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  1. was the sir fon the boat that used to tip the ash from the power station out at sea ?.
  2. was the grapes pub in front street bedlington once called the blue bell /
  3. regarding the school board man he was around in the 1940s i should know as i was one of the pupils he was after i would rather go into the woods than go to school .happy days
  4. does any one know if john besford played for bedlington teriers foot ball club during the 1950s and 1960s i would like to know how good he was thanking you all ?
  5. about morts if i think right morts ment girls an other name was barry morts from morpeth happy days
  6. hello brian i do try to for get them but my family will not let me forget them
  7. regarding coal fires in pubs in bedlington i am sure the sun inn had one during the 1950s and 60s
  8. thank you all that has wished me having a happy birth day heres hoping that there is many more to come
  9. ihave had a good time enjoyed every minute of the day thank you.
  10. why is it that every time you go into the big super stores they have music blasting your ears to bits are they trying to impress you or are they trying to stop you from going in ? i myself absolutly hate shopping and music together
  11. was thier a gas or coal dust explosion at choppington a colliery during the 1940s ?
  12. hello symptoms regarding miners picnic i have the dates 1959 and 1960 .thank you.
  13. how many times has the miners picnic been held at bedlington and what were the years ?
  14. as an x bedie can you explain how driving through bedlington morpeth and ashington i follow car drivers using indercators to let you know where they are going ? yet when i am driving in blyth the cars dont seem to have indecators on them or are they not legal?
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