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  1. one of them is replaca if i remember correctly. little list of things made in Bedlington. "The Bedlington Ironworks played a significant part in the Industrial Revolution in the north east. Amongst its achievements, the Ironworks produced boiler plates, axles and wheels for Stephenson's first locomotive, and then went on to produce 150 locomotives for both national lines and for export to Europe. The principal success, for which Bedlington achieved modest fame, was the production of cheap malleable iron rails which allowed the development of pioneering long distance rail lines, such as the Stockton and Darlington Railway which opened in 1825." (from the Bedlington Iron Works Website) http://www.bedlingtonironworks.org/index.htm the first line to use malleable rail, was Geble Colliery to Wasnbeck River. Malleable rail was exported all over the world to create the first railways in Russia and many others. Also, the Great Western Railways first proper fully working steam locomotives were from Bedlington Iron Works. The first train to leave Kings Cross was a Bedlington works engine. Let not forget that ponieering malleable rail, is now used, for all railway lines in the world. Bedlington's important contabution to the mordern world.
  2. ah yes, ive seen this cracking video on the Same Channel there is also the last steam locomotive to leave South Blyth Shed, and photage of the "Wannie line" as well. South Blyth Wannie Line, Morpeth to Rothbury.
  3. aye i saw them as well....flares or those paper hot air ballon things with the candle.
  4. i buy plenty stuff off That online auction site that is in no way as good as Free Bedlington.co.uk Classifieds etc, and had nee bother with the postman, 90% of the time its bang on time only during the strikes ive had late mail and it was only day late. postman who does my area is canny happy chap.
  5. Just Depends Tanfield Railway Restores and runs there locos. Bowes keep there 2 steam engines going North Yorkshire Moors Railway, Restore/Fix theres. Bloke at Hepscott Restores them. other places down south. but its skill etc, which are going down the pan etc. so less and less....and its taking longer and longer to restore/fix them. but its not all gloom and doom. anyway. just shame about it getting canceled!!! there is another steam eninge booked on Oct 16th going past bedlington, (i will be on it!) its funny Blyth and Tyne Railway can go years with out any Special runs and then one year we get loads lol
  6. very mate, but it happens, with steam locos, well not just them deisels loco as well.
  7. well the "problem" isnt as Simple as that, its Cracked a Cycinder, in Trains, and cars etc, isnt a good thing, weld or recast would be needed.
  8. problem!!! the steam engine has failed!!! Deisel train will take over the tour. sorry folks but it happens
  9. cracking shot, of a Andrew Barclay,
  10. Canon EOS 500D, with 18-55 lens for the mintue, looking into new Lens and good ones arint cheap!
  11. right then. for you spotters, these are the times for this saturday http://www.uksteam.info/tours/t10/t0508d.htm and for those "nomral folk" times are. A stands for arriva and D stands for Depart Newcastle Central 11.19 Benton N Jc 11.29 Newsham 11.47 Bedlington 11.55 Freemans a 12.06 d 12.23 North Blyth a 12.33 North Blyth d 12.39 W Sleekburn Jc a 12.55 d 13.17 Newsham a 13.31 Newsham d 13.36 Morpeth a 13.57 Morpeth d 14.56 Newcastle Central 15.19 the train will have a deisel on one end and steam engine on the other.
  12. right update on the Railtour. the Railtour isnt going to Lynemouth anymore due to the new owners of Alcan Rio Tinto. so the route it will take is. Newcastle - Newsham - (passes Bedlington)- North Blyth - Westsleek Burn (Marcheys Houses Signal Box) - (passes Bedlington) - Newsham (loco will come back) - Passes Bedlington Again - and goes to Morpeth - Newcastle Notes. not sure how far up the North Blyth line it will go, due to Alcan Owning some of the North Blyth Branch, i'd Image it will goto Cambois and then go back) When the Loco goes Marcheys Houses it will stop on the black bridge then swap tracks and passes back though bedlington to newsham. The Train will have the steam engine on one end and a Deisel on the other end. Will post times when they are posted.
  13. well they were famous locos and which all got sracped/ changed. the Flying Scotmans was orginal a "A1" then modifidy into a "A3". all the others were scrapped etc. they locomotive is impressive build. but i'd rather see "proper" engine.
  14. http://owen-edwards.fotopic.net/c1841134_1.html few photos of the steam engine passing
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