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  1. It doesnt get any better!!!!!! https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/daljit-lally-dubai-northumberland-council-24224895?fbclid=IwAR1kuc4xKJ9ksw3M9tAYF86dpfUzlwAAvsnRxEIECdwc_EDPj9KCxo23rk4
  2. Beats me CL..............quoted as £1M of profit and no paperwork????????????? We now have to go cap in hand to HMRC and ask them if we owe anything. I now see there is 'debate' whether or not NCC made anything at all from this.....and with no paperwork who can tell?
  3. Just adding my own comments about the Max Caller report and noting some of the comments my threads get. I think the clarion call coming out of the report is that all sections of NCC need to work as a proper local government organisation for the benefit of our residents. In other words, as far as the elected members go, stop the daft petty squabbling, mudslinging and attempts at point scoring. Have the lessons been learnt? Just yesterday I got two emails about this from other members, one consolatory the other adversarial. Seems we still have a long way to go! I have to say the NCC officers I deal with (certainly at my level!) just want to get on with their jobs and do them as professionally as possible. Without me and other members bringing issues and concerns to them and them responding there would be almost nothing getting done apart from the very base level services. That would seem a good and healthy relationship to have in any organisation and I do recognise not everything can go my way and there are usually very good reasons why not, but as long as these are explained most people understand. The report clearly states where the problems have been and points to the way it will be rectified and I expect that to be underway now! Anyone still wanting more info here is the latest NCC cabinet meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJJJOgZLRhs
  4. The second part is perhaps more damming Canny Lass.
  5. I think it was because of the subject matter Eggy..............10 minute comfort break in the middle........and we couldn't take the papers outside the room until after the end!
  6. Well that was a heck of a meeting yesterday! Extraordinary meeting of full council to hear the findings of the Max Caller report into governance at NCC and the chief financial officer’s report into the International business NCC has. Some of us have been asking for quite some time about this International business NCC has and even why the heck we were involved in a healthcare operation in China when there is so much to do much much closer to home! Anyway here is the meeting. With only about 30 mins to read through the report we were allowed one question at each presentation; mine were asking if it was a systems failure or a personnel failure or both and secondly if we have hundreds of thousands of pounds sitting in a unused business bank account, that should be put to better use! It was really disturbing to hear the extent of both but I have to say I think we have seen two female officers who have shown remarkable professionalism and stoicism to get the second item before full council and I would like to thank them for that! The first shows just what some of us have been faced with when trying to get our jobs done! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUVNDwajSBY
  7. Just so. And I wouldnt disafgree with rosco's last bit of his take!!!!!
  8. 2nd load went off yesterday from the Community Centre.
  9. First load of aid going from Bedlington to help the Ukranian crisis. Great effort by all involved.
  10. As you would expect Bedlington has stepped up with humanitarian aid for the Ukraine and its displaced peoples. Our collection point is the Community Centre on Front Street. "I wanted to make sure anything we donated would get to the right places. I’m sure of that now! The Bedlington Community Centre has agreed to act as a collection point and is open every weekday morning. I have asked West Bedlington Town Council if it’s possible to fly a Ukrainian flag outside, at least until, the current wave of the crisis unfolds! Please, bring products from the list only. List of things needed (Based on information from aid providers): Personal hygiene products - soaps, shower gels, shampoos and hair conditioners, hairbrushes - toothbrushes and toothpaste, for children and adults - antiperspirants and deodorants (mainly for women but also for men) - face creams and tonics, hand creams for women. - sanitary towels, tampons, panty liners - larger sanitary pads for women in puerperium and nursing pads (breastfeeding pads) - wet wipes, nappies of various sizes, tissues, cotton pads Medical supplies - first aid kits - bandages, gauze and swabs, tourniquets, plasters, disposable gloves - anti-pain, anti-fever and anti-inflammatory drugs for children and adults - vitamins for children - something for the cough, sore throat, stomach problems, nasal drops. For children, to keep them occupied and distracted, to make them smile: - colouring books and crayons/markers - small puzzles - small soft toys/ cuddly toys - sweets: chocolates, bars, snacks, etc. And also: - baby porridge, baby rice, fruit/vegetable snacks in tubes (not jars), -instant foods such as soups, etc., -long-term foods such as canned food, etc., -paper towels, cutlery and disposable plates - sleeping bags, mats, blankets - power banks, batteries, flashlights Clothing in different sizes (please bring NEW items): - women's and children's underwear - cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits, - thermoactive clothing - cotton leggings for women - women's slippers, children's and women's pyjamas - bath towels At the moment, we do not collect used clothing. We might ask for it later on, as needed and requested by charity organisations in Poland. The collected items will be sent to the strategic reserves warehouse located in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship and will be distributed to centres of temporary stay for Ukrainian families who are cared for in this area or, as needed, transferred for transport to Ukraine."
