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  1. stop squabbling. the fact is Bedlington is left dead in the water. As for the 5 miles to Blyth or Morpeth.The government want us to drive 5 miles less per week. I would if I could shop locally.
  2. tesco closed 6 stores in that block and opened one inadequate tesco store.I'm sick of this town playing second fiddle to other towns. Newbiggin got a beach Ashington get a superstore, sports centre. Blyth get parks and play areas. Morpeth get MILLIONS spent on a shopping precinct. We get 2 million spent on some paving slabs. Although very pretty in does not detract from the fact that the surrounding buildings are crumbling as is our community. The population of Bedlington is huge and continues to grow, yet the council refuse to add to the amenities. Prefering to gloss over the cracks and hope we wont notice. Buildings are left derelict for years.While OUR council tax is spent elsewhere.
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