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  1. Where are all the flowers in Bedlington??? you know, the one's that are on the lamp posts and on the barriers next to moby dicks ???? Are we not getting any this year???? or has this budget been cut also???
  2. Hi All, "The empty deli" belongs to my dad. There was no fire. The flat next door have a major leek and the roof collapsed which also affected the upper floor of my dads place. As no one was in either properties the Police had to break down both doors to check for further damage. So sorry, nothing exciting. just thought id set the story straight.
  3. For the next BA strikes they said they would lose £5.5m per day if the strike went ahead.
  4. How is it moaning??? All we are doing is bringing to light the problems that they may encounter if you cant take a memory stick???
  5. I'll be keepin to my guns and voting Labour, if the Conservativs get in power you can kiss good bye to child care (sure start) A massive cut in most benifits, public spending and a massive Tax increase.
  6. I think they should think them selfs lucky they have a job?? This whole BA striks is doin my head in. Unite are goin to ruin that company and send it under. BA Cabin crew and most groung crew are already the highest paid in the industry?? If your contract changes then you should just deal with it or hand your notice in?? I think the government need to step in and put something in place to stop this sort of thing happening?? not sure what tho??
  7. The only problem I can see with that is the CV. If you apply for a job online 99% of the time you have to upload your CV!! and if you can't, this will put a lot of people using the service as people won't sit there and type there C,V allover again??? Just a thought!!
  8. But yet you would still complain if it was left on the ground??? There is no pleasin some people??? "It's a known and proven fact that dog faeces carries bacteria that can cause serious health implications" This my be true, but so is the rotting food and broken glass and all of the other things that are put into a rubbish bin??? "world leaders in dog welfare advise that a dog should be trained to use a garden not whilst out walking." So sould kids, they should be trained to go at home and not next to an open car door at the side of a road or car park??? but it still happens????
  9. It's not the dog owners you need to get at. it's the council. They should be coming to empty the bins. If dog owner are seen to be leaving dog mess on the floor they will be fined £1000, so as a dog owner YES I will be picking it up putting it in the rubbish bin.
  10. Hang on.... At least if people are putting it in the bin, then it's not alover the street??? come on you can't have it all ways????
  11. Im not keen on the Idea. I would not let my kids (not that I have any) ride/walk down that small dark road next to the police station to get to the BMX track. I can remember the one where the police station is. It was crap. Always full of muddy puddles and kids sitting round drinkin.
  12. sorry. I come up on my comp. Just like Malcolm said, just Type in NE22 It's on page 3.
  13. I think this is a geat Idea. On one of the comments above you have mentioned that the job centre have phones that people can use for free. yes this is true, but have you tried to use them??? It's horrid... The phones are really quite and all you can hear are Kids screaming in the back ground. (not the best first impression when appling for a job) and the other key face. there is no Internet access at the job centre. A question to Den... Great Idea by the way. Do you have coloured printers??? The only reason im asking is because a lot of job, you have to send a CV?? and there are still alot of
  14. No you can see the plans to from that link. once you click the link or open it in a new tab, you then need to click on consultation documents and the top of the middle box.
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