  11. Our consultation is due out 14th Feb. https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/news/politics/seven-northumberland-towns-earmarked-for-investment-of-up-to-ps3-million-each-3561053?fbclid=IwAR3q1E2kkNBgi0A1wNo3AIYdphj5AnyKadp_pozpz8IJbRlqcU2PQnXz8vI
  12. Happy Birthday CL..........
  13. Happy to pay the necessary earlier this year to turn the old dilapidated building at West Lea Cemetery into a suitable base for the Friends of West Lea Cemetery. Instead of making their Xmas wreaths in their respective kitchens and having pine needles and holly all over their houses to pick up they can now use this. It took well over a year to sort out with the legals themselves taking for ever, but it been worth all the time and effort put into it. Anyone visiting the cemetery and the lasses are there just say “Hi”, I’m sure they will be pleased to chat and I know anyone wanting to join them in their quest to make this cemetery the very best it can be will be very warmly welcomed. And a big round of thanks for all the help off NCC cemetery staff!
  14. Presumibly Eggy........but these days its more likely to be a bit of paper with a ref No on.
  15. I was taken to task when I designed this and had it installed. My reply, it will become something people want to take pictures of, and I have seen many owners with their dogs doing just that! Great to see it as a sold out Christmas card too.......... "Front Street News & Post Office We’ve managed to get hold of a few more Bedlington Xmas cards. These will go quickly and we won’t be getting any more printed this year."
  16. 1. NaCL……Sodium and Chlorine. 2. Steak for a black eye? 3. Neon. 4. Sax? 5. John Smith 6. Vesuvius. 7. ???????? 8. The Dandies 9. Great Stour? 10. Maybe Gordanston?? 11. Badger 12. Shrove Tuesday? (James Watt was arrested twice for flashing. So was Jane Mansfield and Brad Pit and I know who I wouldn’t mind being flashed by………)
  17. Just like to thank Hannah and Chloe for last night’s inspiring presentation for our Climate Action Group and taking the barrage of questions from our youngsters which ensued. Nice to hear we have their full support and expertise. Also good to hear about the support this has from our schools! I would still like to have someone from each of the estates in my ward represented on the steering group so if you live in West Lea, Hazlemere, Chesters, Meadowdale etc. drop me a PM and we can take it from there.
  18. Ellie, In answer to your questions: There is a definite mix of residents in the Town these days. It’s seen as an attractive option for people who, like yourself, work in the Newcastle environs. The shops are here and should soon be added to! The nightlife does centre around just a few pubs etc. though. However even these provide for differing client bases so most tastes catered for. As Andy says there are groups to suit a wide variety of choice and some new ones being established. For me the Town still feels a bit ‘villagey’ which adds to its charm. There is a great Country Park stretching from almost the Cambois riverside right up to Plessey Woods. Also Gallagher Park almost right in the middle. We will soon see a train station so access to the east coast mainline, and onwards, will be easy. It’s like everywhere if you want to get involved I’m sure you can, if you just want to kick back then fine too.
  19. Just to keep our friends overseas in the loop........
  20. There are some strange arrangements along there CL between Cumbria and Northumberland councils. Might be the case in point?
  21. I think the clamour for a leisure centre is almost certainly because many feel cheated by the system and we always shout loudest when there is a fair bit of righteous indignation involved. The pressure on some parents is enormous whilst many ‘let nature take its course.’ I know of loads of activities available for local kids and yet the popular view is that there is nothing for them to do. I don’t subscribe to that and even if true shouldn’t the ones doing the shouting be doing something to change it? These activities might not be what some want but there is a lot to choose from and there could be more. Having said that the availability of a decent local community/sports venue is certainly lacking and that’s why I put my energy into changing that aspect. Just read your missive CL and the point about leisure centres and at the end of the day it will come down to Pounds, Shillings and Pence! I think most of not all are supported financially maybe that’s why we are seeing existing ones replaced rather than new ones being built. Doesn’t stop private sector providers coming in and we see several gyms etc in Bedlington now. I even had to sort out parking at one so the clients could drive the few hundreds of yards, in some cases, to exercise. So if anyone can explain that one to me??????????
  22. Canny lass, Im going to presume it has something to do with this............
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