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  1. Sounds like the folding stuff and coins are the last thing our local taverns will take..........contactless seems to be the preferred option.....
  2. In a manner of speaking Eggy.........but as Foxy can attest my pockets are bereft of anything resembling coinage of the realm these days! 🙃
  3. At last the upgrades to the front of the West Lea Cemetery have started. This is a jointly funded project between West Bedlington Town Council and myself. After being contacted by residents who asked about getting this path line and hedging sorted out because it was an eye sore and at times impassable, the Town Council agreed to help me fund it. Many thanks to them on another joint project in my ward. The first phase is nearing completion with the installation of a new metal fence designed to match the existing ones at the entrance. The second phase will be to plant mature hedging in all of the gaps in the existing hedge line. This will be carried out when the time for planting is suitable.
  4. Brilliant..........nicked it.......hope you don't mind.
  5. 1. Which was the first team to win the FA Cup at Wembley? Something Wanderers. 2. What is the name given to an all-consuming passion for power? Macavellian 3. Wenceslas looked out on the feast of whom? Stephen 4. Which palace was the main London residence of the monarch until it was superseded by Buckingham Palace? 5. Which is the largest of these islands: Zanzibar, Sri Lanka or Madagascar. Madagascar 6. How long is a dog watch at sea? 4 hrs 7. Which creature’s Latin name is Bufo bufo? Toad. 8. Which drug of abuse is known as Smack? Heroin 9. In which street is the New York Stock Exchange situated? Wall Street 10. What was Chris de Burgh’s 1986 nr.1 hit? Lady in Red 11. Who was Frank Sinatra’s second wife? Ava Gardena 12. Galena is the chief source of which metal? Lead
  6. 1. What was Christopher Dean’s job before he became a professional ice-skater? Copper. 2. Which vocal group comprised Cass, Michelle, John and Denny? Mammas and Pappas 3. Who was Worzel Gummidge’s girlfriend? Miss Sally 4. What was the name of Edward VII’s mistress, when he was Prince of Wales? Daisey…..a Duchess? 5. Which sign of the zodiac was Elvis Presley born under? Virgo? 6. What was the title of the first UK number one hit for the pop group Queen? Killer Queen? 7. Between which two cities did the first international air service take place in 1919? Bedlington and London……….or London and Paris. 8. In what year did Martin Luther King make his famous “I have a dream” speech? 1967? 9. During which process in the Roman Catholic Church do they use a bell, a book and a candle? (Keep it clean!) ????self flagellation? 10. In which sport would you find a shotgun, a bomb, a blitz and tight end? 11. Mary is 5cm taller than Kate and Kate is 15cm shorter than Laura. Who is the tallest? Laura? 12. Who had the nickname Scarface? Al Capone.
  7. 1. What car was produced in Britain in 1913 for the first time? Modle T 2. Which Star Trek character was played by Leonard Nimoy? Spock. 3. Who is the first female in the order of accession to the British throne? 4. What spirit forms the base of the liqueur Benedictine? Brandy 5. Which city is the headquarters of the Mormon Church? Salt Lake City. 6. What name is given to a young goose? Gosling 7. Denmark Strait separates which two countries? Greenland and Iceland. 8. If something is described as ‘eolithic’ from what age is it? 9. In cricket, what do the Australians call extras? Byes? 10. What was unusual about the Roman consul Incitatus? Horse. 11. (XLVIII + II) x X = ? (Answer in Roman numerals) MDCX? 12. In which English county can Cresswell Crags be found?
  8. 1. What name do we give to the study of flags? Vexioligy……..thanks Big Bang Theory! 2. In which Dickens novel does Richard Carstone appear?.............. 3. What is the boiling point of water on the Fahrenheit scale? 212 4. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo 5. In which year was Grace Kelly born? 1934? 6. The Colorado Beetle attacks which plant in particular? Potatoes 7. With what is the organization CER N concerned? Boson particles 8. What breed of dog is Scooby Doo? Great Dane. 9. Which part of Britain was called Vectis by the Romans?.......... 10. Who, in a song, was thrown out ‘with nothing but a fine tooth comb? 11. Euclid is associated with which branch of mathematics? Geometry 12. Which boxer’s real name was Walker Smith? Sugar Ray Robinson.
  9. I honestly wasn't standing up canny lass but I was in my romper suit........🤣
  10. My dog just came in and told me a better plan to tackle covid19 than the President of the USA! True!
  11. You know when you are in trouble when you work in a bank and two guys come in with masks and thankfully they are just robbing the place......
