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  1. A couple of thousand years of death and destruction all in the name of a benign religion!
  2. Saw that CK but one thing puzzels me, if the subject matter is religion, which is really a belief in something which grounds it, then does it not transpire that 666 is indeed the numeral of the beast as it has been belived in by people over millennia or was their core belief just wrong? For me 50 is far more scarrier than 666! We now know where threegee moonlights, making up questions for QI!
  3. It wasn't the Xmas lights, per say, Denzil it was what they represented, ie, WDC's commitment to Bedlington. As a fully PAID UP third partner in the unholy alliance which is WDC, shouldn't Bedlington have got a third share?
  4. That will be Homo sapiens confined to xenophobic genocide then, will it?
  5. Denzel, you could get a job for Bush in his foreign affairs office with views like that!
  6. [ Where else on Earth would pass up such a tourist revenue opportunity? Well - I'll tell you where - the completely unsung Town that invented the railways that now span the Earth, and for good measure was also the birthplace on the guy who engineered the very first transcontinental communications cable. Both of the inventions which have completely transformed the World over the last century and a half. There is, of course, a well-visited museum to these great engineering achievements. Err... no! So.. welcome to the Town that's had it's identity stolen in more ways than one. The famous Town which is head and shoulders over very other Town in the World in the total and utter lack of enterprise stakes! Who is to blame for this? Well, it's a long story, and not too many people come out Persil white. Maybe I will get around to documenting a bit of it before too long. Like that one Threegee! Couple more for the pot; Documented history from around 900AD. Links to the spread of christanity. "Shire" status awarded. (Maybe someone can dig out when, where and why?) "Invented" iron rail tracks. Built most of the first steam locos. Sir Danial Gouch. "Chartist" movement. First penny black posted here. All in all a rich tapistry of history, certainly during the early part of the industrial revolution of the country, and as you say worthy of at least a visitor centre celebrating a World Heritage site!
  7. Seriously, it should be pointed out that those on the buildings have once again been fitted and funded by the Bedlington Forum, and not W.D.C. We are all grateful to Mr. Brian Oliver for the hard work he unselfishly puts in organising the Bedlington Town Forum. Hear Hear! Once again the Bedlingtonshire Chamber of Trade is putting, time, effort and money into lighting St Cuthberts Church Yard - which overlooks the Town Center. To give them credit, I'm told that dear old Wansbeck District Council is putting on a much better display on the lamp posts etc. this year. (Could some of the public critisim here have been heeded?) The cameras will be out shortly to test this hypothesis. It still smarts to think that almost 15 grand of Bedlington's publicly donated money was usurped by WDC and we saw lighting displays which "WE" had bought up in the likes of Ashington! They might be putting a bit more into Bedlington now but they have a long long way to go!
  8. Looks like they need Thunderbirds on standby when they try that!
  9. Are we really going to see all the closed pits reopened? If you belive they were closed for purely economic reasons then the price of coal nowadays is reason enough to see them opened up again without considering that link! If China is bringing online a "dirty" coal fired power station very couple of weeks we are really pittling in the ocean!
  10. Sorry Pete it was the American mid terms, I was just interested to know if anyone thought the results might have a bearing on domestic policies. For my money it looks like they already have as we now see a scramble to have a timed withdrawl from Iraq. Also if the people knocking on your door ask you to vote in a local election, for a national political party, then then their policies must be questioned locally. I know at least two "sons of Bedlington" who have been over there fighting for......well....er....hmm....the oil interests of the USA, Saddam apart of course! If we now justify the war by saying the removal of a dictator was the reason for it and that in itself is a good enough reason to go in then when do we invade North Korea et al, or do we now just accept the hypocracy clearly on show?
  11. I suppose this is to Threegee but since the site overhaul there is a page popping up just before the first page of this site. It is only for a split second and I have seen "Bedlington" on it, what is it?
  12. I am in the same boat Pete, all this is as clear as mud; Bellamy's stuff looks like common sense to me though? Having said that just looking around you can see the impact we have had on this planet of ours and because of that I would tend to err on the side of the environmentalists. The truth will probably lie in the middle ground somewhere. Somebody must have the answer. Once again I would put the onus on the politicians. They are backed by banks of quangos and comittees who's sole aim is to get to the bottom of whatever they are charged with investigating. They then have a duty to report back to their electorate, the people who pay for everything, to keep us informed and so able to make rational decisions, not the least being where to put a cross on a ballot paper! That would seem another part of the political process which has been short circuted as we see the big guns coming out spouting what they think, or whatever party line is to be used, and the back benchers unable to speak as the whips have effectivley stuck their lips together all in the name of party unity. Some issues are way above party politics, I would suggest this is one!
