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  1. Happy Birthday CL..........
  2. Happy to pay the necessary earlier this year to turn the old dilapidated building at West Lea Cemetery into a suitable base for the Friends of West Lea Cemetery. Instead of making their Xmas wreaths in their respective kitchens and having pine needles and holly all over their houses to pick up they can now use this. It took well over a year to sort out with the legals themselves taking for ever, but it been worth all the time and effort put into it. Anyone visiting the cemetery and the lasses are there just say “Hi”, I’m sure they will be pleased to chat and I know anyone wanting to join them in their quest to make this cemetery the very best it can be will be very warmly welcomed. And a big round of thanks for all the help off NCC cemetery staff!
  3. Presumibly Eggy........but these days its more likely to be a bit of paper with a ref No on.
  4. I was taken to task when I designed this and had it installed. My reply, it will become something people want to take pictures of, and I have seen many owners with their dogs doing just that! Great to see it as a sold out Christmas card too.......... "Front Street News & Post Office We’ve managed to get hold of a few more Bedlington Xmas cards. These will go quickly and we won’t be getting any more printed this year."
  5. 1. NaCL……Sodium and Chlorine. 2. Steak for a black eye? 3. Neon. 4. Sax? 5. John Smith 6. Vesuvius. 7. ???????? 8. The Dandies 9. Great Stour? 10. Maybe Gordanston?? 11. Badger 12. Shrove Tuesday? (James Watt was arrested twice for flashing. So was Jane Mansfield and Brad Pit and I know who I wouldn’t mind being flashed by………)
  6. Just like to thank Hannah and Chloe for last night’s inspiring presentation for our Climate Action Group and taking the barrage of questions from our youngsters which ensued. Nice to hear we have their full support and expertise. Also good to hear about the support this has from our schools! I would still like to have someone from each of the estates in my ward represented on the steering group so if you live in West Lea, Hazlemere, Chesters, Meadowdale etc. drop me a PM and we can take it from there.
  7. Ellie, In answer to your questions: There is a definite mix of residents in the Town these days. It’s seen as an attractive option for people who, like yourself, work in the Newcastle environs. The shops are here and should soon be added to! The nightlife does centre around just a few pubs etc. though. However even these provide for differing client bases so most tastes catered for. As Andy says there are groups to suit a wide variety of choice and some new ones being established. For me the Town still feels a bit ‘villagey’ which adds to its charm. There is a great Country Park stretching from almost the Cambois riverside right up to Plessey Woods. Also Gallagher Park almost right in the middle. We will soon see a train station so access to the east coast mainline, and onwards, will be easy. It’s like everywhere if you want to get involved I’m sure you can, if you just want to kick back then fine too.
  8. Just to keep our friends overseas in the loop........
  9. There are some strange arrangements along there CL between Cumbria and Northumberland councils. Might be the case in point?
  10. I think the clamour for a leisure centre is almost certainly because many feel cheated by the system and we always shout loudest when there is a fair bit of righteous indignation involved. The pressure on some parents is enormous whilst many ‘let nature take its course.’ I know of loads of activities available for local kids and yet the popular view is that there is nothing for them to do. I don’t subscribe to that and even if true shouldn’t the ones doing the shouting be doing something to change it? These activities might not be what some want but there is a lot to choose from and there could be more. Having said that the availability of a decent local community/sports venue is certainly lacking and that’s why I put my energy into changing that aspect. Just read your missive CL and the point about leisure centres and at the end of the day it will come down to Pounds, Shillings and Pence! I think most of not all are supported financially maybe that’s why we are seeing existing ones replaced rather than new ones being built. Doesn’t stop private sector providers coming in and we see several gyms etc in Bedlington now. I even had to sort out parking at one so the clients could drive the few hundreds of yards, in some cases, to exercise. So if anyone can explain that one to me??????????
  11. Canny lass, Im going to presume it has something to do with this............
  12. I totally agree with that lilbill15. I think thats the way to drive our regeneration instead of just having a few shops plonked into a rehashed Town Centre Development offering whats already available locally! Ive been suggesting that for at least 3 years and the silver lining with Covid (if there is such a thing!) meant we had the chance!
  13. It also claims to be the dead centre of Britain........😉 Thats not the centre of dead people in Britain..........🤣
  14. For my tuppence worth I can see and understand the points made but we have moved on from the 1950’s and 60’s and today’s society is sadly at odds with many of the views and character which many of us grew up in. Some bad some good. Part of my ‘job’ is to try and get my residents the same or better opportunities available elsewhere and that is something I will continue to do whatever. I personally don’t believe a full blown leisure centre will be seen in Bedlington but I was working on a small multiuse sports centre, at West Lea, and had the financial backing it needed off the then administration, until NCC blew it out of the water by costing up something which wasn’t needed thereby making it financially prohibitive! I then had to agree to put that budget into the Town Centre development for sporting provision and given the impasse I was in I agreed. The fact that even that provision was subsequently withdrawn by the same people at NCC, I will leave others to make their minds up about. I know what I now believe to be the case! As for the case of access to other centres in nearby towns let me recount a tale I was told some time ago. For a youngster who wants to play, say badminton, with their mates at Concordia and it’s a school night and they need to use public transport, they need two busses. They get in at around 5pm, have something to eat, do their homework and then start out at 6.30pm. It could take well over an hour to get to the leisure centre from, let’s say West Lea again. So the booking for the centre will have to be around 8pm. Coming out at 9pm and then getting busses back home it’s well after 10pm before they hit the door. Younger kids can’t do this so the argument that facilities are available within reasonable distance cannot be true! That’s inequality for our youngsters and one of the main reasons I want to see some sort of provision locally. Of course the new train line might change that dynamic and another reason I support that. As for the regeneration of our Town I’m lobbying for a retail element but also a non-retail element to bolster footfall for the retailers that do come, which I think is essential in this day and age.
  15. Lilbill15, I believe the £15K cost of replacement has been agreed? And yes £15K!!!!!!!!!!
  16. I agree........I firmly believe we have Olympic champions who have never had the chance to try the activities they would excell in!
  17. Actually I had thought this present phase two, i.e. the new frontage onto Market Place, would have been well on its way now and that is why I have been concentrating on the further phases 3 and 4. Having secured Bedlington’s place in the Borderlands Deal and been assured we now have a £3M offer on the table, (NB. This is for all of Bedlington) I’m now working with others on a board to get this money spent in the Town and surrounding area, depending on projects coming through. Obviously a main one is the Town Centre development but then so is the new railway station area. https://youtu.be/FYNE5Qy1QsA?t=1923 I have been told there is a renewed interest from retailers in the scheme so like everyone else I wait with bated breath to get any details.
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlnoWDHUrAQ&t=6834s
  19. I see the Big'un has had her puppies..............
  20. More great news for our area and more skilled jobs on offer. Like I said at a recent NCC meeting this will soon be the employment centre for the county! https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/130m-factory-offshore-wind-cables-21692953?fbclid=IwAR0-0RpkeA9cXFV7Q-ygarMhrt4BxLcxl4nJREz4Pl-wL5aZttBl1x6LV3A
  21. So am I Lilbill. Ill post when I know, I have a meeting this week about it. And if any expats want one...........let me know and Ill plant them for you and take the picture! Providing Im allowed to of course.
  22. If the project comes off, and I should know better after next week, trees will be supplied.
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