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  1. was the sir fon the boat that used to tip the ash from the power station out at sea ?.
  2. was the grapes pub in front street bedlington once called the blue bell /
  3. regarding the school board man he was around in the 1940s i should know as i was one of the pupils he was after i would rather go into the woods than go to school .happy days
  4. does any one know if john besford played for bedlington teriers foot ball club during the 1950s and 1960s i would like to know how good he was thanking you all ?
  5. about morts if i think right morts ment girls an other name was barry morts from morpeth happy days
  6. hello brian i do try to for get them but my family will not let me forget them
  7. regarding coal fires in pubs in bedlington i am sure the sun inn had one during the 1950s and 60s
  8. thank you all that has wished me having a happy birth day heres hoping that there is many more to come
  9. ihave had a good time enjoyed every minute of the day thank you.
  10. why is it that every time you go into the big super stores they have music blasting your ears to bits are they trying to impress you or are they trying to stop you from going in ? i myself absolutly hate shopping and music together
  11. was thier a gas or coal dust explosion at choppington a colliery during the 1940s ?
  12. hello symptoms regarding miners picnic i have the dates 1959 and 1960 .thank you.
  13. how many times has the miners picnic been held at bedlington and what were the years ?
  14. as an x bedie can you explain how driving through bedlington morpeth and ashington i follow car drivers using indercators to let you know where they are going ? yet when i am driving in blyth the cars dont seem to have indecators on them or are they not legal?
  15. their was a saying during the 1940s about jimmy millne it was ride a ralleigh ride a wreck ride a millne break your neck
  16. i was friendly with bill hunter during the 1950s his father had a bookies shop opposit the clayton arms pub in bedlington station
  17. i read the posts about the coal mines some of the posts are saying they would not go back to the mines . what made them go to the mines in the first place they could have gone to other types of work ? i had about 40 years at the collierys if i had my time over again i would do the same again.
  18. are you the offspring family of the bells motor cycils from the 1950s and 1960 ?
  19. how many times was the miners picknic held at bedlington?.
  20. i have red posts on these pages regarding about going back to the coal mines i think this is up to the individual to go back down the mines i for one would do exactly the same without thingking about any other job to do . i spent nearly 40 years in the mining industry
  21. thank you for the imformation regarding the dance hall at bedlington station it has brought back happy memories
  22. i have just read in bedlington history about a dance hall at bedlington station . the address was stated at the cooperative hall on station road .can any one tell me if there had been a one there i can remember the clayton dance hall but not the other one . thanking you .
  23. i can remember the days of the posstub and poss stick mam used to ask me to do some possing for her i used to try and help her but it never worked very well as i was just able to see into the tub (well i tried but not very good ) she also hung a mat over the washing line and used to hit it with the broom to get the dust out of it . happy days oh to have them days back/
  24. can any one tell me when the miners picnic was first held at bedlington ? i am led to believe that it was 1959 and 1960 i thought it was before that ?
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