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  1. Anyone on here in my ward interested, please get in touch.
  2. Thanks eveyone, just had the 2 guys we look after away on holiday so not had time to celebrate this year again! Although with that many candles on the cake who would...........😂
  3. The reinstatement of rail services from Bedlington, which many people didn’t believe they would ever see again, is gathering pace. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/northumberland-line-trial-run-great-21287080?utm_source=chronicle_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=northumberland_live_newsletter2&utm_medium=email&fbclid=IwAR17IMICq6IZpPHa5UtVb7mScV12yU-q4l6kYpO6BXpanRVb9hc_NKfKnKI
  4. There are major changes to the delivery of some Health Services being discussed at the moment. Complex enough subject without all the shenanigans going on within it! https://youtu.be/E0UZn9Xsp2A?t=7771
  5. At this week’s Corporate Scrutiny meeting we had a presentation about Automotive Transformation with respect to the CO2 problems we have. Especially relevant considering the British Volt development. Probably worth scrolling to the beginning. My questions: https://youtu.be/E0UZn9Xsp2A?t=4551
  6. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/northumberland-line-trial-run-great-21287080?utm_source=chronicle_live_newsletter&utm_campaign=northumberland_live_newsletter2&utm_medium=email
  7. When you are in a committee meeting examining how our sports provision has been handled and other members are complaining about the state of the facilities they already have in their wards, there’s really only one thing to do………………….. https://youtu.be/1yyKPbc31Ak?t=6873
  8. I do have a facebook page.........https://www.facebook.com/Malcolm-Robinson-Bedlington-West-Ward-321013641645017/
  9. Lilbill15, you will be in the Cramlington, Bedlington, Seaton Valley one........https://www.northumberland.gov.uk/Councillors/Local-Area-Councils.aspx#localareacouncils
  10. This is what it must be like at Bedlington.co IT support..............😂
  11. Lilbill15, I had residents on that estate who asked me to see what could be done. Ive now ( I presume) got residents on another estate who have asked the same. Common denominators................wonky roundabout and pressure on road systems. One of the things I have asked for was the 30MPH extended up to the village and I have asked for some speed reduction suggestions on that bit of road too. There are traffic and highways questions asked and answered with just about every application I have sat on. Can't say I agree with most of their reports and usually I end up stating the bleeding obvious to most people, as in the above meeting!
  12. Local Area Council meeting 21/07/2021 For anyone interested................ Local Area Council meeting for Cramlington, Bedlington and Seaton Valley. Warning you will need a strong constituion to watch all the way through, its about 4 hrs! Planning takes up just over half that time so the real varied local business is after that. On top of what I asked about in the meeting here is the list of highway questions I have submitted this morning: 1/ 40 MPH Choppington Road. Agreed to be reduced to 30MPH why hasn’t it been? 2/ Look at the B1331 between Bedlington and Netherton Village, especially approaching the ‘Wonky’ roundabout. Residents on Broadoaks having trouble exiting their estate. These two have been mentioned and minuted before at previous LAC’s. 3/ Shields Road, Hartford Bridge. Thanks for the temporary repairs to this road any idea when permanent repairs to the sub structure might be done? 4/ There was to be a safety audit done for the bus stops on the same road. Any update? 5/ Any update on the crossing on Netherton Lane outside the school? It has been included in the LTP. 6/ I’ve seen the new speed bumps we have fitted on the A1147 at Stakeford. These are bolted into place. Presuming they are a very much cheaper alternative to the old fashioned speed humps, can we use them in residential estates? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmk-p6tQ8l4
  13. After arguing for the last 2-3 years to get Bedlington included in a Borderland’s deal, nice to finally hear today it has been! Not only that, we are one of the first towns (3) to get to the starting line. What this means is that there will be a Town Team put together, there will be discussion and dialogue with all stake holders, including the Bedlington community, on what we can aim for with regard to further infrastructure improvements into our Town centre redevelopment and elsewhere and there is extra funding coming! Initially we are looking at around £3M but it has already been accepted that this is only the start of the process and can be seen as seed funding. Most of this extra process will be put together by the autumn and we can expect a community consultation around then which will identify the projects we want to see. My thoughts are we embrace this and one of my jobs will be to make sure it happens within the timeframe as has been presented today! Taken alongside the British Volt news last week and the new train line and station we are getting I think for once we can just about see a really bright future for what has been a forgotten area for so long. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYNE5Qy1QsA
  14. Update on West Lea Cemetery. Work on the new drainage system started today. Good start more to do! video-1623851069.mp4
  15. Hope everyone has replied to the boundary consulatation..........If its insisted on calling the new constituency Ashington/Blyth then in effect we are subsumed. Sod that!
  16. Ive long ago argued the case for imposing passport controls on the Stakeford, Plessey and River Blyth Bridges! AKA..................Passport to Pimlico......
  17. Lilbill15, you can call me anything you want just don't call me late for a dinner! 😂 I did a lot of the research already and then John helped and Andy made it into something publishable..... Im just sick of being told Britishvolt have to be described as being at Blyth because everyone knows where Blyth is and they dont know where Bedlington is!
  18. We have a lot there Eggy and given the amount of times I'm told recently Bedlington isn't as well known as one of our neighbours I think we should be using this to promote the place! In fact i think we should do something really outstanding with it!
  19. A few years ago I put a historical time line together for Bedlington not sure where it went..........ANDY?
  20. Like your thinking Lilbill15.......😀
  21. Im just wondering Canny lass, the shire has about 30,000 these days, Ashington about 32,000 and Blyth used to be 30,000 back in the day never mind the new builds. So is this to have 90,000+ not the 73,000 as stated? Its clearly says no more than 77,000? Alan, whats the current population figures, do you know?
  22. Proposed new Constituency. Wansbeck disappears and becomes part of the new Blyth/Ashington constituency. I think the title says all we need to know! https://www.bcereviews.org.uk/node/6486?postcode=NE638NB&fbclid=IwAR2opQTPvRukCDr0qAcVGRRf3874wD-Wdril7WDHtWQTLfN3k1D0qRK8HGU
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