi posts from me.. am not a pc expert so tried to remove posts that were repeated but.... computer says no!!!!
  17. my internet going fruitloop ! sorry the post is repeated!!
  18. so are we hung (drawn and quartered)???? scary!! been trying to learn about politics but its canny complex! 2 be honest.... it's hard 2 see who we will be better off with! I come from a long line of labour voters, but they've not done much for my family.low wage n our tax credits gone up a quid a week n that no way covers the extra we pay for rent,council tax,gas n electric,food, school etc.. we never been so worse off! n we are in such a nanny state-teachers (police checked n majority parents) cant comfort a child, if we get burgled or attacked, we cant fight back or we'll be jailed, knife crime... a never ending list! god knows our fate tomorrow..... n god help us either way!!!
  19. my letter abour bedders in this week's news post leader.bit of it missing but nevermind. mentioned this website so hopefully more people will join and have their say on the forums
  20. I think even those life long Labour voters will place their votes elsewhere-especially after the bigot remark to that woman-life long labour voter/pillar of community etc.. think Labour should've ousted Brown and replaced him to stand a chance... could he be the most hated man in Britain? Never been interested in politics but been reading the paper's etc.. and I think Labour will lose votes not just because of their politics and state we are in but because of him and his manner-you can see in his face how false he is whereas cameron comes across as a genuine person. He believes in family and community etc.. - pity he wasn't a Labour candidate! Am still undecided as to who gets my vote.. none of the local Mp's seem to be offering anything of substance-especially for Bedders!
  21. but who do we vote for?????? load of crap through door but no substance? I come from a long line of labour voter's but really can't decide who to vote for? We work hard n we struggle and I know a few on dole with 2 kids same as us got more than what we have to live on? so, if you work, and on low wage, the system makes you worse off than on the dole? if u an alcoholic or depressed etc.. u get disability, but if like my other half u epileptic n got arthritis but work ya !*!@# off 2 feed ya family, you aint entitled 2 any disability payments! If u work 16 hours u get free school dinners, milk, trips, music lessons etc.. but if u workin full time on same wage u get nowt? so is labour looking after the working class? NO! will camerons lot? NO! Will the Liberals? NO! Will any of the local MP's do owt for bedders? NO! ANGRY.COM!!! Cameron said MPs are the slaves n we the masters. but they do not care about any of us!This country has gone 2 pot - nanny state, people better off on dole, crime, the nhs ..... an endless list! rant rant rant...... we all could do so about the state of this country... but who can we vote for to sort it out????
  22. Just to lighten the mood... a joke in today's paper:- What do you get if you cross a politician with an owl? Someone that fiddles their expenses and doesn't give a hoot!!
  23. Just caught a bit of the news before... Cameron said something on the lines of "the people are the masters-we are merely the servants"...... think its about time these MP's all remembered that and started to act in our best interests
  24. this is shocking! I cannot believe it!I would love to know where these 4 streets are as well!this is a big kick in the teeth for the majority of folk in Bedders! God the majority of us are decent people - we have a great community and want to save it. We not full of riff-raff like some places so how dare they say most of us live in dis-advantaged postcodes
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