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  1. Hi all. I asked a while ago what was happening about the proposed and long anticipated expansion of Tesco's. Now that the market/cat boot has been kicked of the car park is it imminent, or is it just another daft council idea?
  2. I agree with the comments about throwing stones. There are a lot of targets if you ever get to see them. It was a good idea to improve the Market Square, and it did look nice for a while, but that is just a small part of the jigsaw. Yes the kids and some adults are a problem, and those in positions of responsibility, both at the local level and higher should be praised for what they have done. But just doing the square without doing anything else is a piecemeal attitude. The kids and adults need somewhere to congregate and have fun, and wear off some energy, so why not give us all a leisure centre. There is plenty of spare land that could be used. Get the police to take a more proactive stance. Dare I say "bodies on the street". No offence to them but all they seem to do is firefight, and fill useless forms for government statistics, to make the London mob look good.
  3. I agree that we should all email our MEP. The Liberal one is judith@fionahallmep.co.uk I have tried this and have had the usual "Thank you for your email. I will talk to Fiona when she is next in the UK and get back to you". Needless to say I am still waiting. If we all sent a message about our individual concerns the perhaps we might get a response. Nothing else seems to work.
  4. I agree with the inability to get an answer from anyone. I Contacted Arther Pegg about 3 years ago, and am still awaiting and answer. I have also written to Fiona Hall our MEP, but still no answer, apart from an email acknowledgment, with the promise to raise the issue the next time she was home from Brussels. So I say again, what is the point if nothing happens!
  5. I like the first option, a ritual burning. Maybe that will get some attention. But there is a problem, when did you last see your local member? They only seem to appear at meetings, and in the local papers. I love living here, but agree that if I could, I would move. Yes bulldoze Elliots Garage. That would be better than what is there now. I agree that the new market square now looks worse than the old one. Yes. Who is our local council now?
  6. What we need is a council and community as strong as that in Sherringham, where they have stood up to the likes of Tesco. Soon it will not just be where you shop, but what you can buy. I have noticed this in particular at Asda, where certain well known brands are no longer on the shelves. Instead you have Asda's own brand, or nothing at all. What happened to freedom of choice. We are told that they only stock what we want to buy. I rather think it is the other way round. They stock what they want us to buy!!!!!
  7. Here Here. These echo my comments. By the way, my son made the comment that at the Hartford Bridge bend where the Morpeth turn is, have you seen the sign for the new Sanderson Arcade. Who allowed that? It is almost as if they say "Don't bother going that way, Bedlington has nothing to offer!!!!!
  8. I am very heartened about all the replies I have had to my post. I am disabled, but if I can attend I will. Perhaps it is time to act with our feet, or in my case lack of them, and vote for a change, before we get more of the same.
  9. I am glad to hear that other people think the same. How do we get something done. I have never got involved in local politics, but I feel that we have been very badly let down. From what I read in the press we are not alone, it seems to be a problem in the so called developed world!!!!!!!
  10. I don't suppose I am alone in thinking that nothing ever gets done in Bedlington. Yes we have a new Market Square, but have you seen any sign of the much advertised expanded Tesco's. I went up there this morning and was disgusted by the state of the pavement outside the store. It is littered with all sorts of rubbish. We have so many empty shops in Bedlington, it is becoming a ghost town. What are our council doing about attracting new business? I know for a fact that there was a buyer for the old shoe shop, but like most thing here it took so long for something to happen the buyer gave up. We always see pictures of our councilors doing good work, but never in Bedlington. I remember them all standing outside the garage opposite Tesco's saying that it was to re-developed. What happened to that? Instead of wasting money on useless papers, and magazines on the area, use it to improve Bedlington. Give it back it's heart. Give it life. Make the residents proud, to live here. Spend money here instead of Blyth, Ashington, Newbiggin etc.,
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