  13. As I said for every expert who says climate change it our fault there are others who say....... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...MC-new_05112006
  14. So PN would you advocate PR as a way of redressing the balance or does that produce inneffectual Gov? I have to agree with your sentiments, Labour take the area for granted and needn't do anything to sweeten electors and the Tories get very very few seats in the area so why bother. One thing I stumbled across recently which might make the Labour bit slightly askew is that something like 55% of new jobs created in the NE over the last number of years are civil servant jobs. If that is the case at worse then it looks like an unholy burden on local ratepayers in the years to come given the texts of recent postings and at best a kickback for all the safe seats they have! I still find it strange that an MP who is supposed to represent an electorate never canvasses public opinion from that same electorate? The only people who get in to see them are the vocal minorities who they seem to cater for at the expense of the vast majority!
  15. Looked at the link but couldn't that expedential forecast for gas generating be substantially reduced by renewables? If there are a new barrage of "green" taxes etc they would have to go into the costings of all forms of power generation making renewables a much safer bet (financially). It has to be a mix of renewables as the only one which is always available is tidal. Saying that if there is no wind it is usually a sunny day (solar) and if it is inclement weather there would normally be a wind which would seem to suggest some type of natural synergy?
  16. I am a bit lost when I hear the Gov talk about adopting "green" power. Isn't this the same jokers who privatised (albeit in different coloured ties!) the nation's power supplies? How can any gov dictate to a private business how it should develope? Yes they might be able to give grants and sweetners but to dictate a policy? Same goes for the transport and water industries. They are either nationally owned and the elected Gov can then say what goes or they are privatley owned in which case a small board of directors have the final say. Or are we talking about the Gov starting it's own brand new "green"power companies in which case maybe the people who bought out the old ones might have something to say? I may have missed something, like does the Gov retain a 51% shareholding in whatever it privatised and therefore has a contolling interest in which case anyone who bought into the whole privatising scheme has been misled! Listening to the latest offering off our elected "betters" the proposed scheme at present is to tax inefficient users and the money goes to.........well err.... back to the people they are taking it off in one guise or another. Don't these people talk amongst themselves? I would be all for wind and wave power because you must factor in the detrimental effects and their costings any other way of power production causes. And to all those people who do not want a wind turbine in close proximity to them or think they spoil a view maybe they should consider taking Miliband's radiactive waste!
  17. I agree with what you are saying especially about holding politicians to account but the wheels of power move to slowly for the solution to be put in place, They will still be debating this issue next year. Pete, I know all about those dammed wheels of power moving too slowly! And yes the ploliticians will be talking endlessly and most of the time aimlessly, why, because that seems to be their job these days! They will say they are held to account every 4 years or so but that is Bxxxxxxs! Let us not forget they are only there to REPRESENT OUR views, that being the true sense of our democratic model. Somehow that has been lost and we now find we are being told what to do and how to behave by people who you wouldn't let your dog take for a walk! Next time you see a politician on TV sidetrack or refuse to answer a specific question ask why they are on the show if they are not going to give straight answers! If I was the interviewer I would refuse them anymore airtime! My biggest fear is for my Grandchildren and what future they will have, could they be looking at a scorched Earth? That would be my concern as well! Being of a certain age, it should be encumbent on my generation to leave something better than we found for future generations, as it is my generation who are the power brokers at present!
  18. Malcolm Have we got a true Green party? Surly if we went 100% green we would have to get rid of all the cars, buses, trains and anything else that spews out carbon including industry. We would have to go back hundreds of years to the days we hunted rabbits and lived off the land (not a bad thought by the way or maybe not we would probably have to pay tax with carrots and rabbit skins). Pete, I do not really know the answer to that one but if we look at things sensibley, Nature is a carbon user so that must mean there is an equalibrium we can arrive at. The problem seems to be the way we have over developed "dirty" industry so we produce more than Nature can accomodate. With only the bottom line to think about business has ignored this effect in the persuit of profits, and to give consumers what they demand, lets not forget! I have no doubt business can clean up its act as long as consumers will take the hit for the extra costings. Some look as if they are already doing that but China and India have a lot of catching up to do before they take on board this type of business model, can we really blame them and do we have the right to pontificate? I know this is a serious issue that has been debated for many years now but nothing seems to happen, no government to date has really done anything about this issue, it’s been talk, talk and more talk with no results. That is why it is so important to hold politicians to account! How serious do other countries take this issue, I have watched three different news channels this morning, two of these channels played heavily on this issue the third didn’t even mention this issue at all needless to say it was an American news channel, if there not interested can GB do it alone? Of course we cannot, GB's pollution is a drop in the ocean compared to others ( I wonder if Maggie was a closet Green and that was why she decimated manufacturing in the UK!) but we do seem to be pretty good at inventing solutions. As a mature economy he have a requirement to try and redress the polution we have caused in its development even if it is just to show others it can be done and show developing economies how it can be done!
