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  1. Well all i can say is that you should try it. It doesnt do just sandwiches though, Zoe's baps also have hot meals. Chris (the chef) puts his heart and soul into the cooking and all the ingredients are locally sourced. I just really like the place but each to their own i suppose.
  2. yes it is in Bedlington, its on front street opposite the Black Bull. Yeah I do think it's worth talkin about to be honest. Yes it does do sandwiches etc but I dnt think its crappy at all. You get amazing service for genuine homecooked food at a reasonable price. Not many places can say that these days.
  3. wey am sorry but cannot say anything bad about the black swan....friendly bunch of ppl, mint homecooked food and good atmosphere. go every sunday for lunch and never heard one bad word off anyone there. Even went for xmas lunch and everyone was ravin on about how good it was!! Have even booked up for next year!!
  4. Has anyone tried Zoe's Baps yet??? Its what used to be known as Whiskeys. It does Daily specials which are homecooked on premises and I must say its amazing!!! Everytime I go in am always greeted with a smiley happy face and great service!! Would recommend it to anyone!!
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