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  1. Tesco wasn't blocked????????  The only quotes they had were off their own builders and no one else saw them.  

    It looked to be a national strategic decision by Tesco to stop all new builds and try and refocus what they already had because their share price had bombed out.  

    The whole of Front Street is a conservation area........they way thats been handled of late doesn't warrant the paper its written down on!  There are no listed buildings.  


    The build has started........?  

  2. Rosco,

    Not quite right..........the council didn't stop Tesco......Tesco pulled out of 40 odd new developments, one of which was ours. 

    The way this development has been set up means only the units which have agreed tenants will be built, thats one of the reasons its taken so long!    

    Oh and they are medium sized retailers not small ones which I think is a missed opportunity and one I'm trying to remedy.  


    The previous plan was to have 6 small starter units on the front with offices above which was to be let to Wansbeck Life who would then rent them out.  I believe thats why on one can find the supposed million quid Tesco was supposed to pay for the site.  I think it was a deal where WL got the shops on a peppercorn agreement for 25 years and made the money renting them out.   Pity no one thought to write a codicil where if Tesco didn't develop we got our town centre back!!!!!   Instead we had to buy it back off Tesco  who I think got it for nowt!!!!   

  3. On 30/01/2016 at 15:12, Maggie/915 said:

    Well done WBTC.

    Keep  up the good work.

    All political parties working in harmony  and no one person or  group going for glory.



    Last sentence.......in essence quite the opposite actually!  

  4. Quick update....................

    Winners Announced at Fields in Trust’s Inaugural Awards Ceremony:

    "...Plainfield Farm Recreation Ground in Broadstone, Dorset was honoured for its outstanding Have a Field Day event to celebrate the newly protected status of the field which saw over 2,500 residents join in a community day full of activities and raised £4,000 whilst Gallagher Park in Bedlington, Northumberland received the Love Your Field Award following a month long online campaign to identify the nation’s favourite field."

    Well done everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Merc,

    I think you could well have identified what is going through the Tesco commercial development managers minds with regard to their possible ‘’extra’ investment in Bedlington!

    I too think the only possible future we have as a market town is with specialist retailers operating in niche markets to provide a physical presence aligned with savvy internet showrooms.

    If only we had done the Manor Walks type development 20, 30 or even 40 years ago, things would still have been so different, especially if we had done it as a co-operative or even a mutual to control overheads.

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