  12. Politically incorrect or just bad taste.......literally. . Since everybody has now started washing their hands, the peanuts at the bar have lost their taste.
  13. 1. Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth 1? Anne Boleyn. 2. Which guitarist is nicknamed ‘Slow hand’? Eric Clapton. 3. In general terms, what kind of food is bisque? Sea food soup. 4. Which English cathedral is also a college chapel? Oxford cathedral. 5. How many noughts are there in 9 billion? 9000000000…9 6. Who directed the 1989 film The War of the Roses? Blake Edwards. 7. Who did Maddy Prior sing with?????? 8. What is James Bond’s favourite tipple? Macallan whiskey. 9. Which Prime Minister made Queen Victoria Empress of India? Disraeli. 10. Which football club chairman once called his fans ‘scum’ and offered to forfeit a match? Brian Cluff. 11. How many legs does a queen bee have? None. 12. In the 1962 TV series ’The Saint’, what was the registration number of the Saint’s car, a 1962 Volvo P1800? (Bonus point if you know the original registration number when newly purchased). ST1. (Don’t know the original reg but do I get a bonus because I had one? Really heavy car with no power steering, bit better when they brought in the injected version. )
  14. I tried to upload a video file and it said finished but never loaded onto the post?
  15. Wimbledon. Egypt. USA and Canada. Summerset. Gunthers chain??? Sarah Brightman. A, B, O Resus negative Bald Eagle. Canary islands. 1900, 1901. Percy Sugden Copernicus. Galileo. ?/
  16. Latest Northumberland figures........ https://www.northumberlandgazette.co.uk/health/coronavirus/more-30-new-northumberland-coronavirus-cases-confirmed-death-toll-rises-2498497
  17. 1. Wagon train 2. Bird 3. Heat (British Thermal Unit) 4. Mark Phillips 5. Chartwell 6. St David 7. ? 8. Jules Verne 9. Cousins 10. ? 11. Empire Day 12. Geometry. Some guesses there and two i cant even guess.......
  18. https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/coronavirus/Northumberland-Communities-Together.aspx
  19. Had to wet the brush to rub it in............. I was still getting a little bottle of milk or orange juice at school at the time! One thing I do remember........quite a few kids used to pass out at assembly and I asked my old man why? "Poor buggars haven't got enough to eat!". Nostalgia isn't always rose tinted!
  20. h Hells bells Canny lass......I almost remember that. Little round tin with pink powder in........
  21. Big shout out to a company with a big heart.I was asked on Tuesday if I could try and help as one of our schools was running out of hygiene supplies. At work on Wednesday I went to see the factory manager. After explaining the situation his reaction…………..”if we have it take what you need!” Hats off Sir you are a gentleman.Left work with a car full of supplies! The company………..Greggs! One of our biggest local companies helping our small community! When this is over we will remember…………….
  22. I need some help. I hope and expect we will soon see a community response to this dangerous time we find ourselves in at present. Lots of local people and organisations have been working to put a network together so the most vulnerable in our community have the support they will need. There is one group which particularly worries me. These are elderly people who have been living independently and therefore not necessarily on any list of vulnerable adults. I want to make sure these individuals are included in our efforts! Please if you know any elderly folks within my ward (Bedlington West…..Bishops Meadow, The Chesters estate, Meadowdale estate , West Lea, Red house Farm, Hazelmere, Netherton Village and Shields Road) who might not have needed help previously and were able to look after themselves but may find the current and ongoing situation difficult please let me have names and addresses. Do not post publicly but rather send me their/your names and addresses to: malcolm.robinson@northumberland.gov.uk or phone me on 07779983080.
  23. I have been pressing NCC for information about how council intends to tackle this viral infection threat. We now have an extraordinary all members meeting after the council’s emergency committee meets tomorrow. I hope this will give some answers to some of the questions I am getting. I have also asked about what might happen if our schools have to close, especially in respect of school meals and exams. Here is the initial response off our cabinet member for Children’s Services, for which I thank him. There is no HM Government directive YET to close our schools. This may happen in the next week or so but as it stands – they remain open. I have been involved with Children’s Services on Continuity Planning and asked for detailed plans to be put in place on some key areas of work with children. If schools are ordered to close we are developing plans for how we offer online learning portals. We are looking at how we can offer food/ meals to the most disadvantaged pupils who may be impacted over the loss of the school meals service. This detailed work includes how we can open kitchens, work with supermarkets and restaurants. We are awaiting information from the Dept. for Education on exams and how these are managed. Coms work is being prepared to manage messages over the coming week.
  24. Next event at Plessey Woods...............
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