  19. Threegee, Who has a grip on the "underlying science" because for everyone (read scientist) who says lifestyles are to blame another says they are not to blame? You know how the system works, leak a few scare stories, get some junior minister to brief on how urgent the Gov are considering draconian action and watch for a public outcry. If there is one drop whatever like a hot potato if not bring in some watered down version so as not to put off too many people when the results start to bite. Quoting anything for long enough will make lots of people belive it, they read it in the press or see it on TV so it must be true! Using monetary fixes for this type of problem only results in the tax coffers bulging as the rich pay a few extra coppers whilst the poorest sections of society pay huge disproportionate rises for some thing which they need to survive in a contemporary setting. Without massive changes to lifestyles green taxes should be seen as yet another stealth tax! If nuclear is the answer why is the Gov privatising the industry? If they think it is the answer do they just want to offload the costs or if they do not think it do they just want to offload a problem? Can we expect some adverse UN resolutions if we start building reactors? (And I would be watching Duridge Bay closley!)
  20. Of course it does, everytime a problem is met with a blanket tax the very people who should be making changes don't, it is only the less affluent ones who have to consider their positions carefully. Yes the well off pay more but it doesn't really hit home for them. If someone spends 40-50 grand on a new 4x4 what difference will a few extra quid make on road tax to them when all they are concerned about is having the latest fashion trend. All three major political parties are now scrambling to show off their Green credentials showing how earnest they are on this subject, one thing strikes me, if they are that convinced why don't they just join the Green party?
  21. MD, If you remember there was an attempt not so long ago to sort this out, regarding civil servants pay, conditons, pensions etc, if I remember correctly Mr Brown backed off? He did say widespread cuts were needed in the civil service and even put a figure on the jobs needing cutting, the result, a short series of strikes, and I belive even WDC staff were on strike for a day or two, and then............nothing? Up to 50% of rates has been mentioned as going towards Civil servants and their packages and that is the figure for now. As you say final sarley schemes are almost not available in the private sector the reason quoted for the civil servants to get them, they are paid proportinatly lower saleries than they could expect in the private sector so pensions are a viable way of attracting the right people! Personally I might have a different take on that one!
  22. Pete, Just read some of your link and it seems it is more about the way councils are funded and what it means to ratepayers. The main reason more and more money needs to be raised year on year is because it pays for civil servant pensions and they only go one way! That is the pensions of the guys and women working for the likes of WDC is met, predominentily, by the local ratepayers! Now that looks like a huge black hole to me and one which will need more and more to plug the gaps in the years to come. That should be one change everyone shouts about as it could half or even quarter rate demands! Yes the money has to come from somewhere but hiding it behind a house tax which most people think pays for local services.......
  23. If it was invested in the "right things" the "payoffs" and "interest" could last for many years, However transient politicians need quick results to keep them in office so I would expect some superficail development which might look good in the short term but misses long term potential. You also fall into the trap of HAVING to spent the money within certain dates or loose it!
  24. I agree Joe but "shy bairns get nowt", far better to ask and get turned down than say nothing and get no consideration. Your view might half way explain why the Bedlington councillors have always been sooooo silent! "But there's good news the Goverment anounced yesterday thet their giving more power to local councils and you will be able to hold your councilors to account, they even mentioned more Mayor" Accountability in local gov, now there's a novel idea! Bedlington could have had it's own Mayor many years ago, all that was needed was for a Town council and a very small percentage of the local people could have willed it. That is notwithstanding the little fact that two Authorites in the country effectivley banned Parish/Town councils. One was North Tyneside the other.......begings with W, ends in K!
  25. I understand where you are coming from Threegee but the fact remains the only way to change things is to embrace the system and change from within. Who is going to make the decisions about how this million quid will be spent on the town and who will make sure the right development goes into the "Gap Site"? If there was a bit more input there might not be so many negative comments on this board regarding the town and its appearance.
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