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  1. Hello could you tell her Josephine from doctor terrace would like to get in touch. Thank you
  2. Hello anybody still alive who went to bedlington council school in the 1940s who would like to meet up again where are you Marlene Barnes, dad was johnie barnes Sarah Pamplin,North terrace, Billy Mullen Doctor Terrace, Paddy Riley, lots more but cant remember their names. Thank you if you can help.
  3. I can remember this shop it was the first one to sell home made ice lollies they were mostly only ice though, it was a small shop but packed with all sorts of items, the owner and his Mother who also served in the shop always seemed a bit abrupt with children. Can anyone remember the fish shop and Charlie who owned it I vaguely remember some sort of scandal connected to him.
  4. I could be looking for a neddle in a haystack but here goes. Can anybody remember Vera Nicholson who worked in the post office at Bedlington Station her married name is Wilkins, she would be in her 70s now but I think she would still live in Bedlington. thanks.
  5. Can anyone remember Dunns department store? you could get goods on credit and someone would call at your house every week to collect weekly payments they sold just about everything , it was a large old fashioned shop with big wooden counters, also further along was another departmewnt store with elderly male assistants dressed in black suits. Another strange shop was the one around the corner from the chemists in the market place two old ladies owned it who were dressed in fashions from the 1900`s.
  6. I have a cd of footage from a cctv camera I would like to add music to it to upload to utube. can anyone help please. thank you.
  7. My grandparents lived at Doctor terrace opposite the Tankerville Arms they and their friends used to drink there nearly every night. The landlord and landlady where called Mr & Mrs Exton I remember they had names for different rooms and used to talk about the Blue room which had blue wallpaper. It could have been to widen the road in the 60s I can remember seeing it being knocked down and fires burning around it during the night. A very popular pub.
  8. jorga

    Enlarge Photo

    Thank you for your reply it works just great cheers
  9. can anyone tell mw how I can enlage this photo to see if the chap is holding a mobile phone or a camcorder thank you jorga
  10. I used to live at Doctor terrace before it was pulled down have a few photos I will sort out and post here.
  11. There was a Fountain Inn on Glebe road in the thirties and some old type houses next to it .
  12. can`t agree here, we are paying licence money to Ross he is an idiot who thinks he can do and say what he wants lets have some decency please, as for the idea of the Mail being a Nazi paper, my grandad always said their were plenty of Nazis in Bedlington, " gifted Radio Controller" who are you trying to kid.
  13. Gave up with this, can only use the CDs on my computer Thank you everyone who posted all the helpful hints, I did try them all but got nowhere.
  14. Hi I have a copy of that book somewhere in my house if there is something specific you need to find out from it I could photo copy it for you. Cheers.
  15. I have Windows XP using BT broadband I have burned loads of CDs with Windows Media, Real Player etc. but none of them could be played on an audio machine. I know about the Red book system, but it seems unless you are prepared to spend a lot of money on programmes such as Nero or others you can get no further than just playing the CD on your computer. Has anyone done it without buying a programme?
  16. I can burn data and music to a CD but it will only play on a computer, how do you get it to play on an audio machine can anyone help please.
  17. jorga

    What Year

    Talking about Greggs, they opened a new shop up in Maltby South Yorkshire and the Mayor of Rotherham and his wife went along to open it, handing out free sausage rolls, the local press had a good laugh as the week before the Mayor had been promoting healthy eating!! The Tankerville Arms was on Glebe Road.
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    What Year

    Does anyone know what year this photo was taken. Have a look at other old photos in the places section of the gallery under Old photos of Bedlington
  19. jorga

    Old photos of Bedlington

    Photos of people and places from Bedlington
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