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  1. Alan, the main part of that was always earmarked for commercial redevelopment since the days of WDC. I know Banks had wanted to build 300 odd hosues there but that scheme never got off the ground.
  2. Britain's first giga plant! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-56711116
  3. It is Canny lass. With the new parking area where I wanted it we should see a lot more events going on down there making it easier to ask for more upgrades!
  4. https://www.facebook.com/321013641645017/videos/594982757700108 https://www.facebook.com/321013641645017/videos/430688474219411 https://www.facebook.com/321013641645017/videos/808093089689613 https://www.facebook.com/321013641645017/videos/344153499769027
  5. Here is what I have spent over the last 4 years out of my Members Local Improvement Scheme. It would seem some members haven’t spent their allowance for local projects and our last Bedlington West Ward councillor left over £20K unspent in his, which then disappeared, so it wasn’t available to me to use for local projects when I started! There are a couple of projects included which are actually just outside my ward area and I’ll explain why I agreed to them. First one is the new accessible footpath behind the War Memorial in the Town Centre. I think that one is self-ex
  6. It was the old hut used to store tools etc for the cemetery staff. The Friends group needed a base and that seemed ideal. I have another possible use for it too..........a man shed to help with mental health issues. If we can get some people interested in using it as a meeting place then doing a bit of gardening in the cemetery it would help in many ways! The Yurt in Leading Link can be used in the same way.
  7. Thanks Canny lass. The reason for the videos is that I’m usually accused of being too verbose and you can imagine the reams I would have to write to get all that lot down. One of the accusations levelled at me is that I don’t tell people what’s going on???? Course that probably comes from the politicos who struggle to leap from one paragraph to another and who for decades have never engaged with their communities and it suits their narrative to foster the idea that nothing goes on because Independent councillors can’t get anything done. Well I’m thinking that lot is ce
  8. Just a quick round up of what's been going on in my Ward over the last month or so........ Didn't want to leave these important projects unfinished! Movie2.mp4
  9. A snap shot of what's been happening in the Bedlington West Ward over the last 4 years. This one!.mp4 536174421_Thisone!.mp4
  10. Thanks for that -pauls, interesting read and a refreshing one. This is exactly the type of 'conversation' we need in Bedlington so we get the investment, type of development which will focus the Town, help all the existing retailers and add to their ranks. It encapsulates the reasons why I don't think putting in a facsimile of what's available around us will change the fortunes of our Town. We need to be bold, innovative and imaginative if we are ever to see Bedlington become a 'destination' Town.
  11. Ive asked again but still havent got exact details of whats going on. I even asked at the last full council meeting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=17601&fbclid=IwAR3Cpjheg_sgjo89clVvE44YS7RN8htY8dHVHnwx0CBL-doOy4V6fdesdOA&v=6ORSQ-AF99s&feature=youtu.be
  12. Well the good news is that an application for The River Blyth estuary to become a Freeport has been submitted. This once again opens up a whole new range of opportunities for Bedlington, as well as other places of course, but with so many possibilities on our side of the River this could well be another game changer for us. Can wait until we see Puerto Del Bedlington.
  13. Thought it might be worth putting this up to see where we might be going climate change wise. Bit of silliness at the start but it does get interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eSBX9Byd3k&fbclid=IwAR3i29HeLXdEakTTtriPGG-mnOT64ZCxT8EJNa5S3aq1KGEFfQPY7Coql2I
  14. Ive done the same _pauls........my update was yesterday or next week. Looks like next week then. I would like to see a business hub with units for people/businesses to go into. I would also expect to see it offering training and retraining not least for the potential new jobs coming to Cambois.
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