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  1. Great, thanks for the replies, you did better than I could well done
  2. Hi, Can anyone tell me what is being built on the site of the old Aged persons home next to Meadow Park on Glebe Road? I cannot find any plans or permissions for the site. cheers
  3. We should go and knock on Elliot's door in Bomarsund where he lives and ask him? Just another thought does anyone have any idea as to what was there prior to Elliot's garage, I have asked many people and they have no idea, and if anyone does know, are there any photos of it?
  4. Rea

    Hartford Lodge 1920

    Probably the only view of the gates we will ever see again!!
  5. Cympil, lost my bearing on this one, where was this building in relation to any existing structure?
  6. I agree and that is why I am actively promoting this website and now I am aware of the issues I will continue to do so, as it precisely this matter of communciation that worries me, I understand the cost implication and the complacancy of many people but when Bedlington has never had any facilities provided by the local authority before on anything of this scale then I believe everyone who would use a leisure centre be asked, so as a suggestion unless of course it has been done before;- why not ask everyone who attends any of our other leisure centres upon arrival the necessary questions as there is a strong likelyhood that many of them will be from Bedlington.
  7. Who has control of the convenant? why not use the space on the 20 acre site to good use not just for the odd dog walker, or incorporate it and develop it as a community facility. As far as publicity is concerned not everyone reads the NPL or visits websites or indeed attends meetings, that is where a proper survey of everyone's opinions is needed not just the few in the know. I dont mean to be harsh but as I said have never heard of the independant report being done so if i haven't and I read the NPL and visit websites regularly what chance has anyone else, surely everyone is entitled to have an opinion. My original post was based upon the survey being carried out by the council in Ashington only when infact many resisdents here in Bedlington have to travel to their centre so why are we not entitled to our opinion on what happens to it as well.
  8. Interesting Malcolm, I was unaware of the professional study being carried out, will there be some publicity on the matter to make sure everyone in Bedlington knows about it and the meeting on the 25th March, I hope so. As for location, there is a large area on the 20 acre field next to the golf course, this would be a good location with easy access and visibility to promote its use, and particularly the close proximity of the golf course would be a good marriage. Will 'a survey' of all residents be carried out for their views on where it should be located, how much should be spent and what should be on offer?
  9. Of course they are, i forgot, just wait till they are knocking on doors wanting our support in May for the next generation Yes men and women
  10. Page 3 of this week's Newspost 'Survey on the future of town leisure facilities' makes me wonder if i need to move out of Bedlington and into another Town altogether such as North Tyneside, why have 1000 people in Ashington been surveyed on whether there should be investment in the old leisure centre or a new one built, well what do you think everyone will say -- of course,, a new one!, it's a no brainer. Why is nothing we here in Bedlington say never listened to, I am sick to the back teeth of it, we are a democracy and one Council after all! There will be 1000's more sent out in Ashington in the next few weeks, why not send us some as well for our opinion as we are also user's of the centre not just people in Ashington
  11. Rea

    History photos

    Here are some photos that have been around for ages,some are from friends and relations, some I photographed myself, I will be adding more as I scan them in
  12. Yes it would be great to have the line open again, but I hope the pricing and timetabling will be adequate for everyone, for example the first train to Newcastle from Cramlington is 8.11am and is never big enough to accommodate the number of passengers, this is no good for people who start earlier or indeed work 8am-4pm shifts, or cleaners etc, some people like to go early, some people work later than 6pm when the train stops running, we need a service for the 21st century that operates within our 24hr society. Then of course there is the pricing, £6 return on Arriva buses from Bedlington, no good for families or couples, in Newcastle the £2.40 all day any bus is a great deal on Stagecoach, although this is not on every bus company, there is an apt bus called 'The Highwayman', the driver with his mask and gun of course . Additionally people like to go to Newcastle for a night out, drinking or going the Theatre, or late night shopping. If we are to get people out of their cars and onto public transport we need something that runs like the Metro. So I hope the powers at be listen to the views and opinions of the public who are going to use the service afterall.
  13. Rea

    View of Simonside Hills

    Thanks Cympil, my mate lives up that way, it was during the summer, like you say a nice place, still some snow up there even then.
  14. All I can say is thanks to the council, they actually listened to our requests, I rang the council yesterday and asked for the roads on our estate to be ploughed because we couldn't get out of the estate properly, well they came out today and did it, so well done....also seeing you on the main street gritting footpaths and clearing snow makes us think you are actually listening to the residents, well done.
  15. The food here is great, where else can you get a korma pizza, delicious.....everything from indian food to fish and chips is delivered hot, just try it out in Bedlington Station.....
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